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Gurjeet Singh
I buy this for my girl as a valentine gift. The quality is very very nice, she was happy and they even gave the box and a card. The price and quality are good. I like their different designs.
Gurjeet Singh   Ludhiana
Rohit Saran
One word GREAT !!! I had reservations buying from an online store but ornate has changed that for me . The first order I placed with hesitation turned out to be of more than my expectations . I ended up buying many more pieces . They took care of my gifting needs completely .Accessible customer service and prompt replies . Thanks for the great customer service!
Rohit Saran   Rohtak
Sarita Challa
Excellent quality of these pearls. I have received many compliments already. I was not sure initially of the quality and was a little scared of online buying. But the customer service cleared all my doubts and made it very easy for me to order. It came with a certificate and the box was very nice.
Sarita Challa   Bangalore
Marzia Babul
I love silver jewelry and Ornate has really nice wearable contemporary designs. The customer service is just superb. Five *****
Marzia Babul   Hyderabad
Julie Katoch
really really beautiful pearl earrings .the pearls are really white and nice. the quality is just too good beyond my expectations. I was very hesitant to buy online. I whats app Maya at ornate. she sent me the product videos on whats app. then I bought these and I am happy with my purchase.
Julie Katoch   Dalhousie
Sneha Pandit
Beautiful and elegant these Bali Earrings are. I loved the green color and the quality is good and also the Maya customer service person lady is very patient, I wanted to see videos and they sent me.
Sneha Pandit   Jammu
Puja Dhabade
I am a regular customer of ornate jewels. I love their products. On every valentines day, my husband buys me one jewelry from ornate jewels.
Puja Dhabade   PUNE
Monica Muthulakshmi
I came to know about ornate jewels at our company event. I instantly fell in love with the collection :). Wanted to buy it all, bought a stone in motion pendant which moves with me. What gave me the confidence to buy was the hallmarking and anti tarnish finish. The prices are super affordable for us.
Monica Muthulakshmi   Pune
Karishma Singh
I have been an Ornatejewels customer for some time now. Ornate is above par online store. I love jewelry shopping and always make sure to check out different stores and online websites selling Jewellery. What I like about Ornate is that their designs are very wearable and not same traditional ones that everyone is selling. The big traditional ones are only used once in a while when there is an occasion otherwise they just lie around in the jewelry box. I like to buy Ornatejewels jewelry because I know I am paying for something that has value and it's not junk and the jewelry is studded with quality gemstones.
Karishma Singh   Gurgaon
Jaspreet Kaur
Unusual and Beautiful Fine Jewelry I always fall in love with Ornate's modern designs and love the finesse of their craftsmanship. I like pieces that are not the same old thing that everyone is wearing. I always feel that its value for money jewelry. Way to go Ornate.
Jaspreet Kaur   Pune
Badal Subba
I would like to thank team Ornate for helping me out with the Silver Necklace for my mom. I was very confused as in what to buy and then I chatted with Ornate on their chat window, Maya was superb in helping me ): I just gave her the age of the recipient and my budget and she gave me the best options and I was able to buy quickly and it arrived on time in a beautiful box and card. Ornate is my new online shopping destination. I am waiting for them to introduce the Men's ljewelry ine as well.
Badal Subba   Dharamsala
Rashmi Sharma
I was never a fan of online jewelry shopping but ornate jewels silver jewelry has changed that for me. Their service and quality are as committed and advertised. I truly recommend their 925 silver jewelry
Rashmi Sharma   Delhi
Geet Pokhariya
I won this everyday studs in a contest from ornate jewels. I have been wearing them every day and they compliment my face and are very lightweight to wear. I have had no allergies what so ever. Love these studs :)
Geet Pokhariya   Pune
Latika Saraswat
Love the ring. Superb quality and design. I like your jewelry as i can wear everyday and can afford to buy many pieces
Latika Saraswat   Pune
Ritu Baruah
I never believed in shopping online but after buying from ornate I have totally changed my opinion. It's true that what you see online is what you get. Excellent quality. I love my champagne colored ring.
Ritu Baruah   Pune
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Real Pearl Jewellery Gifts for Mother on Mother’s Day


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Remain A classic with Silver and Pearl Jewellery

