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Halo Ring

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Halo Ring

Rings have been around forever. Rings come in various shapes and sizes. With the evolution in design and modern era, rings have also taken a lot of inspiration from the world and its designs have evolved. Rings are one of the most favorite accessories for most women. Rings can be bands, single stone solitaires, or big center stone studded pieces for the cocktail parties and night outs. Women are often seen with many rings on their hand or sometimes they prefer wearing just one. It’s an entirely personal choice.

Halo rings are one of the rings that have gained popularity in the recent times. It has become a second thought after deign after the solitaire. Celebrities wearing it and flaunting it could be one of the reasons of its demand. The second main reason is the design and construction of the Halo ring. A halo has a solitaire in center and has gemstones around it creating a Halo effect hence the name Halo ring. A halo gives the wearer the satisfaction and illusion of wearing a big solitaire look ring as the look of wearing a big solitaire can be achieved by the halo effect. An affordable solitaire can be set in the center surrounded by small stones and this reduces the cost of the solitaire and still the wearer gets to sport a big solitaire look. Halo rings come in all types of metal. Be it 925 sterling silver, platinum, gold, etc. There are various kinds of halo ring settings like the flush look, the floating halo, Double halo etc.  

A halo ring suits most types of hands and fingers and also looks wider on any finger. The wearer can achieve a look of wearing 2carat solitaire ring even with a one-carat stone with the halo effect. The sparkle is also magnificent due to the side gemstones that shine and dance throwing light around. Halo rings also manage to protect the center stones in the event the center stones get hit on a hard surface, etc. There are many designs one can choose according to their taste and budget. The vintage Halo rings are very popular choice. If you like the halo design and look we at Ornate Jewels offer a great variety in 925 sterling silver and American diamonds, so you can experiment the look on your hand and in the future you can graduate to wearing a Diamond Halo.