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Silver engagement rings

1.5 Carat Halo Solitaire Ring

Retail PriceRs 1,863(26% Off)
Rs 1,379You Save Rs 484
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American Diamond Designer Ring 925 Silver

American Diamond Designer Ring 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,477(26% Off)
Rs 1,099You Save Rs 378
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Engagement ring designs

Blue Hues Flower Shape Simulated Sapphire 925 Silver Ring

Retail PriceRs 1,413(26% Off)
Rs 1,049You Save Rs 364
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sterling silver rings pune

Ellena Classic Solitaire Ring

Price:Rs 949
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sterling silver rings pune

Eternally Forever 1 Carat Ring

Price:Rs 1,139
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Flirty Butterfly Ring In 925 Silver

Flirty Butterfly Ring In 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,927(26% Off)
Rs 1,429You Save Rs 498
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rose gold pearl ring

Holding Hands Pearl Ring 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 2,499(45% Off)
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Silver cocktail rings

I Love Mom Ruby Ring In 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 2,213(45% Off)
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engagement rings for women

Luxurious American Diamond Ring

Retail PriceRs 1,863(26% Off)
Rs 1,379You Save Rs 484
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Diamond engagement rings

Hues Classic Oval American Diamond in 925 Silver Ring

Retail PriceRs 1,542(26% Off)
Rs 1,139You Save Rs 403
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Gold Plated Rings

18K Yellow Gold Plated Heart of Emerald Ring

Retail PriceRs 3,213(45% Off)
Rs 1,769You Save Rs 1,444
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silver ring with ruby stone

18K Yellow Gold Plated Heart of Ruby Ring

Retail PriceRs 3,213(45% Off)
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18K Yellow Gold Plated Plain Band

Retail PriceRs 1,856(45% Off)
Rs 1,029You Save Rs 827
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Solitaire rings for ladies

2 Carat Solitaire Ring With Studded Shank

Retail PriceRs 2,506(26% Off)
Rs 1,859You Save Rs 647
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cocktail ring designs

925 Silver Heart of Pink Ring

Retail PriceRs 2,892(26% Off)
Rs 2,139You Save Rs 753
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The Rings is a form of jewelry has been favorite of every men, women, and child too. It is simple round band or adjustable ring of any metal which can be worn in a finger. This form of jewelry is considered as a symbol of love as in many cultures a Ring exchange symbolizes a lifelong relationship. A man often gives a Ring as a promise to a woman to ask her hand in marriage. Rings can be related to many special occasions like birthdays, parties, festivals, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and in fact, any occasion where you want to impress everyone with your dressing style.

Cocktail Rings | Big Size Sterling Silver Rings for Girls

A cocktail Ring is a generally big size ring and definitely gets the wearer attention. It's a bold ring and can have a single gem or even multiple gems. Some women prefer to accessorize themselves with just one big ring as part of their attire. It’s a great accessory to be worn with formal outfits and occasions.Celebrities and fashionistas are often seen sporting this kind of ring. It could be made with either Sterling Silver, Gold or Platinum or even with some other metal. It ideally has a big stone in the center and can have an American Diamond Solitaire or many other gems as well.It makes a great choice of gift for your loved ones. It’s a must-have accessory for any jewelry box.

Band Rings | Wedding Rings for Couple

A droplet of love, a feel of the essence, and an interlinking of hearts can never be completed without a wedding band ring or wedding ring. The idea of band rings has changed considerably over the years and today, Many women men like to wear these rings as a simple everyday ring as a promise ring . Especially in western countries a band is worn on the left hand pronounces that the woman is married. Same holds true for men as well. A married man is recognized by the band on his ring finger of his left hand as there are many fashionable rings for men too. The bands make a simple yet great accessory. Bands can be stacked as well to make a unique style statement. One can achieve this look by wearing same style band rings studded with different colored gemstones or either same colored gems. Mixing of plain bands with studded ones is also in fashion. Band rings can be easily worn as thumb rings as well Stylish band rings that are designed in sterling silver or gold and studded with American Diamonds are popular nowadays and always have been in fashion. This is one form of accessory that’s favored by all age groups and gender. It also known as silver rings for couples.

Past Present and Future Rings | Three Stone Rings

Past Present Future Rings are studded with three solitaires generally and can also have a design of a trio with multiple gems. This is a unique and special collection of Ornate Jewels, which symbolizes many aspects of life. These rings are often given to the woman to mark special occasions in life and milestones achieved in a relationship. Be it the birth of a child or a wedding or engagement. It is one of the most popular anniversary gifts as it represents past, present, and future of your love and life together. It is a perfect family jewelry.

Pearl Silver Rings for Women

No Woman's jewelry box is complete without pearl jewelry and pearl rings for girls are one of a gorgeous ornament one can have in their collection  Pearls steal hearts of every woman irrespective of their age. Pearl ring can be worn for any occasion and can be worn regularly. Pearls have been the oldest stone known to mankind and are the wonder of nature. Pearls have been the first choice of royalties and have a lot of mention in history. A simple ring with small or medium size pearl in the center gives you a queen or princess look.Choose to buy freshwater pearls jewelry as these pearls are free from synthetic dyes and are naturally occurring from the oyster. They have a nice luster and has no coating etc. All pearls sold at Ornate Jewels are natural.

American Diamond Rings | Diamond Alternate 

Diamond Rings are the dream of every woman. This is where the American Diamond rings come into play also known as Cubic Zirconia as it gives women to fulfill their desire of buying Diamond rings but at a much lower price. American Diamond is the most popular stone that’s sold across the world. The shine and sparkle of American Diamond are will definitely add that oomph to the wearers look. This is one of the most pocket-friendly gems. Since this is a lab created stone it has the perfect luster and quality. It has gained immense popularity as traveling diamonds amongst women . AAA grade American Diamonds look great when studded with sterling silver. Look for a vast collection of American Diamond ring available at Ornate Jewels.

Solitaire Rings | Engagement Rings  

A solitaire ring is a classic piece of jewelry, one must-have for every jewelry lover or you can say ring for women. This ring has been in fashion forever and is a dream for girls across the world. Both men and women don this Ring with great ease. Solitaire in engagement rings is the great choice for all those planning to get engaged this wedding season. Giving your fiance a solitaire ring is sure to win her heart. A solitaire ring is usually the first choice of couples. From classic to contemporary designs of a solitaire ring, you will surely find a perfect ring for you on Ornate Jewels.

The Ornate Jewels Experience

We at Ornate Jewels Strive to make our customers online shopping experience with us as pleasant as possible. We thus use only the purest and hallmarked sterling silver to guarantee your purchase. We being manufacturers we are able to offer manufacturing prices to our customer. There is a strict quality control that we adhere to and there is no middleman hence the savings are passed on to our customers. We assure safe and timely delivery of our products, for ultimate customer satisfaction. In case there is some dissatisfaction at the customer's end, it is effectively resolved by our provision of easy returns option.

We offer a vast range of American Diamond Rings online in India, having designs for women and men both. You can easily buy trending diamond rings easily by using online payment option like cash on delivery, net banking, Master debit or Visa credit cards via our trusted payment gateway.

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