What Does a Solitaire Diamond Mean?

Diamonds are one of the most classic and sought after precious stones. They are shiny and catch people’s eye, add a beautiful allure and grace to your look, and also elevate the appearance of your social standing and financial prowess. Notwithstanding these materialistic concerns, solitaire diamonds are most importantly a celebration of grace and beauty. Despite the dynamic nature and constant evolutions in jewellery trends, solitaire diamonds have withstood the tests of time and are still a classic, timeless piece of jewellery.

What is a solitaire diamond?

A solitaire diamond simply refers to a single diamond stone, and a solitaire setting is a piece of jewellery set with only one diamond stone. The jewellery is not ornated with any other side stones, and the value of a solitaire diamond stems from its classic simplicity. It illustrates how beauty can be radiated by just sticking to simple basics without being over the top and loud.

While the first image that comes to mind when you think of solitaire diamond jewellery for most people is a solitaire diamond ring, rings aren’t the only option for solitaire diamonds. You can find gorgeous diamond solitaire earrings set with a single diamond in each earring. There are also several styles and designs of diamond solitaire pendants available, featuring one diamond dangling from a chain. While the surrounding chain, ring, and earring can be played with to create various intricate or simple styles, the essence of the solitaire jewellery is to highlight the exquisiteness of the diamond itself.

Best Solitaire Diamond Shape and Setting

A solitaire diamond should be cut in a manner that makes sure it reflects more light, and therefore, shines brightly, as there aren’t any other gemstones or diamonds to add to the sparkle of the jewellery. Princess-cut diamonds are not only popular right now, but ideal for a solitaire diamond to enhance its beauty and shine. A prong setting – six for a rounder appearance and four for a more angular appearance – is ideal for solitaire diamonds to stand out without inhibiting or tarnishing its natural allure. A tension setting where the diamond is delicately set between two ‘arms’ made of precious metal is also a lovely setting that brings out the delicate beauty of solitaire diamonds.

Significance of the Solitaire Diamond

As solitaire diamond in any shape or setting, but especially when in the form of a solitaire diamond ring, is a celebration of love. They are a symbol of eternal love and timeless beauty. When it comes to solitaire diamond engagement rings, the concept of the ring itself carries with it a rich history. Historically, the ring is made into a circular shape to reflect the everlasting cycle and bond between two people. It was worn on what is now known as the “ring finger” – the fourth finger from the right on the left hand – since a vein present in this finger was believed to lead directly to one’s heart. This practice is still believed and followed in most cultures, showing the timeless faith and belief in pure and eternal love that the solitaire diamond rings symbolize. Diamonds are thought to be forever, and presenting a partner, especially a female loved one – diamonds are supposed to be a lady’s best friend, right – with a solitaire diamond ring is sure to seal the moment in a blanket of love and happiness that will be unforgettable. It both creates and symbolizes an indestructible bond between two people, whether the diamond is set in a ring, earring, or pendant.

Buy Solitaire Diamond

It is crucial to select a solitaire diamond with care, given its cost, and choose a seller you trust. There are various factors to carefully consider and check before buying the diamond, like the cut, clarity, car weight, color, certification, and reputation of the retailer. Always choose a retailer, even online, who can be trusted based on testimonials, reviews, and past patterns, and who guarantees certified diamonds.


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