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Amy Adlakha
Verified Purchase

I love rings and I buy from ornate jewels very regularly. The quality is superb and the shine is really good. I have been using my rings every day and haven't faced any issues so far. The packaging is also really really nice

Amy Adlakha - Pune
Verified Purchase

I am a regular customer of ornate jewels. I keep buying from them. The quality is excellent. The finish of products is just awesome. Service is also exceptional. On my birthday they made sure to get the ring delivered to me in time.

Pall - Pune
Swayta Goswami
Verified Purchase

Nice products good quality. Like their service and delivery is good. good online shop to buy from

Swayta Goswami - Pune
Harsh Arora
Verified Purchase

Its love all around with ornates ring :)) Bought this for my girlfriend and it was a birthday gift. The owner herself helped me choose the size and style. Their customer service rep kept following with me, they even asked me how was the ring and if my GF liked or no? how was the size quality etc? This was superb customer service, I am happy with my purchase

Harsh Arora - Delhi
Samiksha P
Verified Purchase

This tree of life necklace is really a nice design and the quality is good. The chain is just the perfect length. Like your collections. It's unique jewelry. I have never seen these designs anywhere before. Good collection and quality !!!!

Samiksha P - Pune
Verified Purchase

Good collection of jewelry. Best prices I have found so far online. The quality is good reasonable prices. The designs are really liked by my kids .

Ashish - Mumbai
Verified Purchase

I am a big pearl jewelry fan. I love all kinds of pearl jewelry. I have now finally found ornate where I keep buying different pearl jewelry. It's convenient to order. Their ordering and shipping process is smooth and the policies are also customer friendly. I order many gifts also as they fit my budget. I would definitely recommend ornate jewels

Kanak - Pune
Manish Sharma
Verified Purchase

A good website to buy gifts from. I was able to find the kind of crown ring I was looking for my Fiancee The ring I bought is a really nice design with good quality. Their customer service is helpful and friendly. A good website to deal with .....

Manish Sharma - Delhi
Ruchi Shrivastava
Verified Purchase

Nice collection. Please inform me when you have more rings in my size. I have left my details with your customer service. I also want to have a line necklace in American diamond. Let me know when will you have that?

Ruchi Shrivastava - Allahabad
Pooja Shinde
Verified Purchase

I love big bold rings. I like to wear many many rings so I keep finding unique designs but I need a good price. I have finally found my destination for good quality yet affordable jewelry so I can keep buying as I need. I would definitely be back for more and recommend you to my friends and family. You should make me your brand ambassador :)

Pooja Shinde - Satara
Harpreet Kaur
Verified Purchase

Just amazing jewelry. Unbelievable finish and quality. I am delighted with my purchase. Ornate has really hard to find designs. Truly unique and designer cocktail ring. Thanks

Harpreet Kaur - Delhi
Sonia Jagtiani
Verified Purchase

I have been looking for small allergy free silver studs for my 7-year-old daughter for a long time. These were a gift that was shipped to me from a friend. It had a beautiful handwritten message which touched my heart. My daughter has been wearing them for quite some time. They are easy to wear and most importantly easy to wear. The packaging was just lovely ***** Many Stars

Sonia Jagtiani - Mumbai
Ranjeeta Khare
Verified Purchase

Love all things sapphire blue. Was hesitant to buy online but ornates return policy and customer service was great. It gave me a lot of confidence to buy. I even prepaid to them. The designs are unique and wearable for me. I shall be back more often. Thanks Team ornate

Ranjeeta Khare - Kanpur
Mohita Pandey
Verified Purchase

Bought this beautiful blue ring and I love it. I saw the ad on Facebook was not very sure of the size and quality , their customer service guided me through all my quastions and helped me make the purcahse . the box it came in is lovely . I love blue stone jewelry and this is a perfect blue band for me .

Mohita Pandey - Pune
Ritika khanna
Verified Purchase

Just the perfect pair of earrings that I was looking for. The finish and making are very nice. A good brand to buy from.

