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Omega Back Earrings: Buy Omega Back Earrings Online at Best Price in India. Shop from a wide collection of latest designer Omega Back Earrings for girls and Women at Online Shopping Store Ornate Jewels. The charm of Omega Back Earrings is still present in India. We have the best Omega Back Earrings designs for females.

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Green Emerald Hoop With Drop Earrings In Silver
Emerald Dangling Drop Earrings For Her

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Pearl Flower Long Dangle Hoop Earrings In Silver
Real Pearl Flower Danglers On A Hoop In 925 Sterling Silver

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925 Silver Heart Hoop Dangle Earrings For Her
Romance Thy Heart Hoop Danglers in 925 Silver

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Red Ruby Hoop Drop Earrings In Silver
Ruby Dangling Drop Earrings Silver

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Emerald 925 Silver Hoop Earrings For Her
Nano Emerald Pave Omega Back 925 Silver Earrings

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American Diamond Silver Dangle Drop Earrings
Dainty Drop Dangler Earrings In Silver

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925 Silver Blue Sapphire Omega Back Stud Hoop Earrings
Blue Sapphire Omega Back Earrings In Silver 925

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Blue Sapphire Flower 925 Silver Earrings For Women
925 Silver Created Sapphire Flower Earrings

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Ruby Silver Hoop Earrings For Women
Created Ruby Omega Back 925 Silver Earrings

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Gold Plated Blue Sapphire Danglers In Silver
925 Silver Created Sapphire Square Danglers

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Blue Sapphire Earrings
925 Silver Created Blue Sapphire Earrings

Regular Price: Rs 5,399

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Omega Back Pierced Earrings | Omega Back Pearl Earrings

 Ornate Jewels collection of Omega back silver earrings is favored by all women. Women no matter the age is seen sporting a pair of earrings. Earrings come in many types of backs. Push backs, which are the most common and comfortable kinds, butterfly backs, screw back, lever back, French hooks, clip-ons, latch backs to name a few.

 Omega Back Earrings

The latest fashion of real fancy backs is also in trend. Earrings designs with pearl or some other style on backs. The main intention behind making back oversized is to give some fancy look to normal earrings.  There are too many varieties of earrings depends on their size shape and material. A woman loves to wear different earrings on different occasions. Fact is women often have their earrings classified by the occasion and wear accordingly.

The main feature of the sterling silver omega back hoop earrings are having different kind of back than the usual earring.  They have been derived from the Greek letter omega and the back is shaped like that symbol. These earrings will have a clip hinge style back, which is attached to a clip. This clip flips from the back of the earring and to the back of your earlobe. This kind of back is used with

Omega Back Hoop Earrings Collection

When selecting an earring the first thing attracts almost every girl is the design. After that price, quality, comfort, durability, etc. While shopping for a pair of earrings most women want to have secure and easy to wear earring backs. This earring gives you the safety of your earrings with these designs.These earrings in pearl and gold provide both of these qualities. Mostly women with enlarged earlobe holes prefer these as they don’t pull their ears down. They make a safer earring to wear for them as the backing won’t fall out. These are the very user-friendly type of earrings. This kind of the back can be seen mostly in very high-end designs.

 Omega Back Stud Earrings

If you are thinking to buy a pair of silver earrings or gold earrings then these are the best choice. It makes a great secure choice. For working women, this makes a great option in earrings. Looks totally elegant and provides ease of use. These kinds of earrings back sit comfortably and snugly behind your earlobe. Since these backs are so secure they will ensure that the earrings are positioned correctly always and don’t move.  A beautiful ruby or sapphire earing is a must have in your jewelry collection. Most of the big earrings designs can be seen having this kind of back. If your earrings droop towards the floor or you have big earlobes this is the earring back you should definitely think of buying.

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