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Diamond Alternate 4 Carat Studs in 925 Silver

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Product Description

These twinkling 4 carat studs are crafted with Strontium Titanite . These studs can be worn for any occasion and any kind of outfit . These brilliantly shiny beauties are crafted in anti tarnish 925 sterling silver . This is a steal for the price !!! Affordable diamonds " A girls new best friend" Strontium Titanite is cut and polished like a diamond, has a very similar luster, brilliance, and scintillation. However, strontium titanate has a “fire  that greatly exceeds the fire of a diamond.

“Fire— is the ability of a gem to act as a prism and separate light passing through it into a rainbow of colors. The fire of strontium titanate is so strong that it immediately surprises the observer.

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