Ritika khanna - Delhi
Prem Shah
Verified Purchase

Good collection you have. I like your whole range. The service was good and superb quality. Five Stare *****

Prem Shah - Ambala
Sunita Rathore
Verified Purchase

Lovely Blue ring. Your collection is good. I like the quality. Will order again. Your customer service and quality are excellent.

Sunita Rathore - Patiala
Ritu Sharma
Verified Purchase

I ordered these Blue Sapphire Earrings. I really like the color which is a nice blue. The service and shipping were good. I like ornate jewels. will definitely buy more.

Ritu Sharma - Dehradun
Monica Bhalla
Verified Purchase

Nice lightweight pair of earrings. I wear them every day. I like the shine and quality

Monica Bhalla - Dehradun
Sweety Sharma
Verified Purchase

A cute pair of black studs. They are the only earrings that haven't caused me any allergies. They are lightweight and i wear them every day.Good buy

Sweety Sharma - jalandhar
Kumud Mahajan
Verified Purchase

I love this gorgeous piece of jewelry. I was mesmerized at the dancing stone technology at ornate. It took me some time to decide and make the final purchase but I must say its worth. This necklace shines so brightly it makes my real diamonds look dull. The stone in center moves very nicely and i get compliments all the time

Kumud Mahajan - Delhi
Trupti Asar
Verified Purchase

I ordered these unique looking earrings from ornate and wasn't sure if the way they will look. Also, I was hesitant about buying from a new brand but their customer service was very helpful and they answered all my questions very patiently. The earrings came in a nice box and there is certificate as well. Good purchase

Trupti Asar - Chandigarh
Ritu Baruah
Verified Purchase

I never believed in shopping online but after buying from ornate I have totally changed my opinion. It's true that what you see online is what you get. Excellent quality. I love my champagne colored ring.

Ritu Baruah - pune
Bharat Hira
Verified Purchase

I love all things ornate. I have found my perfect online jewelry destination for all the gifts that I need. its quick and easy to shop on your site and the jewelry is amazing with great savings.

Bharat Hira - lucknow
Verified Purchase

Got these lovely earrings and many more jewelry pieces as a gift. I am not very fond of giving reviews but I had to send this pic and review as this jewelry is very special and very nice quality. The shine and sparkle is just amazing and wonderful .Thanks, Team ornate

Sneha - Meerut
Pallavi Bhat
Verified Purchase

The Heart wants what the heart wants. I am die hard buyer of ornate jewels. Love their quality and it's my favorite online jewelry store

Pallavi Bhat - Pune
Loveleen sharma
Verified Purchase

A lovely present from ornate jewels. Gorgeous jewels and packing are too cute. The purple box makes the gift more presentable. Great Great Great quality

Loveleen sharma - Amritsar
Ashna Bhagwani
Verified Purchase

Very chic and wearable jewelry. I definitely recommend and wear ornate. What I like about your designs are very wearable and can be worn daily. The earrings are lightweight and don't cause me any discomfort. I wear them to work and even to my evenings out.

Ashna Bhagwani - Pune
Latika Saraswat
Verified Purchase

Love the ring. Superb quality and design. I like your jewelry as i can wear everyday and can afford to buy many pieces

Latika Saraswat - Pune
Shahnaz Husain
Verified Purchase

I am a regular customer of ornate jewels. I have bought many pieces so far and i must say that the quality is great. They have always manage to exceed my expectations. What I like is that I am able to find many designs to my taste and since i am allergic I can only wear pure silver. Initially, i was hesitant but after i called them spoke to their customer service associate, she assured me that since their jewelry is pure i won't have any issues with my skin. And she was right. So far I have been wearing their different products and they have not caused any allergy and also they have not turned black.

Shahnaz Husain - Patiala
Shipra Saklani
Verified Purchase

Jewelry is the best part of the beauty and esp silver is my best friend which talks about what i am wearing.When it comes to statement piece, I trust ornate jewelry . As it enhances my elegance and style both .

