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Lariat Necklaces

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Lariat Necklaces

Lariat Necklaces

A Lariat Necklace, as the name defines, can form several loops secured with knot that prevents it from coming apart. Cowboys generally use it for rope stocking. It mostly goes up with the longstanding western wear which works with nearly all fashionable stuffs. It is available in huge range of styles, right from the elegant and thin to dramatic and chunky style.

You can also make the Lariat Necklace of your own style.

You can drape the lariat necklace in few ways like simply tying the two ends together or first wrapping it few times around the neck and then tying it. Some of the necklace have a sliding clasp so that it can be looped up like a scarf. The chain is then folded and half draped around the neck so its loose ends are left hanging in front of the shoulders. It can be pulled up to the loose ends until it is reached upto the desired position.

This style of necklace have length as its important parameter. The minimum length required for Lariat necklace is 24 inches. If it is shorter than this length, it can be problematic because extra length will be needed to wrap and tie the necklace. Hence most of the necklace in the Ornate Jewels are crafted with at least 30 inches of length. There are many designs in which beads are used in the chain or some can be completely beaded chain. It can be tied in the loop as it suits the wearer.

Ornate Jewels presents the lariat necklace which will go down with any leather and jeans or even a cocktail dress. Shop the best necklace design for yourself or it can be the best option for gifting purpose.