White is the birthstone color of APRIL

white is the april's birthstone

Birthstones are the stones that represent a certain month and its often thought they they bring the wearer good luck. Birthstone color is the major important feature of the stone when it comes to birth month. In ancient times color was the attribute that was connected to the birth month.  Though later on jewelers starting associating certain stones with the birth month.

For April born people the color is white.  White is mostly associated with purity and peace. It brings harmony to the wearer. The purported color or stone with April is diamond. Crystal or white. Diamond being a hard stone shows endurance and eternity. Diamond has been lovingly called a girls best friend. It’s always been a symbol of love and romance. Though being expensive and out of buying power of many its been the most sought after stone in the world. But for today’s world keeping sensibilities and budget in mind American Diamond or Cubic Zirconia makes a great new friend for the girls. Women can easily afford to buy American Diamonds or as its sometimes called as Cubic Zirconia. Since it’s a man made stone it’s much cheaper than diamonds and can be more beautiful and flawless as it’s made under controlled environment.

April born people are often said to be showered with love and affection. They are considered to be loving and pleasant. Their birth color is white and they can wear Diamond, White Zircon or American Diamonds. These white color stones are a true match for their personality. The white color is a symbol of love never-ending and depicts the value of those April born.

Diamonds being the most expensive and most mined stone has been highly cherished by all always. Royalty, Courage and strength has been often described as the quality of this stone .Its often considered that people born in April are people of authority and often are in control of a situation.

 Birthstone colors and their significant effects?

What wearing your luck birthstone color brings you? Birthstones and their colors bring many healing effects to the wearer.

American Diamonds are often said to have good effects for ladies in marital problems. Astrologers often recommend it to a wearer as a cheaper alternative to Diamond.

AD or American Diamonds have always been connected with Luxury jewels, beauty and wealth etc. Venus is known to have been the epitome symbol of beauty, inner and outer beauty both. American Diamond does the same for wearer. It strengthens our inner being and our will power

  • Brings Strength Of Mind
  • Wearing American Diamonds helps the wearer in mental stability and indecisiveness.
  • It helps focusing on objectives in life and also makes them execute and reach those objectives.
  • It also encourages the wearer to be charitable and do good deeds.
  • It brings spiritual calm and helps wearer-overcome challenges.
  • It increases focus
  • Brings you peace and prosperity
  • Helps in marital issues for ladies

Having said all of the above. Being white in color American Diamond has a calming effect since its white in color. It makes a great alternative to diamonds. Wearing this stone can bring you a lot of benefits. For the April born this is a must buy stone for them to get maximum benefit from it .

Apart from its healing and mystic properties jewelry made with this stone looks beautiful and gorgeous. Collect various designs in Rings, Earrings, and Bracelets etc. Silver studded American Diamonds are the best choice, as they are affordable and pretty both.

AAA grade American diamonds are the top of the line AD’s as they replicate the same qualities as diamonds.

Happy Birthday April People


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