Shipra Saklani - Ludhiana
Chaitali Mullick
Verified Purchase

Our Lucky Winner

Chaitali Mullick - Kolkatta
Geet Pokhariya
Verified Purchase

I won this everyday studs in a contest from ornate jewels. I have been wearing them every day and they compliment my face and are very lightweight to wear. I have had no allergies what so ever. Love these studs :)

Geet Pokhariya - pune
Rashmi Sharma
Verified Purchase

I was never a fan of online jewelry shopping but ornate jewels silver jewelry has changed that for me. Their service and quality are as committed and advertised. I truly recommend their 925 silver jewelry

Rashmi Sharma - Delhi
Priyanka Tupe
Verified Purchase

I loved the hand written note that I received the gift. It's so rare to see these old fashioned notes these days. The recipient is always happy to receive a line or two with the gift and it makes a memorable keepsake.What I also love about ornate jewels is their signature box that is sent and not some plastic box. Good Job Team Ornate !!!

Priyanka Tupe - pune
Karishma Sharma
Verified Purchase

We were looking for some different wedding giveaways other than clothes to all the women attending the wedding and definitely, we had a budget. Ornate took care of all that. We were able to find fine quality silver Earrings and Rings and they came in a beautiful box with a ribbon. Everyone appreciated our unique gift as it's very wearable jewelry and the quality is superb. It's a great find and value for money. Thanks

Karishma Sharma - Goa
Sonali Iyyer
Verified Purchase

I love all things blue and I only wear silver as a metal. I am in love with these Aqua danglers and its only at ornate jewels that I have found such a huge collection of Blue and silver jewelry. My search ends at ornate. Big thanks to your customer service and please keep adding more so I keep coming back. All the best.

Sonali Iyyer - Chennai
Badal Subba
Verified Purchase

I would like to thank team Ornate for helping me out with the Silver Necklace for my mom. I was very confused as in what to buy and then I chatted with Ornate on their chat window, Maya was superb in helping me ): I just gave her the age of the recipient and my budget and she gave me the best options and I was able to buy quickly and it arrived on time in a beautiful box and card. Ornate is my new online shopping destination. I am waiting for them to introduce the Men's ljewelry ine as well.

Badal Subba - Dharamsala
Kamal Hira
Verified Purchase

Being in the jewelry business for decades I understand jewelry very well. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and prices being offered at Ornate. I order online from Hongkong for the gifts that I need to send in India and they have always exceeded my expectations. They always send a beautiful gift message written on a beautiful card and their packaging is lovely. Everyone I have sent an Ornate piece has loved it so much. I was a bit skeptical of the online shopping in India but not with Ornate. Kudos to their friendly customer service .

Kamal Hira - HongKong
Jaspreet Kaur
Verified Purchase

Unusual and Beautiful Fine Jewelry I always fall in love with Ornate's modern designs and love the finesse of their craftsmanship. I like pieces that are not the same old thing that everyone is wearing. I always feel that its value for money jewelry. Way to go Ornate.

Jaspreet Kaur - Pune
Karishma Singh
Verified Purchase

I have been an Ornatejewels customer for some time now. Ornate is above par online store. I love jewelry shopping and always make sure to check out different stores and online websites selling Jewellery. What I like about Ornate is that their designs are very wearable and not same traditional ones that everyone is selling. The big traditional ones are only used once in a while when there is an occasion otherwise they just lie around in the jewelry box. I like to buy Ornatejewels jewelry because I know I am paying for something that has value and it's not junk and the jewelry is studded with quality gemstones.

Karishma Singh - Gurgaon
Pooja Ahuja
Verified Purchase

I am a regular Ornatejewels buyer. I prefer giving silver jewelry as gifts over other things. In 1000 I am able to buy a quality piece for gift giving purpose which lasts forever. I love that it comes in a beautiful box and adds value to the gift. They even do a hand written gift message.I even buy Kids jewelry for the birthday gifts that my kids need all the time for their school friends parties. The mothers have always appreciated it so much. Ornate stands out with their fine silver jewelry.

Pooja Ahuja - Chandigarh
Kaveeta Pol
Verified Purchase

Recently bought this beautiful 18k yellow gold plated heart pendant. It arrived in a wonderful gift box and a certificate of authenticity. I love the quality and I feel it's well priced. Thanks, Ornate Jewels

Kaveeta Pol - pune
Monica Muthulakshmi
Verified Purchase

I came to know about ornate jewels at our company event. I instantly fell in love with the collection :). Wanted to buy it all, bought a stone in motion pendant which moves with me. What gave me the confidence to buy was the hallmarking and anti tarnish finish. The prices are super affordable for us.

