Why Buying Jewellery From Manufacturers Direct is Better Than Chain Stores?

Why buying jewellery from manufacturers direct is better than chain stores?

When it comes to leisured expenses as jewellery, trust on the store is undoubtedly the biggest factor that governs our purchases. Hence people prefer to buy from a chain store that has earned a reputation over the years. But have you ever thought, these chains would have started as a single store in the past and would have struggled to gain the present standing status. They would have been excellent stores in the beginning to have had made huge profits to establish themselves as a chain.My point being, direct manufactures or single stores, though overlooked, have more to offer than the franchises.

With some research I have listed few pointers that make buying experience from independent stores a worthy one.

High Quality Products

It Offers High Quality
Ornate Jewels has a wide range of products from precious stones like Rubies, Emeralds, American diamonds, Sapphire to fine silver, pearl, gold plated silver and sterling silver. The primary focus on all the products – rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings – is quality. The design and manufacturing team is fixatedon making jewellery that will last long. The silver used here is anti-tarnish. Our jewelleries not only come in a signature gift box but also they are hallmarked and certified for their purity.

Chain Stores vs Manufacturer

Better Price is the Key to Competition
It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise when I say branded chain stores have to maintain a certain price standard to withhold their reputation in the market. Consumers purchase ornaments that are marked at prices considering greater profit margin for the brand.Independent stores understand the importance of competition in the market and offer price worth the value of the product. Moreover, since there is no middleman involved between the producer and the consumer, price remains reasonable. Ornate is your pocket-friendly convenience store.

The After-Purchase Service to Customers
The support at Ornate is very customer oriented.  Our packaging insures that the item you receive feels just out of the store buy, without damage. In case, you do not like what you ordered, the return and refund policy comes to cater. Most chain stores do not have a refund policy or you get only store credit in return.

Unique Designs of Silver Jewelry
Unique Designs

Ornate Jewels focuses more on variety of designs than quantity. We do not manufacture thousands of pieces of the same design. Innovation is the prime objective in our designs. Hence, it is quite possible that the jewellery piece you own would not be found in anyone else’s jewellery box. The motifs are not only modern or contemporary but also inspired from historical and biblical designs. At Ornate, the design team is hired with precision to make sure their designs stand out internationally. Our renowned designer head Shelly, who is the proprietor of Ornate makes sure to create a design that you make you fall in love.
Why to Buy from Ornate Jewels

The comfort of Shopping from Home.
With the world becoming digitally powerful, security on digital platforms has been the prime focus. Hence, people these days no longer worry about buying their stuff online. It is well understood that buying jewelry online is not a popular practice yet, but with Ornate’s easy exchange and 7-day money back policies, I see no reason to not  purchase at its online store. Shopping online at Ornate makes sure you get the feel of having a personal buyer at your beck and call.


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