Silver Jewellery

Jewelry makes memories. Each important occasion of a woman's life is marked by a gift that's most probably a jewel. It's an important part of the Indian culture. Women have been decorating themselves with flowers and leaves and making jewels out of them. With the introduction of metals jewels are being made with precious metals and gemstones, which added many choices to women's, accessorizing choices. No wedding is complete without a gift of a piece of Jewellery. A ring is an eternal promise of love between a man and a woman; it's a symbol of lifelong commitment. It's a vow to be together forever. The birth of child is also an important occasion for a jewelry gift to be given as a precious gift that's lasting. Silver Jewellery is the choicest option for its looks and value for money. It's the white gold of middle class. It sparkles and shines when polished with rhodium and can give even platinum a run for its money. Silver is durable and affordable. When studded with American diamond or colored gemstones it becomes a wearable piece. It's lightweight and doesn't cause allergies. At ornate jewels you will find a complete range of 925 silver jewelry that's guaranteed to be pure and won't turn black. We use the highest quality of AAA grade American Diamonds in our jewels and our entire lab created gemstones like sapphire, ruby and emerald are of the highest standards. We don't use any glass filled stones. Our silver designs are made to be worn everyday and are very suitable for the workingwomen's lifestyle. It's lightweight and convenient to wear. We use very high quality rhodium polish to make it look like white gold. We fondly call our American Diamond collection as the new age traveling Diamonds. The solitaire jewelry is our iconic collections. Our solitaires stones range from 0.50 carats to up to 5 carats. Solitaire Silver stud earrings come in many colors giving a plethora of choices. Wear them to the weddings and parties without any fear. We ensure very strict manufacturing practices and each piece goes through a very rigorous quality process. Ornate is the only one of its kind-shopping site in India, which manufactures each piece in its own factory. Since we manufacture our own designer silver Jewellery the end customer get to save the money, as there is no middle men involved. Since we are always are abreast of the international Jewellery trends we are continuously brining the new designs, which are super fashionable and are the hottest selling ones. Your purchase will come in the designer gift box and a warranty certificate. At any given moment we stock over 1000 designs in silver rings, silver necklaces, silver bangles and silver earrings .We have freshwater pearls silver jewelry as well. All our pearls are real and natural. Our main focus is on everyday wear or work wear Jewellery. Ornate jewels are the first choice of many men when they are looking for a gift for her. Our three stone engagement rings and heart silver rings are very popular. If you are looking for a precious gift for your wife or girlfriend then silver jewelry is the best gift due to its pricing and affordability factor. Our online store is always secure to shop and has all the latest variety of designs. We will ship your silver jewelry purchase in a secure and tamper proof envelope. We thrive on our superb customer service before and after the sale both. If you wish to add a handwritten gift note we will be more than happy to add that as well. We are the only online store in India, which is known for its superb quality silver 925 jewels.


Why people are buying silver Jewellery these days?

With the gold prices being so high people have shifted to buying silver. Also with the new age lifestyle of women they now want to accessorize their looks with matching jewels. With our increased social life commitments we want the choice of wearing jewellery in many colors. Silver is the new gold. Silver is extremely durable and hard metal and is built to last. Being so strong it's able to hold many gemstones and can be molded into many designs. A designer is able to craft various designs from it. It suits all kind of skin tones and colors. Being allergy free it's suitable for the people with various skin issues. Silver is one of the oldest metal know to mankind and is extremely budget friendly. It's becoming the most popular choice with many designers. Silver is also widely known to have many health benefits Wearing silver jewellery has many health benefits as well. Silver even has medicinal properties. Due to its healing properties it's recommended to wear or eat and drink out of vessels made out of silver. Often its gold-plated to give it the look of gold but still be able to keep the prices low. With the changing trends and women becoming more aware of their personal styles and want fashionable jewelry with variety. Having said that affordability and low prices are also a major factor. This is where we excel. Each jewel is made keeping in mind the wear ability and pricing in mind and of course the quality. Today's smart consumer wants variety, low prices and quality that are built to last and we bring that to you. Our own manufacturing ensures that the end customer always gets to buy the best at the lowest prices in jewelry. For the women who want quality Jewellery ornate jewels is the number shopping destination in India. You can proudly wear our pure silver jewelry for years to come. Buy online for yourself and your loved ones. Our range caters to most of the budgets and also makes a great gift for your family members and friends. From simple studs to pearls necklaces there are a large number of designs to choose from. For your special occasions and parties we have a vast variety of cocktail rings. These statement rings are one of its kinds and are especially crafted with the highest quality of gemstones. No one will be able to tell the difference between a real diamond and our American diamond silver ring. This is one of the major reasons that our silver Jewellery is the bestseller in the country. Being allergy free women with skin disorders can also wear it safely. Its nickel and lead free. Silver being a precious metal will always remain the number one choice in the affordable Jewellery range. Online shopping gives you the choice of shopping from the comfort of your home at your own time and pace. Also it's secure and easy.

