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Promise Rings

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Silver Promise Rings For Her Online | Promise Ring For Women & Girls

The ‘silver Promise Rings’ have been very popular commitment rings in western countries. Ornate jewels bring this promise rings collection online in India for you. These are the silver rings that are given to your loved ones as a symbol of a promise made. This piece of jewelry gifts holds a very special and emotional value for the giftee and the recipient. From last decade promise ring has become more popular in India.

Promise Ring Definition

The name of these rings says it all. Promise rings stand for a commitment and a promise between two people. Usually, the promise ring could be a plain silver band or an American Diamond silver ring with three stones in it. The promise rings symbolize a promise. Engagement rings are specifically for the engagement ceremony. The promise ring is not for any specific reason it is different for all couples for which promise they exchange ring or they gift a silver ring, but mostly it is for the commitment of new relationship at the start.

Promise Ring for her

The promise ring has become a very popular ring for the millennial as they want to commit slowly before engagement and this ring helps them achieve that. Promise rings also exchanged between friends and in other relationship as well. Promise rings can be a self-gift to oneself as well. There are no rituals or customs involved it’s all about emotions, and because of this these rings are getting popular day by day.

Ornate Jewels Collection | Promise rings for couples

Our collections of promise rings are available online in many different designs, sizes, and shapes. Mostly promise rings are in 925 sterling silver. Most popular designs in this category are three stone; infinity or heart shape rings in silver. You can choose your style and select the perfect piece to give a promise ring for her or get the promise from someone. Promise rings are new pre-matrimonial ring trends, three stone studded silver ring or simple round band of American diamond are our few most trendy designs of the promise ring.