Dangler Earrings

Dangler Earrings: Buy diamond dangler earrings Online at Best Price in India. Shop from a wide collection of latest designer Dangler Earrings for girls and Women at Online silver jewellery Store Ornate Jewels. The charm of Dangler Earrings is still present in India. We have the best Dangler Earrings designs for females.

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Red Ruby Sterling Silver Bali Hoop Earrings
Celeb Danglers In Created Rubies In 925 Sterling Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,199

Discount Rs 1,295

Heart Shaped Pink American Diamond 925 Silver Dangle Earrings
Created Pink Diamond Heart Danglers 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 2,199

Discount Rs 1,295

Best Seller
Heart Shaped Green Emerald 925 Silver Dangle Earrings
Created Emerald Heart Danglers

Regular Price: Rs 4,299

Discount Rs 2,438

Best Seller
925 Silver American Diamond Small Heart Shaped Dangle Earrings
Love You 925 Silver Danglers In 925 Silver

Regular Price: Rs 3,799

Discount Rs 2,213

American Diamond Infinity Style Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings
Ornate American Diamond Infinity Style Danglers

Regular Price: Rs 3,899

Discount Rs 2,276

Pear Shape Emerald Studs

Regular Price: Rs 4,599

Discount Rs 3,041

Real Pearl Drop Earrings For Girls In Silver
Ornatejewels 9-10mm Pearl Drop Earrings

Regular Price: Rs 1,899

Discount Rs 1,106

American Diamond Sterling Silver Bali Hoop Earrings
Celeb Danglers In White Cubic Zirconia

Regular Price: Rs 2,999

Discount Rs 1,709

Gracy Drop Dangler Silver Earrings online
Gracy Drop Dangler Earrings

Regular Price: Rs 3,499

Discount Rs 2,339

Best Seller
American Diamond Hoop Drop Earrings
American Diamond Dangling Drop Earrings

Regular Price: Rs 3,399

Discount Rs 1,961

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Monu Walia
Trendy and fashion styles. I am in love totally. Great hassle-free shopping. good people and brand to deal with and buy from. thanks ornate
Monu Walia  Chandigarh
The lovely collection I am a regular customer and love all things ornate.
Zubi  Delhi
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A great collection of lightweight jewelry that I can wear daily. A vast collection of earring studs I am allergic to cheap metals that. cause me allergy hence silver is a great choice for me. Must buy designs
Pooja Anand  Pune
Karishma Dutta
My favorite site for gifts, for my rings and all my jewelry mostly. The designs are to die for and the quality is just superb. Happy Happy Customer i am :)
Karishma Dutta  Pune
i bought my first piece of jewelry online from your site and its been a pleasure. Keep bringing the great designs. Love it
Mona  Pune

Diamond Danglers Earrings

A silver earring typically the most popular accessory with an exclusive place in a ladies jewellery box. Both males and females have been using earrings for a long time. It is been associated with lifestyle too. A lot of countries have this process of piercing the ears of babies. As time passes the design and style, keep modifying and rise in popularity of earrings. A lady mainly conveys herself or her style with this particular accessory. Girls dangle earrings have changed through the years from being huge designs covering the entire ear to a stud. There are several types of diamond earrings designs, whether it is studs, chandeliers, omega backs, hoops, silver dangler earrings and many others. This one really is an accessory which has truly improved and changed over a period of time. They are crafted in special alloys and their price varies from few rupees to lakh.

Diamond Danglers Designs

Danglers are the type of earrings that dangle prettily in the wearer's ear. We now have an exclusive selection of American diamond dangler earrings designs for you to choose from our collection of pretty dangle earrings. The size of the silver danglers is usually just beneath the ear or is often touching the shoulder as well. The dangler earrings can be quite a single drop of a gemstone thats hanging from a straight line of metal or it can be a small hoop with something hanging beneath it. Commonly it might be a ruby drop earring that simply dangles slightly under the ear. Usually, they are very simple pretty earrings, with a drop of a gemstone or even pearl or a small bead, which drops down. We've pretty and dainty silver danglers design and style which may be effortlessly worn with a white shirt and jeans to a formal outfit as well. These pretty much suits all kind of face cuts and add an extra appeal to a face. They move really quietly each time the wearer shakes the head or moves.

Long Danglers Earrings

come on a wire often known as French wire, which may be passed through the ear hole. Another kind of dangle earrings is built on a hoop. The dangler earrings can be the short length, medium or long. If long they are called chandelier danglers. They are further studded with gemstones or diamonds to add that extra shimmer.

Diamond Danglers: Perfect Choice for Girls

These earring suits all ages and faces. It enriches your personality. There is a wide range of dangle style earrings available at an online silver jewellery store so one can select accordingly. These earrings can be simple or elaborate as well. Normally ladies who are young like to wear long dangle earrings but again there is no rule its a personal choice. Choosing the kind of dangler earrings depends on the occasion as well. Golden danglers make a perfect choice for going out or for a night out. These kinds of earrings are comfortable to wear as well since they are not very heavy so you can wear them comfortably. Make sure the metal you choose is hypoallergenic. You can even pull your hair up to show off these earrings. Dont limit yourself pick your favourite dangler earrings now.