Gifts For Sister

Rakshabandhan Gifts For Sister
Silver R Initial Letters or Alphabet Pendant Necklace
Silver R Initial Letters..

Regular Price: Rs 2,159

Discount Rs 1,080

50% OFF
Blue Sapphire Daily Wear 925 Sterling Silver Studs
Blue Sapphire Daily Wear..

Regular Price: Rs 1,319

Discount Rs 660

50% OFF
American Diamond Earrings In 925 Silver
American Diamond Earring..

Regular Price: Rs 2,039

Discount Rs 1,020

50% OFF
Real Pearl Drops Earring With A Silver Frame
Real Pearl Drops Earring..

Regular Price: Rs 2,519

Discount Rs 1,260

50% OFF
925 Sterling Silver Pearl Small Stud Earrings For Her
925 Sterling Silver Pear..

Regular Price: Rs 2,879

Discount Rs 1,440

50% OFF
Aquamarine Solitaire Pendant 925 Silver
925 Silver Aquamarine So..

Regular Price: Rs 1,679

Discount Rs 840

50% OFF
H Initial Necklace With American Diamonds
Silver H Initial Letters..

Regular Price: Rs 2,159

Discount Rs 1,080

50% OFF
Sterling Silver Green Emerald Halo Oval Pendant Necklace Set
Sterling Silver Green Em..

Regular Price: Rs 1,919

Discount Rs 960

50% OFF
925 Sterling Silver Beaded Design Climber Earring
925 Sterling Silver Bead..

Regular Price: Rs 1,799

Discount Rs 900

50% OFF
American Diamond Solitaire Studs In 925 Silver
American Diamond Solitai..

Regular Price: Rs 1,099

Discount Rs 1,044

5% OFF
American Diamond Silver Studs In Bezel Set
Bezel Set Studs in 925 S..

Regular Price: Rs 1,899

Discount Rs 1,804

5% OFF
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Gifts For Sister

The Unique Festival of Sibling Love

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates brotherhood and love. It is dedicated to the love of a sister and her brother. You may have told her that she is adopted or that your parents love you more; you might have done a lot of things to tease her. There have been countless moments when you pull each other’s legs but the moments are only a testimonial of the endless love and friendship that you share. With the occasion of rakhi coming up, make sure to make the best of the day with the best and latest raksha bandhan gifts for sister available in our online jewellery store. This rakhi let your sister know you love her to the moon and back with the beautiful rakhi special jewellery pieces available here with a variety of offers.

What Will You Find Here That Your Sister Would Love?

With our designer working with best of her creative skills, we come up with unique designs in every new collection that we launch. We specialize in 925 sterling silver jewellery and silver rings, silver earrings, silver bracelet; silver necklaces are our prime designs. We also focus on gemstone jewelleries in rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, American Diamonds in a variety of rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Freshwater pearls are also part of one of our exquisite collections.

Types of Ornaments and Metal

The silver we use is sterling silver. This is as good pure silver with all its essential qualities and helps us carve beautiful designs that are otherwise difficult to do on pure metal due to its soft nature. We also polish the alloy with rhodium for extra shine and protection. The gemstones are lab curated with extreme precision and cut to exhibit good glow. The freshwater pearls are cultured pearls in freshwater mussels.

For The Sister Whose Eyes Sparkle Like Gemstones

We have a variety of silver jewelleries with a touch of gemstone options for you. This season, surprise your sister with beautiful rakhi special solitaire studs in American diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, amethyst and other colored gemstones that can be worn on many occasions. The simulated gemstones are not only worth your money but also every bit beautiful for adding a sparkle to your sister’s life.

Keeping the same spark in mind, we have also designed solitaire pendants for in all colored gemstones that can be wore both regularly and on occasions and will continue to give the same glare. These are also available in set of studs & pendants. The bezel sets are accessories that every girl should have in their jewellery box.

For Your Sister to Remember You Everyday

The best jewellery is the one that you wear every day. There are alphabet pendants available in our collection for one to wear their name initials. This will be a good return gift for your sister this Raksha Bandhan as it can be worn every day. Other than this there are office wear jewellery in our design list that one can confidently carry regularly. Since our base metal is does not cause any irritation to your skin, one can comfortably wear it for continuous hours. Give this you your sister and give her a chance to remember you every day.

Single Line Bracelet

An ideal gift for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan is gifting a bracelet to your sister. Women these days stand shoulder to shoulder with men. You can tie a bracelet on your sister’s wrist when she ties the bond of rakhi on yours. This is a sweet way of saying not only do you promise to support your sister at all times, you appreciate that your sister has actually been doing that.

Simple American diamond bracelets, butterfly design on bracelet, pearl bracelet are part of the Rakshan Bandhan collection.

Earring Combo Offer

We make sure our customers are happy when they shop with us. We welcome you with an offer on 925 sterling silver earrings - buy two and get 15% off on the total price. This will be a good deal for your if you have two or more sisters.

Stone in Motion

For an eye-catchy gift, we have added the stone-in-motion jewellery for Raksha band gift collection. For your gift to match up the cuteness and cheerfulness of your sister, gift her earrings, rings, necklaces and pendant sets from the SIM assortment. Crafted with a stone that is pivoted only at two ends, the solitaire twists and twirls with every motion of the wearer giving it the illusion of a dancing stone. This is one of the best rakhi gifts for sisters who are dance enthusiasts.

Why Will Your Wallet Love Us?

Our collection has a broad range of products and prices, but we make sure your pocket is still happy with us. We manufacture low cost silver jewellery which are hallmarked fine silver. We have a magnificent collection of ‘All under 999’, ‘All under 2000’, ‘All under 2499’, ‘Under 3000’. For all our products we make sure we keep a sales price as reasonable maintaining the first-rate quality that you will look for.

Everlasting Love, Everlasting Silver Jewellery

The silver we use in all our ornaments is sterling silver - an alloy of pure silver and copper. The ratio they maintain is 925: 75 in every 1000 grams of the mixture. These are further polished with rhodium to give it a glow like white gold. Not only that, it will also keep your jewellery free from tarnishing and other skin irritations. Hence, the jewellery will last as long as you want; provided you make sure you take care of it as instructed

Why Are We an Ideal Destination for Silver Jewellery Gifts?

Our online website is like your personal shopper with ease and convenience of selection, payment, delivery, return and refund. We offer free shipping for silver jewellery in a gift box that makes sure your rakhi present feels specials.

This season of sibling love, buy silver jewellery online and show your sibling that she meant a lot to you when you were growing up and she means a lot to you now. Jewellery is indeed a woman’s best friend and this as a gift from her first friend ever is a memory of a lifetime and the best gift for sister on raksha bandhan.