Monica Muthulakshmi - pune
Abhay Pandey
Verified Purchase

I participated in the Ornatejewels Contest and won these Emerald earrings. My wife was very happy to receive them. The quality and finish are superb. I like that they have used created gemstones and not glass. Earrings are marked 925 so I know they are safe to wear as my wife is allergic to other cheap metals.

Abhay Pandey - Lucknow
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From Our Blog

ornatejewels blog

Silver Jewellery

Jewelry is the one accessory that adds that extra touch of glamour, of any woman’s jewel box. Jewelry is not just an accessory, it’s a memory, it’s a celebration, and it’s a promise, a keepsake, a tradition that goes a long way. A man vows to a woman with a piece of jewelry in many cultures. A new bride is welcomed with jewelry; a child’s birth is celebrated with jewelry. It’s an eternal and an important part of a woman’s journey. Indians have a special love of jewelry be it gold, silver or diamonds. Ornate jewels keep this journey sparkly with pure 925 sterling silver jewelry for women, online. The only online jewelry-shopping destination in india, which designs and manufactures all designs in house, hence the low prices jewelry and highest quality. Strict manufacturing standards are followed and each piece is inspected for quality. The highest qualities of aaa grade american diamonds that shine and sparkle so bright are studded. There is no middle man so you get to save and buy the most affordable and latest high quality jewelry. You can find more than 1000 designs in 925 silver rings for women and girls, silver 925 bracelets, real pure pearls, silver earrings for girls and women, silver necklaces, pendants and chains to name a few. Bringing to you, the latest 925 silver jewelry designs so always have a huge variety to choose from. Our online store is always stocked with the everyday wearable designs in silver jewelry so you always find something for you or your loved ones. Here jewelry starts from rs. 399, which makes it a great gifting option as well. If you are looking for gifts for her for valentine, anniversary, wedding or even a proposal, shop from the vast range of silver engagement rings. Solitaire rings are very popular bestsellers and you can be assured of the best quality. Offering lifetime guarantee on silver not turning black so you can shop with confidence .our sterling silver jewelry will be shipped in a tamper proof envelope and a designer velvet lined gift box which makes it easier for you to gift. A handwritten note can be included on your behalf as well. Get superb customer service and highest quality jewelry always. Rest assured that you will have a hassle free and memorable shopping experience. Quality and customer service is of utmost importance to us. Ornatejewels is widely known for its wearable and lightweight sterling silver jewelry in india and it’s very much appreciated all over the country. Most of its women customers love wearing ornate because of its unique designs as they are looking for everyday office wear silver jewelry, which they can afford and also should be allergy free. The jewelry is pure 925 so it’s even safe for kids. You can choose gifts for kids and newborns making your gift giving easy. All your purchases will come with a warranty and purity certificate.


Why people are buying silver jewelry these days?

Silver jewellery has been always the most popular metal due to its affordability and shine Ornaments have been crafted with this metal throughout the ages. This metal dates back many hundred years ago .Its sparkling beauty and color suits every skin type and is hypoallergenic. It makes a great buy as its strong and durable metal as well as budget friendly. Silver 925 have many healing properties as well .Many Jewelry designers choose silver to craft their jewelry and sometimes they would like to gold plate it for the look of gold. The luster of this metal is great and it looks like white gold. Silver brings calm to the wearer and also has great places in astrology. It’s recommended to many people to wear it for its healing effects. Today’s woman has a distinctive taste in everything. They want to buy fashionable yet affordable accessories. More than anything women want to buy quality jewellery designs, which can last forever If you are one of those quality lovers, then silver jewellery at our online store is the perfect choice for you which can be shopped from the comfort of your home. Our jewellery set is about latest trends yet can be worn for years to come for any occasion and age. Pure silver jewellery makes a budget memorable gift as well. For those evenings out buy from our cocktail rings collections and flaunt a great piece of jewelry on your finger. Silver is a safe metal to wear, especially for those who are allergic to cheap metals. When you buy silver you can be assured that you are getting value for your money. Many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike sport and promote silver jewellery. Silver is the new gold. Buy with confidence, your next pair of earrings or a sparkling shiny necklace with 18-inch pure silver chain that is included in the price.

