What Kind Of Jewelry To Wear To Work ?

925 silver jewelry

There is no denying that jewelry is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe.  Be it junk or be it expensive diamonds . Jewelry transforms.There are different kinds of jewels that one can wear suitable for the occasion. Where heavy necklaces and long earrings are more suitable for parties subtle studs and a simple pearl necklace is more suitable for an office. Solitaires, pearls etc look great with western and even Indian work wear as well.A string of pearls around your neck with a Saree or a suit looks equally good.It’s natural for women to look and feel good about themselves and dress up. Accessories like jewelry and watches come to rescue here. Jewelry is that one accessory that transforms your whole look Women at higher and powerful positions have often been wearing statement pieces to complete their look.  A big statement necklace when worn over a suit definitely exudes power.

These days the whole jewelry design process has changed and adapted keeping in mind the need of working women . Women need wearable jewelry that can be worn effortlessly whole day, is safe to travel with and looks good. This is where silver jewelry comes into play.

  • Buy Jewelry That Maintains Your Professional Look

Not everyone can afford to buy diamond and gold jewelry. If you have a few pieces you want to change and match your outfits with different pieces of jewelry. You can always mix and match your diamonds with pretty silver pieces. You can buy a few classic pieces and few fashionable ones so that you have a mix in your jewelry box. For the love of the gold lot of women prefer buying gold plated jewelry so they can still achieve the same look but without paying the price. Initial gold was considered as a woman’s investment but now since women are working and they are financially independent they don’t want to buy jewelry as an investment and keep in lockers. They rather buy pieces they can wear and enhance their looks.

office ware pearl necklaces


  • Why Are Women Buying Silver Jewelry These Days?

Silver jewelry is made up of 925 sterling silver that means that its free of cheap metals and is safe to wear. being a hard metal its been crafted into very nice designs as well. It suits all and brings that extra charm to the wearers face.

Modern silver jewelry pieces are a perfect accompaniment to western and ethnic office wear. Pendants strewn on a chain makes a great addition to any wardrobe. Being Lightweight they are easy to wear. American Diamond studded ones give the wearer the same look as the diamonds and its safer for the working women taking public transport and all. The different color gemstone necklaces are also a great way to match with your daily wardrobe.

solitaire jewellery for work

Rings for office wear made in 925 silver are also another great choice. Look for rings studded with beautiful colored gemstones and American Diamond Solitaires.The colors of ruby, sapphire, and emerald look great with the Indian skin .you can buy a great variety of these embellished office wear jewelry online. These stones with their amazing array of colors in exclusive stones like yellow colored Solitaires, green emeralds, red ruby symbolizing energy, strength and power and the blue shiny sapphire. Wearing and pairing these with your office formals give an extra polished edge to your look. A small pair of sapphire studs adds another level of professional charm to your look. Shop online to find your favorite trendy styles.

office ware jewelry in 9 to 5 silver


  • What Should One Choose For Office Wear Jewelry

Jewelry for office should be lightweight and not very complicated designs so you are able to move around comfortably and not feel tired carrying the weight of jewelry. Earrings should be stud types or if danglers then lightweight so you are comfortable throughout the day. Buy few pieces that can easily be worn for your day look and can be worn for those evening out office parties. Choose a string of pearls with pearls studs to achieve a professional yet feminine look. Pearls look good with western as well as Indian wear as well. Solitaire studs look good with any attire. Invest in a pair of solitaires.Every girl should have one solitaire pair of earrings.

Real Pearl Necklaces

To match the solitaires wear a thin chain with a decently sized pendant ,buy studded jewelry with colored gemstones. Colored gemstones go very well with Indian skin tones and compliments the clothes as well. One nice ring, a solitaire or a band ring should be enough. Don’t wear too many rings for office. For the women who like to match their jewelry, you can buy small danglers, hoops etc in colors and match with your attire. Tennis bracelets look great as they are just the right size for bling.Wear lightweight jewelry so you are comfortable all day long.

We at Ornate Jewels bring to you the finest selection of silver jewelry which is designed keeping in mind today’s woman and her needs. You will find that at ornate we offer such affordable jewelry in a huge range that you can match almost all your outfits. Our jewelry makes a great gift for your co-workers as well. Think all the office birthdays.

Store your jewelry in trays with a see-through lid so it’s easy to find on those busy mornings when you are rushing out of the house.

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  • Work Wear Jewelry and Fashion

We understand the need to find and wear fashionable pieces of jewelry while looking good yet it should be budget friendly. You want to stay in sync with current fashion as well. Choose jewelry that’s pure and won’t cause any skin issues. Select and buy small trendy pieces which are suitable for your work life. Each one of us should have at least one.

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  • Be Stylish

Your looks are an important part of your personality. It the way you carry yourself says a lot about you. Your personal style reflects your own taste. We at ornate have a huge collection of jewelry that’s sure to suit your budget and taste. It’s specially crafted keeping in mind today’s woman. From small studs to lightweight danglers we have got your earring needs covered. We have a really chic and classy range of delicate necklaces with chains which are just the right touch for the office wear. The Rings are finely crafted and there are many options to choose from. Our American Diamond Jewelry is the most popular with the office going women.Our pearls collection is also an exclusive collection which has pure genuine pearls. You can shop with confidence and ease. We are proud to stand behind our product and quality.

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