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Pearl Rings

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Mother of Silver Pearl Ring | Pearl Ring designs

Silver Pearl Ring | Silver Pearl Ring Designs

Pearl Ring is one of the most elegant kind of silver ring . Pearls and silver makes a very lovely combination of jewelry. The white of freshwater pearls in a ring of silver is an interesting choice. At Ornate jewels we provide real freshwater natural pearls which are available to shop online. We take pride in our online pearl ring collection as we bring the latest designs which are very contemporary. When shopping online you have the option of selecting the ring design that you like and want. You can shop designs ranging from small and delicate, bold and big impressive one. Pearl rings are the one which helps you to add classic style and give glamorous look to all your outfits. Pearls bring a calm to the wearer and many astrologers also recommend wearing pure pearls.

How to Choose Perfect Pearl for Your Ring?

Here are some points to keep in mind while buying pearl rings online

Pearl Rings Size

Measure your ring size by measuring your finger. Make sure that ring fits your finger perfectly so know your correct ring size. If you find it difficult please see our "How to measure ring size" video.

Pearl Size

Different people like different sizes of pearls. We have big single pearl rings and pearl cluster rings and pearl ring bands as well. Pick the one you like.

Real Pearl

How to identify real pearls. All our pearls come with a certificate of purity and at home you can try one simple trick hold one pearl in your hand rub it on your teeth real pearl will be giving a “gritty” feeling while fake pearl is smooth in feel. The real pearls have to be uneven to be natural. Too smooth and even pearls are fake.

Pearl ring stands for the purity of the wearer as pearl is a symbol of natures purity, sanity and freshness.

Pearls can be worn with all colors of outfits and being in silver they are just phenomenal. Our exotic collection of silver pearl rings is sure to take your breath away. Shop online from our vast and latest variety of pearl ring designs directly from the manufacturer.

How to Maintain Pearl Rings?

Pearls are the most beautiful creation of nature so do not use any chemical or excess water to clean your pearl. Just gently clean with soft cloth or cotton.

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