The choice of jewelry depends on a number of things: occasion, outfit, budget and very importantly, the personality, sense of style and liking of the wearer. But do you know, that another factor that you may consider while buying jewelry is your birthday? Not simply as an occasion on which to buy jewelry, but also to help you decide which particular piece of jewelry you should buy. This is especially relevant where gemstone jewelry is concerned.


Birthstones are particular gemstones associated with each month of the year. There are numerous legends associated with birthstones and different cultures may suggest different gemstones for people born in a particular month or under a particular zodiac sign. Gemstones are vividly colored and understanding the significance of each color and its association with the month of the year can help you make the right choice.

Colors of the Month

January: The color of the stone for January is Reddish-Brown. The characteristics associated with it are loyalty and constancy. The gemstone suggested is garnet. It is said to bring good health, prosperity and wealth to the wearer.

February: The color of the stone of this month is purple. It is a color associated with royalty and nobility, and is uplifting and encourages creativity. Various shades of purple can be found in the gemstone amethyst.

March: The color of the stone for March is aquamarine or a light blue tinged with light green. The beautiful color invokes the tranquility of the deep-sea waters. It is associated with the qualities of courage and health. The gemstone associated with the color is also called aquamarine.

April: Clear gemstones like diamond are associated with April. The clear, white color represents everlasting love, romance and innocence. The sparkle of a clear gem can suit any occasion and any outfit.

May: Green is the color of May. It is the color that represents new life, fertility and happiness. It is most reminiscent of Mother Earth. The green of the emerald also stands for success in love.

June: The colors for June are the pale violet or pink of Alexandrite and milky white of the pearl. They signify innocence, purity and modesty.

July: The color for the month of July is red, signifying love and passion. Wearing a fiery red stone attracts good luck and good friends while protecting the wearer from evil. The red ruby has always been a favorite of kings and warriors as it is said to provide strength and nobility.

August: The month of August is associated with the light green color of peridot. It signifies beauty, strength and morality.September: Blue is the color for the month of September. The blue sapphire is the gemstone for this month. The shades could range from the light blue of the summer sky to the deep blue of the midnight sky. The qualities associated are peace and serenity. Blue is also often used to shield from evil influences.

October: The month of October is associated with pink color. This color encourages feelings of love and empathy towards others, and helps to gently remove emotional pain. Pink tourmaline is the gemstone for the month of October.

November: The color for November is yellow. It is the color of strength, friendship and love. It has always been known as a ‘happy’ color and wearing it can remove negativity from a person’s mind and life. Yellow topaz and citrine are the common gemstones for November.December: The cold month of December is associated with an icy blue color. It stands for prosperity, wealth and wisdom. Blue topaz, turquoise and zircon are blue gemstones associated with December. Giving an icy blue stone as a gift symbolizes love and fidelity. 

Since ancient times, healers have used colors to promote mental, emotional as well as physical well being. Ancient Egyptian, Persian and Greek civilizations used color therapy as far back as 5000 years ago. Color rooms were created for people to sit in by painting the walls in specific colors. In ancient India, color healing became an intrinsic part of Ayurveda through the use of minerals and gemstones. Modern color therapy includes drinking water that has been stored in a colored glass bottle and kept in sunlight.

Created gemstones have an astounding range of colors and sizes. Using them in the form of jewelry is advantageous because of their brilliant colors and cost effectiveness. You can reap the benefits of color therapy at a fraction of the cost of a natural gemstone. You can choose to wear a stone of the color associated with your birth month throughout the year. On the other hand, every month you can wear jewelry with stones that match the color of the stone associated with that month. With created gemstones it is possible for you to try various ideas and combinations to find out what personally suits you the best. Finally, no matter how you choose to wear it, beautifully crafted created gemstone jewelry is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful and happy at all times!

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