Alphabet Necklace

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Alphabet Necklace

Ornate Jewels presents a splendid collection of Alphabet pendants with silver chain.

If you are looking for exceptional and personalized gift, then alphabet pendant is the one of the best and precise gift. Alphabet pendants are the prettiest gift to celebrate special occasions like birthdays. Small, delicate and cute alphabet pendants are perfect for working women to wear it for the whole day. 


Pendants or neckwear are one of the primary ornaments. Pendants have very long history, people from ancient era used to wear “scarab beetle” just to show their power, even some people used to wear stone as a pendant. Pendants evolve from stone to current beautiful and delicate pendants.

There are variety of pendants designs available depends on the material used to make pendants, like silver pendant, gold pendant, diamond pendants, gemstone pendants, also depending on the size, shape, like small, big, flower shape, leaf shape, even sometimes in cartoon shape especially for kids, heart pendants to celebrate relation.

Alphabet Necklace

More than exclusive and stylish look alphabet pendants give some extra personalized touch, because of this alphabet pendants are now becoming more popular. These pendants very near to your personality, and the best part, we have pendants for everyone!

Our designer adds some extra magic while designing these pendants and they made designs studded with American diamonds which make them even more sparkling. Plain alphabet pendants or studded with diamonds and stone both designs are equally eye-catching. You can buy whichever suits your taste and personality. We designed each piece with the creative way.  Make your celebration more memorable by gifting these amazing pendants to someone very special to you.

Pendants have that magic within it that you can make your look more glamorous just by wearing it without any extra additional accessories. Visit our online store and find your best gift today!