Solitaire Earrings

Solitaire Earrings: Buy Solitaire Earrings Online at Best Price in India. Shop from a wide collection of latest designer Solitaire Earrings for girls and Women at Online Shopping Store Ornate Jewels. The charm of Solitaire Earrings is still present in India. We have the best Solitaire Earrings designs for females.

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American Diamond Heart Studs In 925 Silver
Heart American Diamond Studs in 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 999

Discount Rs 799

20% OFF
925 Silver American Diamond Small Heart Shaped Dangle Earrings
Love You 925 Silver Danglers In 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,999

Discount Rs 2,399

20% OFF
Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings In 925 Sterling Silver
Blue Sapphire Solitaire Studs In A Frame In 925 Sterling Silver

Regular Price: Rs 1,599

Discount Rs 1,279

20% OFF
Daily Wear Green Emerald Solitaire 925 Sterling Silver Studs
Created Emerald Solitaire Studs 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 1,099

Discount Rs 879

20% OFF
Red Garnet Solitaire Studs In Sterling Silver
Created Garnet Solitaire Studs

Regular Price: Rs 1,099

Discount Rs 879

20% OFF
Everyday Wear Pink American Diamond Solitaire Studs In 925 Silver
Created Pink Diamond Solitaire Studs 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 1,099

Discount Rs 879

20% OFF
Cushion Cut Solitaire American Diamond Studs In Pure Silver
Cushion Cut Solitaire Silver 925 Studs With American Diamonds

Regular Price: Rs 2,899

Discount Rs 2,319

20% OFF
Diamond Like 0.84 Carat Studs For Her In 925 Silver
Diamond Alternate 0.84 Carat Studs in 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 3,099

Discount Rs 2,479

20% OFF
Diamond Like 3.5 Carat Studs For Her In 925 Silver
Diamond Alternate 3.5 Carat Studs in 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 11,399

Discount Rs 9,119

20% OFF
American Diamond Flower Studs In 925 Silver
Flower Basket 0.20Carat Studs in 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 799

Discount Rs 639

20% OFF
Green Emerald Daily Wear Solitaire Studs In Sterling Silver
Ornate Solitaire Emerald Studs In 925 Sterling Silver

Regular Price: Rs 1,299

Discount Rs 1,039

20% OFF
Emerald 925 Silver Stud Earrings In Oval Shape
Princess Di Emerald Earrings in 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,099

Discount Rs 1,679

20% OFF
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Silver and Diamond Solitaire Earrings

 Solitaire Earrings 

Solitaire earrings make wearer face gorgeously beautiful because of its Sparkles and shine. Silver Solitaire earrings can able to enhance your beauty even just small and simple solitaire studs also gives you fantastic look. Solitaire or Diamonds are always holding the number one position in jewelry business & also in women’s heart.

Solitaire Jewelry 

Solitaire jewelry is the most expensive and stunning jewelry among all variety of jewelry. There is always something special about solitaire, or you can say passion for solitaire remains on the top position even though there are so many trends coming every day in the jewelry industry. Diamond Solitaire earrings still hold the highest place for women in jewelry. A pair of solitaire earrings leaves a beautiful shine to a wearer's face, making even a simple look stand out from the crowd.

Diamonds or solitaires rings are the still most romantic way of expressing your feelings. Many people still prefer diamond ring only as of the engagement rings. Not only the diamond ring but diamond earrings, diamond necklace are also loved by almost all women.

Solitaire Earrings Types | Solitaire Hanging Earrings

Solitaire earrings are available in all style like small elegant and classic studs, long fashionable danglers or chandlers. Solitaire earrings are timeless beauty. Solitaire goes perfectly with silver and gold, so jewelry designer can do a number of experiment with solitaire earrings designs. So many designs available in solitaire start from studs to danglers. Sparkling pair of solitaire earrings attract everyone attention in the party. Reason behinds why solitaires are so popular is it looks amazing with all kind of attire and make your look complete for any event.

Earrings designs are constantly updating and changing as per the latest trends. Jewelry designer designs solitaire earrings in many ways like solitaire alone or with precious metal like gold or platinum, but in any way, these earrings rule the jewelry industry. Solitaire dangler’s earrings complement your wedding dress at the same time solitaire studs are the best one for daily wear.

Ornate Jewels keeps in mind the quality of a solitaire jewel and provides certified jewelry. We provide the best price of solitaire earrings in India.


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