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Buy silver bangles for women at Best Price in India. Shop from a wide collection of latest designer Bangles for girls and Women's at Online Shopping Store Ornate Jewels. The charm of Bangles is still present in India. We have the best Bangles designs for females.

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The lovely collection I am a regular customer and love all things ornate.
Zubi  Delhi
EKta Hingorani
just the kind of designs that suit my lifestyle and profession. I wear these daily and it's a great joy to wear
EKta Hingorani  Pune
Prem Patle
bahut acchi silver jewellery hai . Maine apni shaadi mein kharida
Prem Patle  Kolhapur
Rachna Patil
I am a regular buyer from ornate. this ring is my daily wear ring as I love to wear big rings and have received many compliments
Rachna Patil  Pune
Sweety Sharma
My best friend has been a regular customer of yours and is very happy with her jewellery purchases. She had recommended your site very highly. Recently, I bought Silver created red garnet pendant for my wife as an anniversary gift & she was extremely excited to receive it. Your quality, service and price are best! Thank you ornate
Sweety Sharma  Mumbai

Silver Bangles for Women

Silver Bangles for Girl

Bangles or Chudi add a certain charm and beauty to your look like no other jewellery can. bangle set in themselves are a staple when it comes to Indian fashion and silver jewellery – no ‘outfit of the day’ look can be complete without the elevated allure that bangles add. Kangan for women bring with them an added grace to the fashion statement that a bangle can make. 

Silver Kada for Women's

Kada for women themselves has a long and rich Indian heritage and significance. They have been found to have existed as far back in history as the period of the Mohenjo Daro civilization, where there was no bangles design available as they are today; instead, they made 925 silver bangles out of shells, copper, and terracotta, and tended to paint them as well. 

bangles for a girl, historically, were believed to improve blood circulation as well and were therefore worn by both men and women. Today, instead of plain copper or terracotta bangles, we have a variety of gorgeous bangle and bracelet and bangle designs to choose from – bangles for women being a stand out option among these varieties.

Silver Bangles Online

bangles and Kangan are durable, hypoallergenic, stylish and high in quality. With the signature shiny and bright glint that comes, even a simple one of these bangles is sure to dazzle everyone with just a flick of your wrists. These bangles designs are timeless and you can easily buy bangles set online. Kangan look best when paired with a casual, western outfit to create a “boho” look, but can look equally magnificent when worn with an ethnic attire or evening wear. 

Ruby bangle with diamonds elevates the beauty and allure of pure silver bangles and the wearer’s look to a more elegant and classy stage. Diamonds are a luxury item and make a bold statement while still looking gorgeous and classy– no wonder they are considered to be a woman’s best friend! They can add certain bling and shine to the most simple outfit, and look best when paired with dark colours and fancy evening wear. 

Pure Silver Bangles, Chudi, Kangan & Single Bangle

The traditional and cultural significance of the bangle set is wholly tied up with Bollywood. The magical air and romance that is associated with Bollywood would never be the same without the iconic “Chudiyan.”

Bollywood films and Bollywood songs have elevated bangles for girls and Kada for women from merely being a piece of jewellery to a popular fashion statement. Sadhana wore her bright, bangle in the infamous ‘Jhumka Gira Re’ song. Kareena’s iconic Kangan in ‘Bole Chudiyan’ has made the song the popular, modern Bollywood classic that it is today. In the very recent ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan’ we see Jaqueline Fernandes’ cheerful and quirky personality shine through while donning a gorgeous set of the latest designer bangle set and Kada for ladies. These are just a few, stand-out examples that come to mind when one thinks of pure silver bangles being worn and showcased in Bollywood. 

In each song, we see the latest Kada for women being paired with a different kind of attire. Sadhana in ‘Jhumka Gira Re’ wears the chudi and  Kangan with a beautiful traditional folk attire. Kareena Kapoor pairs her bangles with the now-famous ethnic pink ‘sharara’, and the final look we see when she’s dancing is stunning. 

Jaqueline Fernandes, very unconventionally, pairs her latest silver bangles with a western top and denim shorts. This goes to show just how versatile American diamond bangles and single bangles are. They can be paired with a variety of different styles and outfits – right from casual to fancy, ethnic to western, or even be worn to create a harmonious and appealing combination of all. The top stylists and designers in Bollywood know this, as do we at Ornate Jewels, so we provide the most stylish and stunning bangles set online.

Buy Pure Silver Bangles Set | Ornate Jewels

Its thought to absorb excreted toxins from the body and wearing silver has health benefits that are backed by science. It is believed to be capable of killing and prevent viruses, healing wounds, infections, and other skin conditions, which is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Wearing bangles, then is not only be an essential part of your everyday fashion, but also an effective means to prevent negative influences on your health and maintain good health while still looking gorgeous.  

When buying bangles online, or anything made of silver for that matter, it is crucial to choose a website and seller who is trustworthy and safe, as bangles prices can be escalated unfairly or the quality could be poor. At Ornate Jewels, we assure chudi, bangles and Kada for women with prices that are accurate and fair, with complete transparency and no manipulation and top-notch quality.