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Ruby Hues

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Ruby Hues Jewelry | Red Stone Jewelry

Ruby Hues Jewelry

Ruby Sapphire Gemstones is associated with strength, determination, love and desire. It is an intense color which is closely related to emotions.


Ruby itself means red and it derives its name from the Latin word “rubber”. It is the name given to corundum of red color which when found in any other color is called sapphire. They are also available in various shades but there are some exceptions. Pink color is not considered in Ruby instead they are called as Pink Sapphire.   


Rubina The Butterfly Necklace, 18K Yellow Gold Plated Heart of Ruby Ring, Created Ruby 18K Yellow Gold Plated Diva Necklace are some of the unique features of Ornate Jewels having Ruby Hues studded in Silver and gold plated metals.
If you love high quality beaded jewelry then this is the place for you. Wearing Red Hues can be one of the best options for wearing a piece of jewelry to impress someone special and gifting it to your loved one can emotionally build the greater bond between the two. Our jewelries not only come in a signature gift box but also they are hallmarked and certified for their purity.


Ruby Hues are used by many modernized people in India who are followed by millions of people. Ornate Jewels specializes in finest beads and gemstones favoring the modern era. Shop today any Ruby Sapphire Jewelry and select the best piece for you.

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