Why is sterling silver most bought metal?

Silver jewellery has been always the most popular metal due to its affordability. Ornaments have been crafted with this metal throughout the ages. The sparkle and shine it exudes is remarkable. It's suitable for all skin types and color tones. The strength of silver is also another buying factor for people. The ease of molding it to adapt too many forms and shapes makes it a favorite choice of many jewelry designers. Its easily gold plated as well hence giving more option in the Jewellery market. Silverware is also very popular in India and has been around forever. Silver also makes it easy to perform different techniques and handcrafted work on it. The luster is of very high quality and it even offers health benefits to the wearer. Astrologers often recommend wearing silver. Hyper people are supposed to wear silver for its calming qualities.

Silver 925 Rings:

A must have accessory piece. A ring has the capability to add style to a hand. A cocktail ring wearing hand is a sure fire statement to any outfit. One accessory exudes glamour. Solitaire rings are subtle and classy and are forever kind of rings. A symbol of promise and love solitaire rings is the most selling rings in the entire world. Often exchange during weddings these are the engagement rings that no wedding can do without. When crafted with 925 silver and American Diamonds a silver ring can give the look of white gold at a fraction of price. Lab created rubies, emerald sapphire rings are also a must have accessory for any woman. Three stone promise rings in silver are also a hot buy.

Silver Necklace:

A silver necklace with a pendant hanging from it is a pure luxury for any neck. A tiny round American diamond solitaire stone necklace can't is missed. A famous Hollywood trend it's been around forever. The modern women have switched over to the lightweight silver jewels rather than big heavy Jewellery pieces. Flower necklaces are another bestselling form of Jewellery as women have special affinity to styles inspired by nature. There is another line of jewelry, which is called Stone In Motion in which the center stone dances and moves with the rhythm of the wearer. These silver 925 pendant necklaces comes in various designs and are even available for little kids and children as new born gifts.

Silver Bracelet:

Wrapping your wrists around shiny sparkly ornaments that go around and sit comfortably are bracelets. A silver tennis bracelet studded with American diamonds is a classic piece of Jewellery .Its one of the oldest and most sold design in the world all over. Animal themed, flower themed and even pure pearl bracelets are in vogue. A simple pearl shambhala bracelet is enough to add a bohemian look to any outfit. We at ornate bring to you the latest design and trendy bracelets that are available in many budgets. These bracelets are designed to fit many sizes of wrists as there are extenders on them.

Silver Earrings:

No occasion or attire is complete without an earring. Be it a stud, dangler, or a hoop. Earrings come in various forms, designs and lengths. They can range from big dramatic ones with tiny studs for every day. Solitaire stud earrings are the most loved forms or earring all over the world. It tends to suit every face shape and haircut as well. A solitaire stud can be worn from day to night look. Colored gemstone studs are also well loved by women and even make an interesting choice of gift for kids to teenagers to women any age. The danglers are the long style of earrings, which can be in any length. American diamond earrings can be easily substituted for diamond earrings and can be worn for occasions and cost much less than the real ones. They make a good option as travelling diamonds Jewellery. One can travel with them for our of town occasions and look and feel like a million bucks.

Necklace Sets:

A necklace is a set that means it can have two or three components all together. It may comprise of a pendant necklace, earrings or even a ring with it. The most common form of necklace sets includes a necklace and a piece of earring. The most classic and bestselling sets are often solitaire sets, which could be studded with rubies, lab created blue sapphires, Lab created emeralds etc. The pearl string necklace and a stud is also a hot selling combination being very popular among women. Indian women are very fond of wearing matching coordinated sets and all jewelers have necklace sets as a staple Jewellery item.

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