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Rubina The Butterfly Neckla..

Regular Price: Rs 1,542

Discount Rs 1,139

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Half N Half Heart Created R..

Regular Price: Rs 1,477

Discount Rs 1,099

You Save Rs 378
Ruby American Diamond Heart..

Regular Price: Rs 1,734

Discount Rs 1,289

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18k Yellow Gold Plated Crea..

Regular Price: Rs 1,999

Discount Rs 999

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18k Yellow Gold Plated Crea..

Regular Price: Rs 2,213

Discount Rs 999

You Save Rs 1,214
Created Red Garnet Solitair..

Regular Price: Rs 1,284

Discount Rs 949

You Save Rs 335
Created Ruby Solitaire Pend..

Regular Price: Rs 3,020

Discount Rs 2,239

You Save Rs 781
Hues Simulated Garnet Penda..

Regular Price: Rs 2,634

Discount Rs 1,949

You Save Rs 685
Ruby Solitaire Pendant 925 ..

Regular Price: Rs 1,284

Discount Rs 949

You Save Rs 335
18K Yellow Gold Plated Crea..

Regular Price: Rs 2,356

Discount Rs 999

You Save Rs 1,357
18K Yellow Gold Heart of Ru..

Regular Price: Rs 3,213

Discount Rs 1,769

You Save Rs 1,444
925 Silver Created Ruby Cla..

Regular Price: Rs 3,570

Discount Rs 1,969

You Save Rs 1,601
Created Ruby 18K Yellow Gol..

Regular Price: Rs 3,927

Discount Rs 2,169

You Save Rs 1,758
Solitaire Created Ruby Pend..

Regular Price: Rs 1,670

Discount Rs 1,239

You Save Rs 431
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Ruby Necklaces

Ornate Jewels presents Ruby Necklace collection with a huge variety of designer necklace. Ruby gemstone always steals the women’s heart because of its glory. 

Ruby Birthstone: Most elegant

Birthstones are gemstone which represents specific month like Ruby is the birthstone for July. Birthstone wears for positive impact on human life. Usually, July born people wear the ruby pendant or ruby rings, but the fact is other people also obsessed with the ruby stone.  So you can say ruby is universal choice.

Ruby as a gemstone is amusing, mesmerizing, and graceful gemstone with very long history. Many great people also fall in love with this gemstone. Only royal people can wear this gemstone in early days.

Ruby Necklace: Ornate Jewels collection

We have the huge and affordable collection of latest designs of ruby necklace available online in India.  Ruby necklace is now taking number one position among all other gemstone necklaces. We have nice and pretty ruby pendant chain for your little princess to celebrate her birthday.  Our designs influenced by natures beauty and also we follow current trends to make the best designer piece. Our contemporary theme designed necklace with ruby gemstone is most popular. You can wear this necklace throughout the day.  We also have the traditionally designed ruby necklace to celebrate Indian festival. Most of the time Indian bride prefers her wedding attire in red and to complete the bridal look you need red jewelry set. Ruby jewelry is the gorgeously compliment Indian bride. You can make the complete set of ruby jewelry with our ruby rings, ruby earrings, ruby bracelets or bangles, and ruby necklace.

Small delicate ruby pendant with silver chain is perfect for working women. We designed our necklace for all occasions and also for daily wear. We have the single ruby stone pendant and also we paired this with American diamond and made most attractive designs.