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Ornate American Diamond ..

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Blue Sapphire Stone Silv..

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4 Carat Silver American ..

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Celia Eternity American ..

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925 Silver Heart Ring in..

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Glam Cocktail American D..

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Glam Ruby Cocktail Ring ..

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Half Eternity Band With ..

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Meghan Markle Design Rin..

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Designer Silver Rings for Girls and Women

Ornatejewels has brought the concept of buy jewelry at lowest prices directly from the manufactures and save on silver rings. All our silver ring designs are most unique. Our silver rings are daily wear with American Diamonds. We are famous for our high quality pure silver jewelry. Our cocktail party statement rings, American diamond rings; band rings, pearl rings are the bestsellers in India. We make comfort fit rings, which can be worn daily and our silver won't turn black. We offer secure ring shopping online from the comfort of your home. Our designer silver rings comes in many sizes and colored gemstones like lab created blue-stone, lab created ruby, pink cubic zirconia, solitaires etc. Our valentine gifts rings are sold online in heart shape rings, Solitaire rings. Our proposal rings are used to propose the women and also as wedding rings. Our designs are one of its kind and the most designer and fashionable design rings available in the market. We have more than 500 plus rings designs that range from band rings, american diamond ring, solitaire rings, three stone rings, cocktail rings and engagement ring. All women love and shop online ring designs in silver. If you need a gift for her then a simple solitaire ring will make her fall in love with you. You can even propose to her with a solitaire engagement ring. A band ring is a jewelry gift to show your commitment and is also a daily wear ring that to be worn every day. It can be your everyday ring as office wears rings. No proposal can be made without gifting a ring. A ring symbolizes the commitment between a man and a woman. A simple yet elegant three stone engagement ring is a perfect ring for her. Solitaire rings will add just the right amount of sparkle in her life with your love. Shop online through our vast array of silver 925 ring designs that are precariously crafted by our skilled designers keeping the comfort and lifestyles in mind of today's women.Buy our cocktail rings, which are shaped like big flowers and even cluster rings for you party jewelry needs. These statement rings make a huge style statement and add a lot of glamour to the outfits. A pretty gemstone studded ring makes a hand look extra pretty. Gift our promise ring to your wife or girlfriend with our selection past present and future rings. Rings hold a lot of emotional value so go ahead and shop rings online the one you like and buy. Be it a cushion cut ring or a round cut stone there is a ring for every taste and budget.

Cocktail Rings | Big Size party wear statement Sterling Silver Rings for Girls

A Cocktail Ring as the name suggests is the ring that’s big in size and definitely gets the women who wears the attention she deserves. These cocktail party rings are big bold ring and normally have large size gemstone in the center alone or can have multiple big stones in a big design. It’s a nice power statement when you just wear a big party ring. These cocktail rings have always been in fashion and is a hot favorite among celebrities as well. Accessorize you formal outfits and occasions with big rings online. Fashion rings could be made with either 925 Sterling Silver, Gold or Platinum or even with some other kind of metal. The big stone cocktail rings with American diamonds single solitaire are the number one choice to buy online. Ornate is an amazon of rings online .

Band Rings for Women

Simple round silver metal formed into the shapes of a band. These are simple yet elegant fashionable rings. Most popular wedding band ring when a man and woman exchange rings. It’s a symbol of love and commitment and wedding bands online have many designs. Band rings can also be worn as a stack rings and worn together in different colors of gemstones. Different colored gemstone studded bands when worn together give the wearer a hip chic look Some band rings come as a set where there is simple single solitaire ring and come with a matching ring. The eternity band rings are the types of rings which has gems studded going all around the shank of the ring making it difficult to know where it starts and where it ends hence called eternity.

Past Present and Future Rings | Three Stone Rings

A three stone ring is a meaningful ring where it represents the past, present and future of the relationship. Studded with three gemstones, which are set along side each other. This ring is often bought and gifted to a woman as a commitment. These rings can have graduating gemstones like American Diamonds having one center and two smaller gemstones on the sides. Lab created Ruby and blue stone sapphires are also used in three stone promise rings. This rings is one of our most popular ring. Also buy online for anniversary gifts.

Pure Pearl Silver Rings for Women

A pure pearl freshwater ring brings a cooling effect to the wearer. Astrologically also pearl ring is worn in India .The cool and calm white of pure pearl studded with pure 925 silver is a beautiful choice. Often real pearl and silver rings are recommended by astrologers to balance the horoscope and stars of the wearer. Real Pearls come in many shapes. To give the color sometimes pearls are dyed but at ornate we only use pure white real genuine freshwater pearls .Our unique designs in pearl rings online have the heart shaped ring that’s studded with a pearl and is a designer ring for your valentine or birthday gift for women. Pearls can be seen on all the royal families in India and are now adored and worn by all women. It’s a great accessory for summer looks. For a classy look pearl jewelry is perfect Get a collection of pearl rings online for you.

American Diamond Rings | Diamond Alternate Rings

No woman can resist the shine of a diamond. A single 1 carat or more solitaire diamond ring is the one that’s desired by all women alike .. Many dream of having a big diamond rock on their finger as an engagement ring. Diamonds are very expensive is not an affordable item for all. This Is where our AAA grade American Diamonds make this wish come true. Best quality AAA grade American Diamonds give the wearer the same can look and feel of the real Diamonds. These lab created diamonds are also known as Cubic Zirconia Or Zircon or even AD. With jewelry in silver they tend to look like white gold and diamonds. This makes them more appealing to all women as now this combination gives them the power to buy a solitaire ring online at lowest prices. American Diamonds are very safe to travel and are also called travelling diamonds.

Solitaire Rings | Engagement Rings

An iconic and classic piece of jewelry that’s been around forever .A solitaire rings is a must have for all women No jewelry wardrobe or jewel box is complete without a solitaire ring. One of the most popular choice when it comes to wedding rings or even engagement and love rings. This is a simple design of ring, which has a center gemstone, sitting in the center,and has small gemstones around it. Buy solitaire engagement ring in 925 pure silver and American Diamond online at best prices. You will be spoiled for choices at ornate jewels in our solitaire collections.

Varieties of Rings

The only online shopping store that gives you many ring designs online and the quality is unmatchable. Our genuine pure real 925 silver and gemstones are of the highest quality. We make the best quality rings at the lowest prices so you can shop to your hearts content. We make international quality designs so the workingwomen and the fashion savvy women have a great choice in rings to shop from. Shopping at Ornate jewels is a safe and secures experience from the comfort of your own home. You will find over 1000 plus designs of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets at just a click. We manufacture all the products hence you save money while you get to buy direct from the manufacturer. We make sure that your packages are shipped and arrive to you in a safe and secure tamper proof envelope. All our jewelry is shipped in our designer jewelry boxes .We provide easy and hassle free returns. We take pride in having the latest jewelry designs, which cater to the Indian women, and suit her lifestyle and budget both. We accept all forms of payments and recently we have partnered with Google pay.

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