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Buy jewelry as kids gifts at Ornate Jewels. Our jewelry collection for kids is extremely safe and awesome. Just try to surprise kids by giving them jewelry with a nicely packed gift box with the handwritten a note for them, instead of toys and books. The joy of opening a gift box is immense for everyone and especially for our small bundle of joy. Jewelry makes a special gifts for kids and makes a lasting memory even when they grow up. We have so many options for girls jewelry and even for boys jewelry, visit our online store.

silver necklace set

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Necklace

Rs 2,089
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christmas jewelry

925 Silver Snowman Pendant with Chain

Rs 1,319
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kids Jewelry

Enamel Flower Necklace In 925 Silver

Rs 1,209
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Heart With A Sparkle Pendant

Heart With A Sparkle Pendant

Retail PriceRs 1,236(20% Off)
Rs 989You Save Rs 247
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Kitty Kat Pendant Necklace 925 Silver

Kitty Kat Pendant Necklace 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,187(17% Off)
Rs 989You Save Rs 198
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boys jewelry

Penguin Necklace In 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,583(17% Off)
Rs 1,319You Save Rs 264
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ruby hues

Rubina The Butterfly Necklace

Retail PriceRs 1,319(17% Off)
Rs 1,099You Save Rs 220
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boys jewelry

Simulated Diamond Dolphin Pendant in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,794(17% Off)
Rs 1,495You Save Rs 299
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cat pendant

Simulated Diamonds Charming Cat Pendant in 925 Silver

Retail PriceRs 1,530(17% Off)
Rs 1,275You Save Rs 255
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Sterling Silver Angel Necklace

Sterling Silver Angel Necklace

Retail PriceRs 1,451(17% Off)
Rs 1,209You Save Rs 242
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sterling silver earrings online

925 Silver Bezel Set Studs

Retail PriceRs 1,511(17% Off)
Rs 1,259You Save Rs 252
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children"s jewelry

925 Silver Bezel Set Studs 18K Yellow Gold Plated

Retail PriceRs 1,731(20% Off)
Rs 1,385You Save Rs 346
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Buy Kids Silver Jewelry Online

You can buy jewelry online and can find many options.  Jewelry for kids as a unique gift and they appreciate it more as opposed to toys and books that they always get.  Ready to shop? We have plenty of toddlers and children's jewelry to choose from.

Few points need to take care while choosing children's jewelry

Jewelry should be safe

In India piercing babies ears is common. So it’s very important to choose toddlers jewelry wisely. Young girls love to get piercings done and as soon as those ears are pierced, she’s going to need some girls earrings. But first think of safety here too. Nickel allergies are very common and are caused by wearing cheap metals. Kids Skin is delicate so it will get reacts badly to those cheap metals and causes infections. Look for kid’s earrings materials that tend to not irritate newly pierced ears. Silver earrings for kids make a great buy as it's not as expensive as gold and is Hypoallergenic. Teenagers can also buy silver jewelry online and can build jewelry collection

Girls Jewelry | Boys Jewelry

Jewelry shopping is a very important task, especially for girls. Think of their styles and lifestyle, safety and of course their choice too. They love jewelry too. You just try to find out the golden middle way between what they like and what they should have. Kids who are physically active will want to wear something that doesn’t snag on their clothes and doesn’t hamper their activities. Studs or small hoops make a great choice for boys jewelry. Also, check with schools what kind of jewelry is allowed for practice and game days. One more important point needs to be taken care is how responsible child is. Keep the precious jewelry to be worn on special occasions or when you can supervise them. Kids can still forget or lose their jewelry but be limiting the chances will make you both happier.

Choose simple and Sweet Designs for girls and boys.

· Hearts and nature-inspired motifs like flowers, animals, birds, are appropriate for any age, but kids seem especially drawn to them. 

· Studs and small hoops or tiny danglers will look great with little faces.

· Think of kids bracelets and kids bangles studded with charms etc.

· Plastic jewelry is not a good idea.

· Kids like colored gemstone studded jewelry as well.

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