What is a promise ring & how to give it to your ladylove?

What is a promise ring & how to give it to your ladylove

Whether you are in your freshman year of college or a working professional after you meet the person you believe is made for you, cementing the bond with a promise ring is crucial. Unlike engagement rings, promise rings don’t symbolize a lifelong commitment. A promise ring is given to a person who you see as a present partner or want to get married in future. Instead of a diamond, a promise ring is a dainty ring made from semi-precious gems and reasonably priced metals.

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In some cultures, the promise rings are worn by couples as a reminder of their love for each-other and abstinence from being involved in another relationship.

Promise rings are popular amongst the young couples who have a short dating experience. Buy silver ring is the best fit for generation z. They are easy on the pocket which saves the college students from getting into debt for buying a ring for their girlfriends. But, more than buying the ring, how you give it to your beloved can make or break your relationship.

Kneeling on the floor makes it a proposal rather than a promise. If you are not ready to take the plunge, an engagement can become an epic disaster in your life. So, how do you tell her that you value her companionship without being misinterpreted for a marriage proposal?

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1. Anniversary – A few months is too early to express your love and reverence to a person, even when the feelings are mutual. When you present a gift, it should be marked by a celebration or a festival. Choosing an occasion that has a special place in both the hearts is pivotal. You second anniversary is probably the best time to slide a ring onto her finger. Also, wrapping the ring is a better option than simply pushing it up because it gives you the time to explain her its significance and purpose of presenting it to her. Other occasions when giving a ring is appropriate are Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, or any holiday commemorated in both your and her home. Buy silver rings online from a store that offers packing and delivery to the recipient if you are in a long distance relationship.

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2.Go to Your Favorite Locale – Does a nostalgic feeling hits you every-time you enter the park or sit on the bench where you met her for the first time? Memories of first love are powerful, it is common for our mind to associate locations with the past experiences. So, why not revive the old magic? Sometimes you need to retrace your steps to see how much your relationship has grown over time and how despite all the challenges you kept going.

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3.Surprise Gift – You can do it the old school way, packing a ring inside a box with a letter describing the reason behind it. Nothing is more pleasing for girl than to find a new piece of jewelry in her purse in the morning. The glee will be instantly visible on her face. Morning times, when she is just starting her day is the right time to shower your love and commitment on her. To make it a little playful and exciting, place the ring in an unexpected area of her room where she is unlikely to notice. If you are creative, design a list of clues to host a scavenger hunt for your significant other.

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4.Take Her to a Jewelry Store – If you don’t have time to pre-plan or surprise her, you can openly invite her to a store for the ring shopping. She will be more than happy. Though, this is less romantic it eliminates all the blunders you might make buying a girl’s ring! Don’t have the time to stop by at the store? Simply buy silver rings online.

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