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Silver Necklace Set | Pearl Necklace Set | American Diamond Necklace Set

Ornate Jewels offers the wide range of necklaces right of latest fashion and trends. Daily wear pendants with a silver chain are well suited for everyday wear as our silver is rhodium, polished to a high shine and won't turn black. We have Necklace sets in freshwater pearl , American Diamond and silver on an 18 inch long chain which is a perfect size for all. Ornate Jewels takes pride in bringing to you the latest and hottest trends always in superior craftsmanship. All our necklace sets are finely crafted with pure hypoallergenic silver.

Necklace Type
silver necklace set

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Necklace

Rs 2,089
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Snowflake American Diamond 925 Silver Necklace Set

Snowflake American Diamond 925 Necklace

Rs 1,869
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18K Yellow Gold Heart of Emerald Pendant Necklace Set

18K Yellow Gold Heart of Emerald Pendant

Retail PriceRs 2,529(20% Off)
Rs 2,023You Save Rs 506
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18K Yellow Gold Heart of Ruby Pendant

18K Yellow Gold Heart of Ruby Pendant

Retail PriceRs 2,529(20% Off)
Rs 2,023You Save Rs 506
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Cubic Zirconia Double Hearts Pendant with silver chain - valentine day special

925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Double Hearts Pendant

Retail PriceRs 2,556(20% Off)
Rs 2,045You Save Rs 511
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American Diamond Necklace Set - Heart n Heart Pendant with Silver Chain

925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Heart n Heart Pendant

Retail PriceRs 2,556(20% Off)
Rs 2,045You Save Rs 511
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Buy latest gold plated silver necklace online India

925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Heart To Heart Pendant

Retail PriceRs 1,869(20% Off)
Rs 1,495You Save Rs 374
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Gold Plated Necklace Online India

925 Silver Cubic Zirconia Two Hearts Intertwined Pendant

Retail PriceRs 2,144(20% Off)
Rs 1,715You Save Rs 429
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925 Silver Double Necklace Set With Two Pendants - valentine jewelry

925 Silver Double Necklace With Two Pendants

Retail PriceRs 2,324(20% Off)
Rs 1,859You Save Rs 465
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Silver Chain Necklace - valentine gifts

925 Silver Heart of Pink Pendant

Retail PriceRs 2,529(20% Off)
Rs 2,023You Save Rs 506
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diamond color

925 Silver Heart of Sapphire Pendant

Retail PriceRs 2,529(20% Off)
Rs 2,023You Save Rs 506
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christmas jewelry

925 Silver Snowman Pendant with Chain

Retail PriceRs 1,583(17% Off)
Rs 1,319You Save Rs 264
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Dragonfly Studded Pendant with silver chain - Silver jewelry for kids

Dragonfly Studded Pendant In 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,451(17% Off)
Rs 1,209You Save Rs 242
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Types of Necklace Set

American Diamond Necklace Set

Necklaces can be in many designs and studded with stones like the pearl necklace, choker necklace, American diamond necklace. It could be a neckband or a dazzling pendant ladies always adore accessories. If you are searching for colorful and mind-blowing Diamond Necklace set or choker necklace of jewelry online, then you don't need to search any longer. You can buy your most loved accessories set like the American diamond necklace set from one of the best online gems commercial center i.e. ornatejewels.com.

Pearl Necklace Set

We bring the latest designer necklace set in freshwater pearls. In our freshwater pearl necklace for girls, we use real and genuine pearls, which are free from any glass and harmful dyes. At Ornate be sure to find high-quality jewelry for women's and girls online in India. Sterling silver pearl necklace serves the requirements of the modern day lady. We use world-class techniques and processes to produce our ornaments. Our silver is pure 925.

Silver Necklace Set

Silver jewelry with new designs is the reason our customers love us. Our unique designs of silver necklaces can add that extra oomph to your neckline adding to your already pretty looks. Necklace of high-quality silver with rhodium polish and beautiful patterns can grant a stunning look. Ornate jewels have got a wide range of sterling silver necklaces along with the gold-plated necklace sets. The trendy Silver necklace set flawlessly match your style and accessorize yours with our highest quality jewelry. 

Necklace Lengths

Necklace Length      And Where It Suits You

           16 inches                Wraps loosely around the neck

            18 inches               Sits on the collarbone

           20 inches                Sits just below the collarbone

           22 inches                Lays at or above the top of the bust

An 18” is considered to be the universal size and is sold the most as it suits all kind of necks.

How to choose the Right Necklace Set For You

The choice of necklace length mainly depends to an extent, on the clothes and neckline one wears.

Round Shape and Square Shape

Circular shaped or square shaped faces appear lengthier by putting on necklaces, which are longer with the length of 28 inches to 32 inches. You can wear pearl necklace in multilayers or American diamond necklace.

Heart Shape & Rectangular Shape

For the heart-shaped face, a choker necklace type will draw one's attention from far away. It can also be the best ideal design and style for rectangular faces. So many beautiful designs of choker necklace which enhance your look. 

Long Neck / Choker necklace

People that have long neck generally choose necklaces with 16 inches to 18 inches; as it is regarded that shorter necklaces like choker necklace supplement along slimmer face more than the longer necklaces. 

The guaranteed to be the pure collection of necklaces from Ornate Jewels consists of the modern and contemporary forms of fashion jewelry online. The world of stylish necklaces is just a couple of clicks away. We bring to you the freedom of choosing your favorite products at a cost that suits your pocket.

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