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Cocktail Ring Designs | Big Fashion Rings Online | Party Wear Rings

Our jewelry party collection of the Silver cocktail ring designs is what the modern party goer woman need. Modern urban women love to portray their style quotient by wearing large party rings which are called as statement and cocktail rings as well. These colorful bold rings come in big gemstones and these are big rocks that add a certain glam to finger. Actually, the fact is these ring designs are not new, you can say its comeback of these rings. A few decades back (around 1920) women used to wear big and bold rings for cocktail parties, (origin of the name).

Big Fashion Rings

Now day’s big rings become a signature piece, these over-sized rings are worn by many women not only for the cocktail party but for many events. These rings go perfectly with the fusion wear and even evening traditional wear as well.

Ornatejewel Offers a New Fabulous Collection

At ornate you can buy online the big lab created blue sapphire statement rings. We have big party rings in pink color american diamond. Our bold and beautiful ruby statement rings are a must have for everyone. All our collection of cocktail rings are designed superbly that every single piece is an eye-catcher. We select different size; shape and color of American diamond to create rings which make your party outfits stunning looking. In India, it’s like a custom that every bride has at least one big ring in her bridal collection. The rural women from old times have always had a love for big and bold jewelry, which is shown in the Indian history as well. Silver was a big part of their jewelry collection. At Ornate jewels, we carry a whole range of American diamond cocktail rings in our collection called cocktail nights.

Cocktail Rings Designs | Big fashion Rings

You don’t have to spend your money on cheap artificial rings rather at ornate jewels you can shop online these over-sized ring in silver and it’s a better choice than other metals as silver cocktail rings won't cause allergy. It gives you value for the money spent. Silver is auspicious to wear and have many health benefits as well. Generally, these rings are like to wear in hand opposite the one you’d wear your wedding ring, either on the ring finger or sometimes on the middle finger, but all celebrities and models like to flaunt them on their index fingers! Just wear the finger which makes you comfortable with this signature piece. These are even called as right hand rings.

We have Variety of Big Rings Online

These rings are supposed to be big and bold party and gemstone studded rings. Generally they have a big center stone in the middle and some ring designs will be accented with other gemstones to make it stand out and compliment the main design. Diamond Cocktail ring is always preferred to be big ring as there is almost an unspoken rule that bigger the ring the better it is. These rings are connected to the history as well and portray women’s freedom to express their style

Online shopping at ornate jewels provides you a wide variety of big rings online available in a whole range of colors and every style that there is. For the women who love jewelry and who like to make bold statements, this ring is a wonderful addition to their existing jewelry collection.

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