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Look Astonishing and Magnificent with Ornate Jewels!!!

Are you searching for numerous latest collections of hottest designs??? You can browse below and explore our various collections which are specially crafted using 925 anti-tarnish silver and gold plated to enhance your beauty within your budget. Personal beautification is the most important perspective to the human beings and jewelry is the key to it. Designer jewelry made up of silver or when plated with gold and combined with gemstones gives the royal and stylish looks to the wearer. Here are some of the varieties we have in our latest Collection Section at Ornate Jewels….

big ring

Hues Classic Oval American Diamond in 925 Silver Ring

Retail PriceRs 1,374(20% Off)
Rs 1,099You Save Rs 275
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American Diamond necklace set

925 American Diamond Studded Pendant with Chain

Retail PriceRs 1,715(17% Off)
Rs 1,429You Save Rs 286
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silver necklace set

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Necklace

Retail PriceRs 2,507(17% Off)
Rs 2,089You Save Rs 418
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Simulated Diamond Angel Pendant in 925 Silver chain with pendant

Simulated Diamond Angel Pendant in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,319(17% Off)
Rs 1,099You Save Rs 220
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Snowflake American Diamond 925 Silver Necklace Set

Snowflake American Diamond 925 Necklace

Retail PriceRs 2,243(17% Off)
Rs 1,869You Save Rs 374
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Cubic Zirconia Double Hearts Pendant with silver chain - valentine day special

925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Double Hearts Pendant

Retail PriceRs 2,556(20% Off)
Rs 2,045You Save Rs 511
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Buy latest gold plated silver necklace online India

925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Heart To Heart Pendant

Retail PriceRs 1,869(20% Off)
Rs 1,495You Save Rs 374
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christmas jewelry

925 Silver Snowman Pendant with Chain

Retail PriceRs 1,583(17% Off)
Rs 1,319You Save Rs 264
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heart earrings

Created Pink Diamond Heart Danglers 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,319(20% Off)
Rs 1,055You Save Rs 264
Out Of Stock
Created Sapphire Heart Danglers 925 Silver

Created Sapphire Heart Danglers 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,319(20% Off)
Rs 1,055You Save Rs 264
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Dragonfly Studded Pendant with silver chain - Silver jewelry for kids

Dragonfly Studded Pendant In 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,451(17% Off)
Rs 1,209You Save Rs 242
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kids Jewelry

Enameled Umbrella 925 Silver Pendant With Chain

Retail PriceRs 1,319(17% Off)
Rs 1,099You Save Rs 220
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Glittering Heart Hoop Earrings in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 2,699(20% Off)
Rs 2,159You Save Rs 540
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Half N Half Heart Created Ruby Pendant

Retail PriceRs 1,319(20% Off)
Rs 1,055You Save Rs 264
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Red Stone Jewelry

Heart Cutout Simulated Ruby Band in 925 Silver Ring

Retail PriceRs 2,950(20% Off)
Rs 2,360You Save Rs 590
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18k Yellow Gold Plated Jewelry

If the style is not trendy, it definitely has no meaning.  So it is necessary to be modernized using the jewelry sets that are available but in the budget that suits your pocket. Ornate Jewels has the large collections of different designer jewelry that will give you more fashionable look.

Birthstone color jewelry

Birthstones are very popular all over the world for centuries.  They not only bring life to your jewelry set but also creates a stunning look. Silver Jewelry with colored birthstone complements American Diamond and is the perfect holiday or birthday gift to your dear ones.  Each birthstone has different meaning and is worn according to the months when the wearer inborn. For example, Turquoise is the December birthstone and Pearl is the June birthstone. There may be more than one birthstone for a month.


 Colorazzi is the type of jewelry set where diamond multi-color stones are studded in it. You can have a classy appearance with multi-color necklace set giving you rich feel. Modern and fashioanble designs at Ornate Jewels help you to get trendy multicolor rings and earrings online just at one click.

