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Sapphire Rings

925 Silver Created Sapph..

Regular Price: Rs 1,899

Discount Rs 1,424

25% OFF
Blue Hues Simulated Sapp..

Regular Price: Rs 2,399

Discount Rs 1,799

25% OFF
Be Mine Simulated Sapphi..

Regular Price: Rs 2,799

Discount Rs 1,120

60% OFF
Gorgeous Marquise Ring i..

Regular Price: Rs 1,599

Discount Rs 1,199

25% OFF
Blue Simulated Sapphire ..

Regular Price: Rs 3,099

Discount Rs 1,705

45% OFF
Blue Wave Ring In 925 Si..

Regular Price: Rs 3,099

Discount Rs 2,324

25% OFF

Sold Out

Blue Hues Simulated Sapp..

Regular Price: Rs 3,999

Discount Rs 2,999

25% OFF
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“Glittering Sapphire Ring for the All Queen”

Ornate Jewels presents you amazingly crafted sapphire gemstone or September birthstone ring collection.  Sapphire is one of the most exclusive stones from gemstone family. These colorful beauties add some extra charm on your finger when you wear the ring from our sapphire collection. Many celebrities prefer these sparkling blue stone instead of diamond on their engagement ring. Sapphire and diamond rings wedding ring definitely remind you the beauty of deep sea ocean. 

 Blue sapphire ring designs | Yellow Sapphire Ring

Ornate Jewels collection 

Buy a sapphire and  Diamond rings at Ornate Jewels with wide options of blue sapphire, yellow sapphire as per your choice. Once you visit our collection you will definitely fall in love with this beautifully crafted designer rings.  Most of our collection is meant for “DIVA”. We designed each piece uniquely so you can’t get exact same two pieces, each one is very special.  It says that sapphire is specially or the people who celebrate their silver or golden jubilee anniversary.  So it’s a nice idea to gift these to your parents.

Yellow sapphire ring / Women's  gemstone rings

Previously Gemstones were owned by reach families only as these natural beauties are very rare and expensive. Now trends changed and everyone has at least one of their own gemstone jewelry pieces.  At Ornate Jewels, we offer you uniquely crafted sapphire gemstones or yellow gemstones rings to become queen or princess. Just wear one big stunning sapphire ring and makes your own style statement.  Sapphire available with different shades of blue, yellow, and pink as the best gift from nature you just can’t make these shades artificially.

Sapphire and Diamond ring has that rich and classy look, so it’s become the first choice for an engagement ring. If you go back and search for the history of sapphire, you will get very interesting information that Napoleon gave sapphire ring to his bride as an engagement ring.

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