What Goes With Silver? – Tips For Styling Jewellery

What Goes With Silver? - Tips For Styling Jewellery

Choosing your jewellery for every day can be tricky. You don’t want to wear cheap pieces but maybe you also don’t want to look over the top at your workplace donned in all gold. Silver is a great solution to this dilemma. No matter the setting, silver jewellery has always been a timeless classic to wear. It is affordable and versatile. You’ll discover a perfect balance between simple and class especially if you know what goes with silver.

Sterling silver jewellery are always incredible, classic and will remain the same in the coming year. The silver jewellery is elegant to wear every day with your daytime & help you stand out in the market. Here we have a few ways in which you can style your outfits so your jewellery truly stands out and looks at it’s best.

Choosing the Right Color

As we have mentioned that silver is always versatile, but it is still important to wear the right colors so that your jewellery stands out. The best color to pair with silver is black as it creates a beautiful contrast. Dark blue and burgundy are colors that also look stunning with 925 sterling silver jewellery, creating a rich background for your jewellery to shine against.

Go for Simple Patterns

When you choose your clothes, it’s best to keep them minimalist when it comes to wearing silver. Busy and textured patterns may distract the eye from the simple beauty of your jewellery creating a clash of visuals. Stick to simple patterns, especially when you are wearing a lot of silver so that your jewellery alone will be the statement piece.

Don’t Overdo it

Although you might wear all your best sterling silver at once, don’t overdo it. Popular fashion designers usually suggest that either your jewellery or the clothing should be the focal point, but not both. So if you are wearing an elaborate dress maybe go for a simple pair of earrings. But, if you’re wearing something very simple like a black dress, then a few silver pieces can really change your look to seem way more elegant.

Have Fun With Colored Stones

Mixing gemstones with your silver jewellery is always a good idea. Mixing these metals together is accepted more in recent times and creates a nice balance of luxury and also minimalism. Coloured Stones and crystals like American diamonds can actually bring a very unique and fun flair to your silver jewellery too so don’t be afraid to wear necklaces and silver jhumkas that have that pop of colour. The red rubies on the other hand when merged with silver, gives a royal feeling in the budget.

These are some fashion tips which you need to follow to get a new look every time with your silver jewellery. If you don’t know where to start then you can buy your first silver jewellery online at Ornate Jewels. The best platform to buy silver jewellery in budget for you and your loved ones.

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