My Online Shopping Experience At Ornate Jewels
October 4th, 2017My Online Shopping Experience at Ornate Jewels

Hey beautiful,It’s my birthday today… While all my near and dear ones are making me happy in all special ways… How can the one I love the most, the one who is always ( 24 x 7) available for me can stay back… Ummm just to avoid the confusion,let me clarify… I’m talking about myself… More about t...

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My Recent Haul From Ornate Jewels
October 4th, 2017My Recent Haul From Ornate Jewels

Hey,All the accessories lovers out there…!!! I hope you are listening…Today’s post is for you… This is the latest haul of mine from an amazing collection of jewels – Ornate Jewels…!!!At our office, there are multiple stalls that can be setup. The best part is, we the employees, get best offers from ...

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What Is Your Birthstone?
September 25th, 2017What Is Your Birthstone?

The choice of jewelry depends on a number of things: occasion, outfit, budget and very importantly, the personality, sense of style and liking of the wearer. But do you know, that another factor that you may consider while buying jewelry is your birthday? Not simply as an occasion on which to buy je...

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Alphabet Jewelry On OrnateJewels.com
September 25th, 2017Alphabet Jewelry on OrnateJewels.com

It doesn’t matter who we are irrespective of the age, gender we all believe in love and when we are in love we all want the world to know. We want the world to know about that special someone. It can be a mother’s love; it can be a woman in love with that special man or vice versa, it can be two spe...

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Get Your Bling On
August 18th, 2017Get Your Bling On

Flaunting impeccable pieces from Ornate Jewels. Shooting a jewellery post bought me back to the days when I was working in the luxury word of jewels. Delicate pieces transform a girl into a sophisticated women. To me my personal style has to be unique and nothing better than fi...

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Gold Plated Jewelry - Ornate Jewels
August 5th, 2017Gold Plated Jewelry - Ornate Jewels

India is a major consumer of gold. We all know the love relationship that Indian women have with gold. Wearing gold is considered a status symbol in our society. No wedding is complete with women accessorizing their outfits with jewelry. Be it the birth of a child, or a wedding, a birthday or any fe...

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Pearl: The Oldest Gem Of All
June 1st, 2017Pearl: The Oldest Gem Of All

Pearls are undoubtedly the world’s oldest gems known to mankind. It’s believed that no one person has discovered pearls but was discovered along the seashore while hunting for food. Pearl has been loved and worn by royalties from ages ago. Pearls use to be a favorite gift that were often presented t...

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Ornate Jewels Associates With The Indian Army May Queen And May King Ball 2017
May 13th, 2017Ornate Jewels Associates With The Indian Army May Queen and May King Ball 2017

May Queen contest is a prestigious event held annually by the Indian Army and is a much-awaited event. This year’s event was held in the RSI club Pune on the 13Th of May 2017.  The stage was set high with a huge white screen and mesmerizing lights. The background music was great and the whole l...

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Emerald – The Stone Of Regality And Love
May 11th, 2017Emerald  – The stone of regality and love

Emerald, a symbol of hope and prosperity is a gemstone that stems from a long and rich historical background right dating right back from the 17th to the 19th century. It was representative of status, wealth and a person’s place in society. For all those who are born in the month of May, they share ...

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Diamond Alternate
May 8th, 2017Diamond Alternate

All women wish to own Diamonds especially solitaires. The price of diamond solitaires is not affordable for all of us. Maybe we can buy one or two solitaires at some point in life but the desire to wear solitaire Ring, Earring and a matching pendant on a chain never dies.  Apart from the price ...

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