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Created Ruby Heart Dangl..

Regular Price: Rs 1,599

Discount Rs 1,359

15% OFF
Half N Half Heart Create..

Regular Price: Rs 1,349

Discount Rs 1,147

15% OFF
Heart shaped 925 Silver ..

Regular Price: Rs 1,551

Discount Rs 1,318

15% OFF
Ornate Created Ruby Infi..

Regular Price: Rs 2,449

Discount Rs 2,082

15% OFF
Pink American Diamond Si..

Regular Price: Rs 1,549

Discount Rs 1,317

15% OFF
Ruby Heart Split Shank S..

Regular Price: Rs 1,099

Discount Rs 934

15% OFF
Ruby Princess Cushion Pe..

Regular Price: Rs 1,649

Discount Rs 1,402

15% OFF
Verona Studs In Created ..

Regular Price: Rs 769

Discount Rs 654

15% OFF
Ornate Solitaire Simulat..

Regular Price: Rs 879

Discount Rs 747

15% OFF
Created Pink Diamond Pen..

Regular Price: Rs 1,699

Discount Rs 1,444

15% OFF
Ever So Red Solitaire Ri..

Regular Price: Rs 1,199

Discount Rs 1,019

15% OFF
Pastel Pink Bouquet Halo..

Regular Price: Rs 2,849

Discount Rs 2,422

15% OFF
Created Pink Diamond Hea..

Regular Price: Rs 1,099

Discount Rs 934

15% OFF
Ruby American Diamond He..

Regular Price: Rs 1,299

Discount Rs 1,104

15% OFF
Solitaire Pink Cubic Zir..

Regular Price: Rs 2,349

Discount Rs 1,997

15% OFF
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Blue Color Stone Jewelry | Red Color Stone Jewelry |Pink Stone Jewelry

Colorazzi is the type of jewelry set where American Diamond color gemstones are studded in it. You can have a classy appearance with multi-color necklace set giving you a rich feel.American Diamond color jewelry set is mostly worn at beaches and picnic sites. It represents fun and gives the constant feeling of enjoyment to the wearer. 

Buy  Blue , Red,Pink Color Stone Jewelry

Colorazzi creates stunning appearance at resorts and pool parties and gifting it to someone as a holiday gift can be the best experience for someone.  Artificial jewelry section consists of many sets of necklace, bracelets and earrings. You can choose multiple of them which can define your style statement uniquely and give you the most modern look. Antique designs at Ornate Jewels help you to get trendy multicolor rings and earrings online just at one click.

Find The Finest  Colorazzi Jewelry Collection Online

American Diamond Color necklace and earrings of pink, blue and green stones go best with any dress and style. Its dazzling luster makes you look more attractive than others. There are many designs of American Diamond Colore stone jewelry available online which makes easier for you to select the best piece of jewelry that suits your personality. We have a beautiful piece of American Diamond Color jewelry available in various colors and designs that suit the latest trend in the market.

American Diamond Color jewelries are made out of beads and threads of high quality. Wearing these multi-colored jewelry sets, you can surely become admirable in most of the dressy occasions.  When one has options to wear rainbow-colored necklace set from the wide collections, then why to stop at one color? At Ornate Jewels, we have American Diamond Color multi-stone necklace designs, rings and bracelets which will help you to uplift your confidence and that too at a price that suits your budget.


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