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925 Silver Created Sapph..

Regular Price: Rs 4,549

Discount Rs 3,412

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925 Silver Created Swiss..

Regular Price: Rs 4,349

Discount Rs 3,262

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925 Silver Pink American..

Regular Price: Rs 4,349

Discount Rs 3,262

25% OFF
American Diamond Hoops I..

Regular Price: Rs 1,299

Discount Rs 974

25% OFF
Celeb Danglers In Create..

Regular Price: Rs 1,599

Discount Rs 1,199

25% OFF
Celeb Danglers In White ..

Regular Price: Rs 1,399

Discount Rs 1,049

25% OFF
Criss Cross Hoops Americ..

Regular Price: Rs 1,799

Discount Rs 1,349

25% OFF
Double Prong Half Hoops ..

Regular Price: Rs 1,899

Discount Rs 1,424

25% OFF
Eternal Eternity Hoop In..

Regular Price: Rs 1,749

Discount Rs 1,312

25% OFF
Glittering Heart Hoop Ea..

Regular Price: Rs 1,699

Discount Rs 1,274

25% OFF
Real Pearl Flower Dangle..

Regular Price: Rs 1,899

Discount Rs 1,424

25% OFF
Two Prong Eternity Hoops..

Regular Price: Rs 1,999

Discount Rs 1,499

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18K Yellow Gold Plated R..

Regular Price: Rs 4,049

Discount Rs 2,429

40% OFF
Eternity Hoops In Americ..

Regular Price: Rs 2,699

Discount Rs 2,024

25% OFF
Romance Thy Heart Hoop D..

Regular Price: Rs 2,199

Discount Rs 1,649

25% OFF
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Silver Hoop earrings are the kind of earrings that say. Be Daring and Fabulous. Silver Hoop earrings have been very popular in the sixties and can be seen in various fashion magazines and movies alike. Bollywood actresses have been wearing silver hoops made from different metals in the movies for a long time now. Hoops with bright colors in plastic bring a nostalgic feeling of the 60s. They were the choicest form of accessory in the sixties. But the love and fashion of hoops didn’t die there. They have always been around sometimes making a comeback in a big way or sometimes just have steadily been there. Diamond Hoop earrings come in various sizes and sometimes are plain or studded.

New Silver Hoops Earrings | Designer Hoop earrings

These days many designers have worked on bringing out some new designs with a twist. One can find square and oval-shaped hoops as well whereas they were usually round shaped. These days’ geometric shapes can also be found in hoops. Geometric hoops can be very trendy and modern and can be worn with polka dots, striped dresses, and casuals. Hoops crafted from silver make a great choice, as silver is a sturdy metal and can be shaped nicely to form the desired shape.

Hoop danglers are the new modern diamond hoop earrings that have a hoop on the top, which goes through your ear and has a dangler hanging from it. This is a sophisticated and most feminine hoop look. These kinds of hoop danglers are often studded with gemstones of various kinds and can be easily paired with formal outfits Wearing silver hoops definitely increase the oomph factor of your outfits and draws attention making a statement. A woman wearing hoops can never go unnoticed regardless the size of the hoops.

Diamond Hoop Earrings 

Bali design earrings or diamond Hoop earrings in precious metals and gemstones can be worn for formal occasions. Many celebrities are seen sporting this sparkling earring variety on red carpets. With hair pulled back any kind of hoops add that dramatic and statement factor to your existing style. Big and sleek diamond hoops earrings give a very bohemian look. A headscarf or a wrap with gold  or diamond hoop earrings look very good paired together. A lot of celebrities have been seen sporting a hair bun high on the head and huge diamond hoop earrings. Silver Hoop Earrings can lend an unpretentious style statement for any occasion. If the timeless and classy look is your thing you can opt for small silver hoop earrings or diamond hoop earrings. While accessorizing your outfits you can make a cool statement with these small silver hoop earrings, which lend a chic and elegant look to you.

Gold Hoop Earrings

Interestingly gold hoop Earrings draw attention to your face so any kind of face shape can wear these earrings and look pretty. These types of earrings add an additional charm to your pretty face. Small hoops are very popular with little girls in India. Gold or diamond Hoop earrings have been an integral part of the Indian jewelry history. These use to be the most commonly worn design from the earring family. From modern women to the women in villages, all would be seen wearing some form of the hoop. It was a must to wear earring style for the new brides as well. The hoops could be made in gold or silver depending on one's buying power. They would be plain or studded with gemstones and have intricate designs. Some would be just a plain round or would have filigree work inside them. There is still a majority of women from some parts of India who favor gold hoop earrings over any other form of earrings. The tribal women can also be seen wearing different and elaborate kinds of hoops easily. School going girls could be seen wearing small huggie hoops very commonly in all parts of India. A dainty thin wire hoop earring is many a time the first choice for a baby girls ears as they don't have a back post hence they don't cause any infection to those delicate ears. We have beautiful designs of gold and diamond hoop earrings with price i.e. affordable

Silver Hoop Earrings

Today's silver hoop earring have witnessed a tremendous change. They are no more around the form of metal anymore. They are crafted in silver gold and platinum and sometimes studded with diamonds or gemstones. Some have some different metal finishes like brushed or hammer finish to them to add on to the glam effect. All women should at least have one piece of this great and sophisticated piece of silver jewelry in their collection. It will add significant charm and chicness to their attires. Whether you choose to wear them with your formals or just want to add to your casual look. These silver earring hoops can give a real twist to your existing charm. Many of celebs and style icons are frequently seen wearing these. One can see the dramatic hoops being sported on the runways as well. Whether you buy small dainty ones or the large big ones they will definitely add that little extra something to your outfit. While wearing silver hoop earrings you may not need to wear other jewelry pieces. You can decide to wear dressy diamond hoop earrings or the minimalist ones. This trend has been around forever and will stay forever. Worn properly this can look ultra modern and yet has the power to remain a classic. It's a fun earring to wear.

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