Unique Gift Guide For Taurus woman

Gift Guide for Taurus

Governed by the planet Venus, Taurus women are the embodiment of feminine charms. But this does not mean they aren’t strong headed. Taurus is one of the most practical women of the breed. Much like her zodiac symbol, the bull, she believes in peacefully grazing the field, but gets charged up when bothered. The lucky stone for this zodiac is emerald and the green color of the emerald brings prosperity to this sun sign. At Ornate, we have used lab created emeralds which look so uniform in color to carve out beautiful jewellery pieces that define the women of the modern day.

The perfect present for your Taurean loved ones would be to stick with the color that brings them luck and a design that explicates their strong personality. With the notion of the colour gemstone green in mind, comes a lot of gift suggestions. However, it is most practical and convenient when it comes to gifting jewellery, as one need not worry about the person’s size, as one does in shoes or clothes. Women of this zodiac are considered to be extremely pragmatic and when it comes to purchasing, they wonderfully combine practical with exquisite. Ornate Jewels takes care of this taste in the varied Emerald collection.

1. Contemporary Everyday Birthstone Studs

With a base as hallmarked sterling silver or gold plated fine silver, the emerald earrings are best for everyday use. These solitaire studs are created with a lot of precision and they emit a lot of sparkles. This is a perfect beauty to add that small everyday sparkle of your love to the woman you want to gift.

Emerald Pendants

2. Emerald Pendants

Meant to light up the room, the striking green colour is added to a pendant hung on a fine silver chain. This is another everyday wear for Taurus women and would be an elegant jewellery piece to gift. Another variation of this pendant stands on an 18k gold plated silver chain.

Emerald Necklace Set with Earrings

3. Emerald Necklace Earring Set

Addressed for formal occasions and contemporary wear a like a pendant and studs set in green will surely bring all eyes on your loved ones. Silver jewellery is the best gift as it’s a precious metal and makes a valuable and meaningful gift, as it is non-allergic to all skin types. Gift this green halo necklace set that comes studded with American Diamond totally the extra shine.

Emerald Ring

4. The Green Ring That Speaks Your Love

The forever-royal emerald green solitaire stands as jewellery that never goes out of style. This emerald cocktail ring is a meaningful gift for the Taurean women who like to flaunt statement pieces and loves bold pieces of jewellery. This big ring is a sure shot gift that you can give to a May born woman. Well crafted in sterling silver with rhodium polish that will keep the silver shine alive timelessly. This lab-created emerald stone could be worn regularly as well as on specific occasions and is available in a variety of sizes

Emerald Danglers

5.  Get Green Danglers

These birthstone green celeb danglers, as we call them, are red-carpet worthy lightweight earrings. They go well with a lot of attires and can be a great gift for a Taurus woman. The hoop danglers are trending these days because of its unique style of hanging earrings.

emerald bangles

6. The Classic Emerald Bangles

Considered a thoughtful gift for women of all ages, bangles in royal stone green is a get going idea. The Indian outfits of today are more inclined towards comfort than a larger than life queen-like presentation. This 18k gold-plated chic bangles will not only compliment one’s traditional outfits but are also a good single bangle everyday wear for married women.

Any gift you choose from our online jewelry store is sure to add a meaningful and valuable memory in your loved ones life. Our pure silver can make a birthday gift memorable for lifetime as our jewelry is built to last a lifetime .

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