Why To Buy 925 Sterling Silver

Why To Buy 925 Sterling Silver

Silver has become the new gold. Its popularity has soared a new high. After gold’s skyrocket prices it has become very unaffordable for the masses. Over the past few years 925 sterling silver has become the choicest of metal for consumers and the jewelers alike. It’s the hottest trend these days. It’s fashionable and affordable to wear. It replaces the white gold and all kind of stones look gorgeous studded in it. It has the same brilliance as the white gold and on top of that the prices make it very attractive buy. One can afford many inexpensive choices in 925 silver.

Silver is a strong metal to be crafted jewelry from. Many designers and jewelry houses specially and only work with this metal as it can be shaped and formed into various shapes and forms. Furthermore it’s a hypoallergenic metal so it doesn’t cause people allergies. Some people are extremely sensitive to metals reactions, pure hallmarked silver takes care of that issue. Silver has a superior finish as well to lots of other metals. Silver can be made into casual as well as formal jewelry as well. It can be delicate or chunky depending on the design. Silver even allows the intricate work like filigree to be done on it. Orissa state in India is known for its Filigree work. Silver jewelry can be made as delicate and feminine as other precious metals and compliments the dressier outfits equally.

In many cultures silver have been the choicest metal of all. Some tribes only wear silver. Reason being its affordability and other they consider it auspicious and cooling. In India many cultures feed the first meal to a baby in a silver bowl and spoon.  Babies are often gifted silver utensils like plates, bowls, spoons, rattles etc . Most of the Indian babies can be seen wearing a silver bangle or an anklet in case of girls. Its considered auspicious to gift them silver. At ornate jewels we carry pure hallmarked silver jewelry that can be gifted to babies without worrying about its purity or causing any allergic reactions to skin. Our jewelry is certified for it purity and won’t turn black or cause any reactions.

925 silver boy pendant

In the history of India heavy ornaments have been made in silver and adorned by royalties and rich alike. Waist belt commonly called as “kardhani” big bangles, bracelets, heavy anklets, nose rings and long layered necklaces have been a popular choice and its reference can be easily seen in the history and several Indian paintings. Silver is even used big time in making utensils. The rich and the affluent have been known to eat in silver vessels. In Indian history many a reference can be seen where kings and royalties have been drinking wine from silver wine glasses and had various sculptures and even their bath fittings made in silver. They use to eat in silver as it kills bacteria and germs and also changes color if the food is laced with poison, which was a big issue in those days. Silver is used in medicinal supplements as well. Silver is also believed to strengthen the immune system. Romans believed that food could be preserved for a longer time if stored in silver. It’s widely believed that wearing 925 Silver on the body removes malice, keeps one calm and cool. The most important thing to keep in mind while buying silver is to make sure that you are buying what are you paying for. That means buy hallmarked silver so it’s guaranteed to be pure and its value for your money. It’s a common practice in India to not stamp the silver for its purity and sell it saying its 925.

pure silver sapphire ring

Pure Silver being so versatile is what makes it so popular. For women on a budget, it gives them great affordability to be able to buy different pieces and wear them in different ways as they wish. The color of silver is pretty neutral so it goes and blends very well with any color outfit. Since platinum is the same color but much more expensive lot of women choose the option of sterling silver for its price point and save money. So this sturdy yet pliable and precious metal is a perfect buy for any woman to add on to her jewelry collection without hurting her budget in the process. If you have not started purchasing 925 Silver and adding on to your jewelry collection, buying a pendant or earrings would be a great starting point. The pendants make a great choice as you can buy a large pendant for the fraction of price of gold or platinum. You can safely travel with these pieces and still look elegant and stylish. The Diamond Alternate collection can easily replace your real diamond studs and you can travel with these for work and pleasure.  Silver makes a great gift as well. The recipient is sure to cherish and be happy to receive a jewelry box over other gifts, which have a fine crafted piece of jewelry inside. It makes such a better gifting option. This gift is built to last and makes a perfect keepsake for all the occasions. Silver studded with American diamonds makes a stunning gift option.

Kids also love receiving jewelry over regular toys and books these days. They are very aware of the fashion in today’s world and would love to collect some pieces for their jewel box. Furthermore, these gifts will make great memories and when they grow up they can still cherish them. Wearing silver can benefit your health, emotional well being and balance your budget as well so there is a silver lining for all of you out there.

Where to buy sterling silver?

Online shopping has become a savior for all. One can browse hundreds of options from the comfort of ones home and decide on what best suits them. offers you pure 925-hallmarked silver jewelry at manufacturing prices. You can buy from the comfort of your own home and it will reach you in our signature gift box and a tamper-proof envelope.

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