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Stylish, comfortable, and trendy, yes these three words explain our climber collection. Ornate offers you these earrings with the huge variety of beautiful designs. Earrings are almost an extension of one’s personal style statement. The climber is the latest fashion in earrings. The best advantage of a climber is it looks glamorous yet elegant. 

Ear Climber

Arrow Ear Climbers in 925 Silver

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J Shape Climber 925 Silver Earrings

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Ear Climbers 

Selecting the right jewelry is the really difficult task, especially when it comes to most loved and very essential jewelry type like earrings. Why is this so difficult? Because when you on the mission of finding the awesome earrings three points need to fulfill stylish, comfortable, and trendy. There are so many options available in earrings like studs, hoops, danglers and many more. The latest entry of new designs of earrings family is ear climbers as their name says, these earrings "climb" up the on your ear. Multiple ear piercings are the latest style. They just want to wear multiple earrings at a time, these earrings are the perfect alternative for multiple ear piercing, as it gives the look of wearing many earrings at a time. Climbers stylish and modern, but still elegant.

Our Collection Climber Earrings

Our craftsman’s designed every single piece of earring in such a way that it gives you most fashionable and beautiful look. Some of our popular designs are Sterling silver beaded designs, eclipse climber, Infinity Climber.

Diamond Climbers

Climber earrings designs with studded diamond or American diamond complete your party look with a glamorous touch. It covers almost all part of your ear. Many women are seen wearing these modern chandeliers for their night outs or clubs.