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Amethyst Solitaire Studs..

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Silver A Initial Letters..

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Butterfly Bracelet In Pi..

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Silver Jewelry Collections | Designer Silver Jewelry

Collections Birthstone Color Jewelry

Birthstones are very popular all over the world for centuries. They not only bring life to your jewelry set but also creates a stunning look. Silver Jewelry with colored birthstone complements American Diamond and is the perfect holiday or birthday gift to your dear ones. Each birthstone has a different meaning and is worn according to the months when the wearer inborn. For example, Turquoise is the December birthstone and Pearl is the June birthstone. There may be more than one birthstone for a month.


Colorazzi is the type of jewelry set having multi color gemstones jewelry.Multi-gemstone cluster rings, Ruby earrings, and Green emerald necklaces are in this collection. Our necklace sets are most popular designs of jewelry among women. Shop jewelry online from the comfort of your own home.

Hearts Designer Jewelry

Hearts jewelry is the most selling kind of jewelry. This is one of the highest selling types of jewelry gifts form women on valentine and even all year long.It represents the love between a couple and gifting hearts jewelry is a very romantic gesture. Many men propose to their girl with these heart rings. For girlfriends or wife's birthday gift they like to buy hearts necklace in silver. Being precious metal it looks like white gold. This silver jewelry is the easiest and best way to show your love to her. Make her fall in love with our hearts jewels for her.

SIM Stone in Motion

SIM Stone in Motion is the silver jewelry piece in which the center American Diamond moves with each breath of the woman wearing it. This collections of dancing stones come in earrings, pendant necklace, and rings. This is one of its kind jewelry in silver and made for the women who want to wear unique designer silver jewelry.Best prices and designs of jewelry in India.

Alphabet Jewelry

The initial pendant or the alphabet necklace is the latest fashion in jewelry. Being silver and American diamonds these look really pretty. The letters are crafted in 925 sterling pure silver and then studded with high-quality Cubic Zirconias. A gift for your loved ones you can buy the first letter of the name and gift.

Blue Hues in Silver Jewelry

The blue hues are our collection of lab created sapphire jewelry. Deep blue sapphires with silver make an outstanding combination of white and bluestone jewelry. This sapphire jewelry comes in various styles and designs of rings, pendants, and earrings. The sapphire studs and the blue sapphire rings are one of our star sellers. These blue jewels are easily paired with casuals and formal outfits. Pure silver jewelry is the most affordable option for gifts for her.

Diamond Alternate

Diamond Alternate (Strontium Titanite ) is the diamond look-alike gemstones. They are even called as traveling diamonds because women when traveling want to wear the jewelry that gives the real look but is safe to carry and travel with. These are very comparable to diamonds and the fire of the stone is also very high.

Infinity Jewelry

Infinity jewelry collection represents the infinite love and affection of two people. A gift for This is also gifted for mothers day for mother. A great way to express your infinite love for mom. The inifinity rings and bracelets are also very meaningful designer gifts for her. Specially made keeping in mind the birthday gifts and anniversaries. This type of jewelry shows the bond of love between two people.


We sell pure real pearls online. Our pure pearl jewelry is free of any colors and dyes. We only use freshwater pure pearls in our pearl and silver jewelry. The pearl necklace strings are available in different lengths. The pure pearl earring stud is also available so you can buy a pearl set. Pearl jewelry like pearl rings and earrings can add a statement to your style.

Tree of Life Jewelry Collection

The tree is the symbol of life hence Tree of life is such a piece of jewelry which reflects the knowledge and wisdom of the tree that's been growing for years. A unique collection of silver jewelry this collection signifies wisdom, spiritual health, the spirit of giving just like a tree does all its life. Wish love and love by gifting this collection.

Emerald Hues

The green lab-created emerald jewelry is available online in cocktail rings, Hoops and pendant necklaces as well. The party rings in emerald are made with silver and using the highest quality of emeralds. The green of emerald is a royal color and has been very popular with the royal families . The emerald jewelry set is a present she will love to receive. It's also the birthstone of May.

Ruby Hues

At ornate you will find an unmatched quality of lab created ruby jewelry. The ruby studs are a great daily wear office wear jewels. The red Ruby auspicious gemstones are very liked by the Indian women. The Ruby heart band rings are a great seller for valentines gifting . Ruby gifts are also bought for Diwali gifting as red is the lucky color. Ruby sets is a must-have jewelry piece.

Solitaire Stories

Our bestseller collection is solitaire jewelry. The solitaire rings are made with 925 silver and AAA grade American Diamonds which shine so bright. These solitaire rings are priced the lowest in India and are unique designs. The three stone solitaires and single solitaire rings are a great option. The everyday solitaire earrings studs are worn by working women and are called as work wear jewelry as well. The solitaire sets come with a solitaire necklace and a solitaire studs in various carats. Choose and buy from the one that you like.

American Diamond Designer Jewelry

Our American Diamonds jewelry gives the real Diamond a tough competition. The cut and shine of our highest quality of American Diamonds or Cubic Zirconias make it a perfect choice for women who want to buy diamond but can't afford it. The lowest prices of this gemstone have made it the number one seller in the world. Our silver jewelry is made with pure 925 silver and is rhodium polished to a high shine so it won't turn black and will last a lifetime.

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