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Studs Earrings: Buy Studs Earrings Online at Best Price in India. Shop from a wide collection of latest designer Studs Earrings for girls and Women at Online silver jewellery Store Ornate Jewels. The charm of Studs Earrings is still present in India. We have the best Studs Earrings designs for females.

Buy Stud Earrings Online in India at Cheap Price
Pearl and American Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Studs
Ornatejewels 10mm 925 Silver Real Pearl Studs

Regular Price: Rs 2,999

Discount Rs 2,099

30% OFF
Flower Power earring Tops
Flower Power Earring Tops

Regular Price: Rs 2,799

Discount Rs 2,379

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925 Silver Emerald Halo Stud Earrings
Halo Emerald Studs In 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 3,999

Discount Rs 2,799

30% OFF
Sterling Silver Flower American Diamond Stud Earring
Ornatejewels Pretty Petals 925 Studs

Regular Price: Rs 5,299

Discount Rs 3,709

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Flower Power earring Tops
Royalty Emerald Earring Studs

Regular Price: Rs 3,599

Discount Rs 2,519

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Pearl Stud Earrings
Classic Pearl Everyday Studs

Regular Price: Rs 3,199

Discount Rs 2,719

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Open Heart With A Real Pearl Studs
Heart Design Real Pearl Studs In 925 Sterling Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,899

Discount Rs 2,464

15% OFF
925 Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Solitaire Stud Earrings For Her
Heart With A Solitaire Studs In 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,099

Discount Rs 1,469

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925 Silver Emerald Halo Stud Earrings For Her
Shimmering Emerald Halo Studs

Regular Price: Rs 2,399

Discount Rs 1,679

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925 Silver Red Ruby Square Stud Statement Earrings
Slender Ruby Studs In 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,499

Discount Rs 1,749

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925 Sterling Silver Emerald Big Stud Earrings For Her
Stunning Square Emerald Earring In 925 SIlver

Regular Price: Rs 2,499

Discount Rs 1,749

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Few Left
Stylish Pearl Earrings For Girls In 925 Sterling Silver
Bow Design Pearl Earrings In 925 Sterling Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,699

Discount Rs 1,889

30% OFF
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Monu Walia
Trendy and fashion styles. I am in love totally. Great hassle-free shopping. good people and brand to deal with and buy from. thanks ornate
Monu Walia  Chandigarh
The lovely collection I am a regular customer and love all things ornate.
Zubi  Delhi
pooja anand
A great collection of lightweight jewelry that I can wear daily. A vast collection of earring studs I am allergic to cheap metals that. cause me allergy hence silver is a great choice for me. Must buy designs
Pooja Anand  Pune
Karishma Dutta
My favorite site for gifts, for my rings and all my jewelry mostly. The designs are to die for and the quality is just superb. Happy Happy Customer i am :)
Karishma Dutta  Pune
i bought my first piece of jewelry online from your site and its been a pleasure. Keep bringing the great designs. Love it
Mona  Pune

Buy Stud Earrings Online

Buy Stud Earrings Online

Silver stud earrings are the most common and basic style of silver earring. Stud are the first choice for every woman among all varieties of earrings. Even though there are so many options available in earrings like danglers, climber, stud earrings online and much more but stud are an ageless timeless beauty.

The glitter of solitaire stud leaves striking looks to girls face, its like simple but sweet stand out from the crowd. Stud are a symbol of richness and finesse. Stud or tops are the most common and simple way of earrings but it loved by every woman.

Why Stud Earrings?

They undoubtedly are the most versatile the most selling and easy to wear the form of silver earrings.

They are not gender-specific or age-specific.

Easy maintenance.

Studs are lightweight and comfortable.

Perfect for all face shapes.

Our Collection Of Stud Earrings

Ornate Jewels presents a huge collection of studs earrings, studs earrings for women and also for the men. Stud earrings designs are a unique quality that it is not the gender-specific. These days its a common sight to see men wearing a single gemstone stud Earring in one or sometimes both ears. The basic reason behind Studs become so popular is that studs are very lightweight can be very comfortable to wear all day long and usually go with all kind of face shapes and hairstyles. Our American diamond stud earrings are basically crafted sitting mounted on a post, which can be inserted through your earlobe hole and is securely held by a back screw holding the earring in its place.

Stud Earring Online | Diamond stud Earrings

Gold plated Stud earrings are a current trend. Even alloys are used to make this kind earring. In India gold crafted studs in various shapes can be seen easily. Some would be made of gold with a lot of intricate details or would normally have a large centre gemstone and then surrounded by gold design. Diamond stud earrings are always be loved by every woman.

Little kids could be seen wearing the simplest form of the stud in gold or silver where a small metal ball sits mounted on the post and is safely screwed at the back. Ear Stud gold and diamond stud earrings are the number one choice of earring for professional women as well. Royalties can be seen wearing stud all the time studded with expensive solitaires, diamonds. Many women with multiple piercings can be seen wearing many studs from the earlobe upwards. Graduating size of the diamond stud earrings are worn

There are various kinds of ear stud that can be bought and added to your silver jewellery collection and make stud diamond earrings set.

Pick your favourite from Collection of Stone Stud Earrings

For starters, a simple solitaire stud in cubic zirconia and silver can be a great choice for everyday wear. Buy the anti-tarnish silver so the studs remain as new as forever. Pearl studs make another great neutral choice in silver earrings. They can be worn at any age or occasion adding elegance to your personality. Diamond solitaire studs are the most bought form of ear studs. Depending on ones affordability they can be bought in various cut, colour, and clarity. They add that extra sparkle to your ear and outfit. Most of the diamond studs are crafted in platinum or 18K gold. Today there are many diamond alternates available to go easy in the pocket and provide the same look and feel.

If you are looking for the affordable and alternate options then you can opt for Moissanite, Strontium Titanite, and Cubic Zirconia or as its commonly called American Diamond Earrings. All these stones are white in colour and Moissanite and Strontium Titanite being the strong contenders for a diamond alternative. Moissanite is more expensive than Strontium Titanite though. The advantage of buying these silver studs online is that they can fit a tight budget and still give the wearer the same satisfaction of wearing the diamond solitaires and even more are safe to travel with. Set in 925 sterling silver they easily replace the need for white gold and still have the same sheen of the more expensive metals.

Before buying any other metal or alloy studs please make sure they wont cause you any blue skin or allergies. You can buy stud earrings in any shape and size. These days one can find stud earrings ranging from simple round design to oversized, which could cover almost half the ear. Another classic and ever so popular design of stud is where a gemstone is studded in the centre and is surrounded by a halo of gemstones around. These are mostly found in oval and round shape. The centre would have a ruby, emerald or sapphire and would be surrounded by diamonds. The same can be found in created Ruby, Created Sapphire and Created Emerald with American diamonds around. There are many geometrical shapes also available in studs. Pearl stud also make a great choice all year long.

When looking for a gift gold stud earrings or diamond stud earrings can be the safest gifting option as they are well received by the recipient. From children to a woman of any age these kinds of stone stud earrings can be the best gift. For kids butterfly stud, dragonfly studs small solitaire studs, in silver make a great choice and fits the budget as well. The stud can be comfortably worn for all outdoor activities as well.

When buying your next pair of silver studs earrings make sure they are crafted from hypoallergenic metals so they dont cause any ear infections. Silver stud online in India make a better choice over costume jewellery and can be cheaper than sterling silver Jewellery. Many attractive designs with the great quality that is built to last can be easily found online.