Hearts Designer Jewelry

 Hearts jewelry can be the piece of silver jewelry set representing attachment between two persons. It is a perfect valentine gift which shows love and expresses all the feelings that someone will definitely like to hear it from you. You can grab it from us at a very affordable price especially for someone you love the most. We have gorgeous new collections of chrome hearts jewelry and the sizzling hearts on fire jewelry which will set a fire in the heart of person receiving the gift.

Ornate Christmas Store Jewelry Collection

 Christmas Jewelry is uniquely designed to be worn on Christmas eve and new year celebrations. Red Nose Reindeer necklace, Snowflake American Diamond and Jewelry Christmas tree are the main attractions of our store. Christmas themed jewelry is exclusively designed for today’s youth who likes to follow latest trend in the society.

SIM  Stone in Motion

 SIM Stone in Motion is the silver jewelry piece in which the studded gemstone beautifully keeps on rotating in center of the necklace pendant and earrings. The dancing stone is an eye- catcher piece and can be the center of attraction at any formal meetings.

Alphabet Jewelry

 Accessories like pendants are liked by most women and they become more valuable when they have initials of their names. It becomes even better when they have the first alphabet of their beloved ones. We value for emotions and hence we engrave the alphabet jewelry uniquely in every possible way which would keep you apart in the crowd and in the heart of your loved one.  

Blue Hues in Silver Jewelry

You can have elegant look at any occasion by wearing Blue Hues which is the piece of fine jewelry studded with blue color American Diamond. Bluestone earrings are in special demand because of its beautiful cut and the sparkling color. Silver necklace with blue stone is the one which can easily catch the attention of anyone in the parties or functions.

Diamond Alternate

 Diamond Alternate (Strontium Titanite ) are the clear stones that look like diamonds. They look crystal clear and it is very hard to differentiate between the original diamond and Diamond Alternate. It has so much shine, that it can successfully attract anyone nearby. Rose Gold Moissanite engagement rings are especially used in weddings as they are easily available at affordable cost.

Infinity Jewelry

Infinity ring showcases the continuous connection, importance and immense energy of the person who wears it. These rings have an endless elegant design which is due to its free-flowing curve.  Some of the other main attractions of the infinity collections are Infinity bracelet and infinity necklace.


 When it comes to wearing pearls, age is just a number. From juvenile teenage girls to sweet sixty aunts, they accentuate a woman regardless of her age. A simple string of pearls can make you a statement at the next house-warming party you are going to.

Tree of Life Jewelry Collection

  Tree is the symbol of life hence Tree of life is such a jewelry which reflects the knowledge and wisdom. The wearer of this style of jewelry is constantly reminded of wisdom, spiritual health, the spirit of giving just like a tree and many more.

Canary Yellow Safari

It includes various shiny yellow gemstones which are studded in 925 Silver metal. Our special design includes- Canary Yellow Pear Shape Ring and Frame Pendant, Gravado Engraved Simulated Yellow Diamond Ring, Princess Simulated Canary Yellow Diamond Pendant and many more.

Emerald Hues

 Emerald is a green color gemstone which when studded with any metal gives king or queen look to the wearer. Dazzling 18K Yellow Gold Plated Emerald Half Moon Studs is surely an eye-catching piece that one must surely try.

Love and Luster

One of the greatest dreams of Ornate Jewels is bringing smile on your face.  As the name indicates, Love and Luster jewelry brings sparkles in the life of others. This unique style of jewelry reflects and shimmers your style.  Crafting of each piece is done from the heart of the craftsman inserting joy in it and that joy is felt when worn.

Ruby Hues

Ornate Jewels has the gorgeous jewelry collection of Ruby which is sparkling red gemstone and when it is set with silver and gold plated metal ensures brilliance to its max.

Solitaire Stories

 Solitaire when studded as a single stone, is treated by everyone for its unique properties and rarity. The most favorite solitaire jewelries of girls and women are versatile styles of earrings which suits every type of face cut. Even they are used as kid’s jewelry and hence they have an important place in the fashion world.

American Diamond Designer Jewelry

American Diamond is the stone which replaces the Real Diamond easily. The popularity of this stone is increasing day by day all over the world due to its affordable price. Our American diamond solitaires studded in 925 anti-tarnish silver jewelry gives you the option to buy and enjoy wearing them.

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