Why is sterling silver most bought metal?

Silver jewellery has been always the most popular metal due to its affordability. Ornaments have been crafted with this metal throughout the ages. Its sparkling beauty and color suits every skin type and is hypoallergenic. It makes a great buy as its strong and durable metal as well as budget friendly. Many Jewelry designers choose silver to craft their jewelry and sometimes they would like to gold plate it for the look of gold. The luster of this metal is great and it looks like white gold. Silver brings calm to the wearer and also has great place in astrology.

Silver Rings:

Rings are the perfect adornment for any hand. 925 sterling Silver rings make a great buy for its look that imitates the look of white gold. 925 silver rings come in many shapes and sizes. One can choose from plain band rings, American diamond rings, big party cocktail rings, which are generally studded with big gemstones. Ruby, emerald and sapphire rings are also very popular amongst women. The three stone promise ring and Solitaire ring are a hottest trend when it comes to rings. Many men choose to buy these as a gift for her.

Silver Necklace:

A necklace is an essential piece of jewelry that makes any neck sparkle. In many cultures a necklace of a certain kind is worn around the neck as a promise of a wedding. Mangalsutra is an example of this in India. A pendant necklace consists of a small pendant on a delicate pure 925 silver chain. Pendants come in various styles. They could be ranging from a single solitaire to an elaborate flower necklace. Dancing Stone in motion range necklaces is a hot seller in pendants. The stone in the center moves around a woman’s neck while she wears the necklace. There are many shapes and designs in pendants and even have lovely ones for the little kids or even babies.

Silver Bracelet:

Bracelet is an ornament which goes around your wrist and can add a certain charm to that wrist. The tennis silver bracelet is the most bought design all over the world. It’s a bracelet design that’s studded with tiny American diamonds that go all over in a line. The bracelets come in animal motifs, floral designs and even with pure pearls and silver. Bringing to you the latest and trendiest lightweight silver bracelets that are sure to be appreciated and loved by women. Many bracelets are one size fits all kinds. There are extenders on these bracelets so sizing is not an issue. Any wrist size can wear them. The colored gemstone bracelets and kids bracelet are quite in demand.

Silver Earrings:

No occasion or attire is complete without an earring. Be it a stud, dangler, or a hoop. Earrings come in various forms, designs and lengths. They can range from big dramatic ones with tiny studs for every day. Solitaire earrings are the most loved forms or earring all over the world. It tends to suit every face shape and haircut as well. A solitaire stud can be worn from day to night look. Colored gemstone studs are also well loved by women and even make an interesting choice of gift for kids to teenagers to women any age. The danglers are the long style of earrings, which can be in any length. American diamond earrings can be easily substituted for diamond earrings and can be worn for occasions and cost much less than the real ones. They make a good option as travelling diamonds jewelry. One can travel with them for our of town occasions and look and feel like a million bucks.

Necklace Sets:

A necklace set consists of a pair of earring and pendant. The necklace set can even have a matching ring as well. A set would normally have a similar looking earring and necklace. Popular choices can be pendant and necklace sets in 925 sterling silver which are studded with Created Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Red Ruby Stones, Pearl sets with earrings, Solitaire sets with American diamonds, and pink color sets, Yellow color jewelry sets, Blue color Jewelry sets to name a few.

At ornate buy silver jewelry at the lowest prices in India. A Superb after sale service is always there for you. More than happy to answer your product queries and any questions you may have. Always provides pleasant and safe shopping experience. The website is secured by Thawte, a leading industry expert in SSL. So you can shop with peace of mind. All forms of payments are accepted and even COD is offered. Always love to see you coming back and shopping with us again and again. Serves you with the best. We thank our lovely customers with the bottom of our heart for letting us add a little sparkle in their lives. Make memories with jewelry gifts and we would be thankful if you choose us to be your jewelry partner in those special occasions and memories. We would love to be a part of your life once and always.

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