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Women’s Day Special

Womens'day Special

We women don’t really need a special day to acknowledge our being but there are special days that are celebrated to mark the importance of something special. Women’s day is celebrated internationally as a special day to mark the joyous creation of god that is Women. It marks the progress and empowerment that women have achieved in the years.  Despite being equally by God in every sense women were dominated for a long time in every culture and this day celebrates the slow end of discrimination.

Over a period of years several women’s rights have been introduced, there are special organizations that empower them and today the women are ruling the world and creating milestones each day. We at ornate jewels pay a heartfelt tribute to our Indian women and the achievements that have made the country proud and are role models for all other women and giving them strength to look forward to a promising future

Avani Chaturvedi

Avani Chaturvedi

She is the first Indian woman fighter Pilot To fly solo a Fighter Jet MiG-21 Bison. Avni has created history in her own turf. She is a true-life role model and has given wings to many women’s dreams. May she soar high and high reaches new heights in her career.



Co-founder & CEO, Zivame

Lingerie buying has been made extremely easy for the Indian women by this site zivame who has made available many options and styles for women all across the country. Until recently lingerie buying was sometimes a bit difficult for the women in small towns where there were only a few options available at the local stores and mainly men were in the business which sometimes makes women uncomfortable to explain their needs. Zivame has given a world of options to women in smaller cities.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw


Her contribution to the Indian biotechnology is an inspiration for all. She is a self-made businesswoman and has immensely contributed to the field of science. She is also the Chairperson of the IIM Bangalore. Her story gives all women a sense of confidence and the belief that everything is possible

Mithila raj

Mithali Raj

She is making history as the greatest Indian woman batswoman. In a male-dominated domain of cricket, she has given the strength to other women to enter into a field, which was almost unheard of for women. Her success story is something to look to forward to. She is the only female cricketer to have scored 6000 runs.


Poonam Rani Malik

Hockey is not a very mainstream sport in India still but Poonam Rani Malik has made a big difference in the world of hockey. She has been playing since 2008 and has played in the world cups.

Aditi gupta

Aditi Gupta

A small town girl from Jharkhand has co-founded a website called menstrupedia, which deals with taboos associated with menstruation. They help women and girls deal with issues that face them and help them in leading a healthy life. Despite being a developing country India needed this kind of an initiative and is a big help for women across the country. They have lakh plus visitors.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

A successful actress in India and Hollywood she is an actress turned producer. A small town girl has made her mark internationally all over the globe. Winner of the national awards for her films, she has won the hearts of many and is real life to reel life hero for all. She is a true story of beauty with brains.

Chanda Kochhar

Chanda Kochhar

The banking sector has witnessed history at the hands of this CEO of ICICI bank. With her hard work and determination, she has become a historic figure on the world map of prominent women. She is one of the most powerful businesswomen.

We at ornate jewels salute each and every woman who is a hero in her own domain and deserves an applaud for all that they contribute to each part of the society and their household. Women are the one, which are the foundation stones of the whole social strata, and they raise responsible citizens of any country. Women make the world go round.

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