What is a Past Present Future Ring?


They say marriages are made in heaven. Every happy couple’s life begins with a grand marriage function. That too in cultures of the South and North, people follow routines of doing marriages with great rituals and ceremonial rites that are pertinent to their traditional customs.

Typically, no matter what religion, what caste, or even what creed a person is from, the engagement of a couple is the first step for a marriage. Engagement is an official way to announce to friends and families that the 2 people are going to lead their lives together. With the evolution of culture, there are ways to celebrate this occasion.

Apparently, everybody loves rings and no matter how religious or how modern a person is, engagements are very important to begin and end with beautiful rings.

past present future ring

Considering engagements, one of the highly on-demand ornaments, which is a ring that has been customized and is now available as Past Present and Future ring. This Past Present Future ring represents 3 different notions of a couple’s life:

Past: The happy memories and joyful moments of the partners

Present: The time spend together for starting a new life

Future: The happy days which are about to come in the upcoming years together

Did you know that the Past Present Future diamond rings are also called by the names 3 stone band and Trinity ring?


When you look at the finger with the trio ring on yours or your partner’s hand, it gives you a sense of warmth, support and love for one another. The ring also denotes togetherness and bond within the couple.

Did you know that there are several ways to design this trinity ring as per your wish? Yes-you can actually and the results will be colorful and a treat to the eyes every time.

Couples can take the freedom to be creative and be unique from the rest of the 3 stone rings. A regular Past Present Future ring has a large diamond in the center that is flanked with 2 other smaller accents of diamonds or even gemstones. Couples can take creative freedom here and give ideas for designing their own engagement rings with sapphires, rubies or even emeralds surrounding the central diamond.

This timeless piece of jewellery is going to travel with you everywhere till the end of your life. So make it worthy of the money that you pay to get one for your engagement.

3 stone band


There is this general acceptance that the 3 stoned rings have representations of the Past life, present life, and the future years for 2 people getting engaged together. However, it is still unknown like how past present future ring meaning has been derived and from where it all originated. Some still believe that the ring denotes for Friendship, Love and Fidelity. Some people and cultures, even replace the component of friendship with eternity.

But today, love and even marriages have changed a lot from what we experienced earlier and so, everybody can have their own significant meanings to the ring. Whatever be the meaning you provide for the Past Present Future Engagement ring, it matters how positive and how lovely your context is with the 3 gems. Positive thoughts will hence promote positive vibrations around you.

No matter what form of trinity ring you choose- be it a Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement ring or even a beautiful Princess Accent Diamond Engagement Ring, design and choose the color of gems wisely for getting an elegant ring to start your new life!

past present future diamond ring

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