Jewelry has the power to transform simple into stunning. An everyday outfit can look chic and stylish when paired with the right kind of jewelry. A pair of long chandelier earrings enhances the beauty of a traditional Indian attire be it a sari or a suit. A bold cocktail ring complements an elegant evening gown or a dress.  A perfectly coordinated piece of jewelry is not only aesthetically appealing; it also boosts the confidence of the wearer. A single solitaire pendant can put stars in a woman’s eyes and a smile on her lips!

Jewelry studded with sparkling gemstones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires has a timeless appeal. For ages, these gemstones have been highly coveted and sought after. Many royalties have been known to acquire rare gems for their love of the gem. Generally naturally occurring gemstones are rare, exorbitantly priced and out of reach for many. That, however, does not mean that a woman who would love to wear a pair of diamond studs, or a ruby ring, or an emerald pendant has to go without them. In the 21st century, she has the option to buy the same kind of jewelry made with created gemstones at an affordable price and save the environment also.

What are created or simulated gemstones?

Gemstones are formed in nature over centuries through the action of water, heat and pressure on the minerals and rocks contained in the earth’s crust and mantle. These are mined, cut, polished and treated to be used in jewelry. On the other hand, the created gemstones are formed in laboratories, under controlled conditions, by processes that mimic those occurring in nature. The only difference is in the way in which they come into existence. Naturally occurring gems are formed over a long period of time in nature while created gems are formed in a short period of time in a laboratory. Physically, chemically, and optically, created gems are exactly identical to the naturally occurring gems.

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Advantages of Created Gemstones

1. Affordable: The price of natural gems is significantly higher due to the rarity of occurrence and the long and laborious process of locating and mining of the stone. In comparison, the cost of created gems is dependent only on the laboratory process involved in their creation. The look and quality of created gems is exactly identical to natural gems at a fraction of the cost.

2. Variety: The usual array of colours found in natural gemstones can be easily created in a laboratory. Additionally, scientists are also able to alter the properties and create an amazing variety of colors, such as a created pink diamond, that would otherwise be extremely rare and therefore prohibitively priced in its natural form. Many new kind of gemstones are being made in the laboratories giving the buyer new options. Color changing cubic zirconia, Corundum, Spinel, Nano emerald, alexandrite etc. are a few stones

3. Clarity and Color: The simulated stones have a much better clarity and colors without any inclusions and flaws as opposed to the natural gemstones. In the natural stones its rare and highly expensive.

4. Environment Friendly: Much fewer resources are utilized in creating gems in a laboratory as compared to retrieving gems from the earth. There is no mining involved, lesser pollution, and a larger number of gems can easily be made available without taxing the environment.

5. Conflict-free: Many gemstones, especially diamonds, are mined in war-torn countries. It is believed that profits from such mining operations contribute towards funding of more conflict. Human rights organizations have protested for years against the substandard working conditions and employment of child labor in such places. Created gemstones are free from all such conflicts.

6. Safe: Created gemstone jewelry is a very safe option for women especially while commuting long distances or travelling for business or leisure. You can focus on that important meeting or relax by the seashore without worrying constantly about keeping your jewelry safe. Furthermore these created or simulated gemstones are crafted in .925 sterling silver, which makes them more affordable while projecting the look of being made in white gold.

The practical advantages of created gemstone jewellery are many. In a nutshell, it is affordable, available in a large variety, environmentally responsible and safe to use and carry. So you can create the look you always wanted with a clear conscience and without having to break the bank.

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