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925 Silver Earrings for Girls | Silver Earring Designs | Silver Earrings for Women

Ornate Jewels offers the wide collections of earrings from traditional to the latest in fashion. Simple yet elegant studs to designer earrings, which gives you an option to pair it with your outfit as per your mood or any special occasion. Daily Wear studs or tops with American diamonds are well suited for daily casual wear which enhances your everyday look. We have Chandelier and Danglers for a wedding, festival celebration etc. No stroke of blush or mascara can harmonize your look like adding a certain charm to your face as a pair of sterling silver earrings can do. It is the earring that brings beauty and elegance to your apparel. Men and women have always cherished the earrings as the versatile ornament through many years.

Earring Type
heart earrings

Created Pink Diamond Heart Danglers 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,319(20% Off)
Rs 1,055You Save Rs 264
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Created Sapphire Heart Danglers 925 Silver

Created Sapphire Heart Danglers 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,319(20% Off)
Rs 1,055You Save Rs 264
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Glittering Heart Hoop Earrings in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 2,699(20% Off)
Rs 2,159You Save Rs 540
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Heart American Diamond Studs in 925 Silver

Heart American Diamond Studs in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 549(20% Off)
Rs 439You Save Rs 110
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Heart With An X 925 Silver Studs

Heart With An X 925 Silver Studs

Retail PriceRs 1,099(20% Off)
Rs 879You Save Rs 220
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Love You 925 Silver Danglers In 925 Silver

Love You 925 Silver Danglers In 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 2,199(20% Off)
Rs 1,759You Save Rs 440
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Lustrous American Diamond 925 Silver Stud Earrings design

Lustrous American Diamond 925 Silver Earring Studs

Retail PriceRs 2,061(20% Off)
Rs 1,649You Save Rs 412
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Open Heart With A Pearl Studs In 925 Sterling Silver stud earrings

Open Heart With A Pearl Studs In 925 Sterling Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,924(20% Off)
Rs 1,539You Save Rs 385
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Pear Shape Nano Emerald Studs in 925 Silver earrings

Pear Shape Nano Emerald Studs in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,374(20% Off)
Rs 1,099You Save Rs 275
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silver stud earrings

Pear Shape White Cubic Zirconia Studs in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 619(20% Off)
Rs 495You Save Rs 124
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earrings for women

Romance Thy Heart Hoop Danglers in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 2,419(20% Off)
Rs 1,935You Save Rs 484
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SIM Heart Dangling Studs

SIM Heart Dangling Studs

Retail PriceRs 3,499(20% Off)
Rs 2,799You Save Rs 700
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earrings designs

18K Yellow Gold Plated American Diamond Half Moon Studs

Retail PriceRs 2,574(20% Off)
Rs 2,059You Save Rs 515
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18K Yellow Gold Plated Emerald Half Moon Studs - Earring for girls

18K Yellow Gold Plated Emerald Half Moon Studs

Retail PriceRs 2,749(20% Off)
Rs 2,199You Save Rs 550
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Different Types of Earrings

Silver Stud Earrings

Silver Stud earrings one of the stylish, most versatile and all-time favorite forms of earrings because of its beautiful style. They are a great buy and suit every face and age? Stud are very popular as it is very comfortable to wear. Studs are mostly a solitaire or can be in a cluster of gemstones. American Diamonds solitaires are the most bought kind of studs.


Silver Hoop Earrings

Silver Hoops earrings are the amazing earring collection drawing the attention of everyone making a unique style statement. They vary in their shapes like circular, oval or heart-shaped featuring an amazing ornament. Hoop usually comes in the form of a ring of any metal with the self-locking system. The studded American Diamond hoops embellished with different color beautiful gemstones give it a modern look.


Silver Ear Climbers

The Ear climbers graciously reveal the shape of the ear. Warped up your ear, it makes an impression of having compound earrings. One of the best features of the climber is, it goes with both elegant and casual looks. These are the very graceful style of earrings which are the first choice for fashion savvy women.


Silver Omega Back Earrings

Omega back earring is the most stunning style of earrings. The two major qualities that most ladies look while choosing an earring is security and comfort. Omega earrings have both. Omega back is the name given because of its shape of the clip looks like letter Ώ.


Silver Pearl Earrings

Pearls are timeless. Every lady has pearl earrings in her jewelry collection. Sparkling Silver pearl earrings gives you royal look. Sterling silver and pearl make a great combination. Freshwater pearls are the best buy in pearls. Type of Silver Pearl Earrings - silver pearl drop earrings, silver pearl dangle earrings, silver pearl hoop earrings etc

Silver Danglers Earrings

Dangler earrings are the most attractive style of earring which flaunt gently on the ears. These 925 Silver earrings come in various lengths just below the ear and can be up to the shoulders elegantly showcasing your style. You will get a wide collection of danglers to choose from Ornate Jewels which perfectly suits your budget.


Silver Chandelier Earrings

In Chandelier earrings, you get most innovative designs and styles. These are mostly used as a party wear reflecting lavish style. Basically, it comes with more than two dropping from single point element with gemstones and pearls crafting it as a statement piece.


Earrings are the most popular ornament, worn by all kind of women. There are so many varieties of Earrings of various sizes and shapes. So you can select as per your face which suits you the best.


Silver Earrings for Men

Guys, those days are gone of style which is generally made for ladies. Men can be stylish as well! With awesome men’s outlines of tailor-made trousers, switch lower shirts which fit much better, men footwear and men's studs that compete with the finest women’s designs, men’s fashion has arrived.


925 Silver Earrings for Women | 925 Silver Earrings for Girls

Select the Best Earring shapes that suite for every face

Women with round face - Women with round face look even beautiful with oval or square shape earrings.

Women with square face - Big round shaped earrings goes fabulously with the square face.


Women with diamond face - Small Studs specifically suits diamond face ladies.


Women with Oval face - Oval face women are very lucky as they can wear any shape or style of earrings. •


Women with rectangle face - Chandeliers are the perfect option for rectangle face even they can go for small size drops.


All these classy designs are available in gold plated silver metal with American Diamond studded in it. So whether you are looking for a significant alternative to gold or the magnificent silver luster, Ornate Jewels provides you budget-friendly choices so buy the girls earrings and earrings for men online which are made from high skilled craftsman. 

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