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Tree Of Life jewelry

Tree of life jewelry which is very popular and has great significance dates back to Biblical times. There are many beliefs behind this jewelry and each religion or race seems to have their own thought. Some say that when Celtic tribal settlers reached the Irish shores they needed land to make their houses so they chopped down trees but left one and called that the Tree Of Life. The Jewish Kabbalah symbol seems to have originated from this concept. Trees represent life, growth, the creation of God, the soul and spirit. Its also said that in the Eden garden the man was allowed to eat anything from any tree he wished but not from the tree of the wisdom of evil and good. Lastly, God made eve which is said to have been made from man’s ribs so man can have a companion. The serpent lured them both into eating the forbidden fruit and that’s how they got expelled from the garden so they won’t be able to eat away the Tree of Life. Buddhist says that Tree of Life is the Bodhi tree where Buddha received enlightenment. Having so many different meanings and beliefs this jewelry makes a beautiful yet meaningful piece to own and wear.


petal tree of lifeTrees are anyways the most important thing for mankind to survive from. They are the lifeline giving oxygen and shade, they have many uses for us. We eat their fruit, we sit under their shade, we breathe the air that’s purified by them and the oxygen we need. The tree when dead also gives us wood and paper from its bark. The leaves of trees are used in many medicines. A tree is the best gift of nature which nurtures the humans and is used for its every part. Trees are worshipped in India and in many cultures. Many trees have stories behind them. Trees play an equal role in religion as well. No wedding is complete in India without the use of some tree and its leaves. Before going to stay in a new house leaves are used outside the door to bless the house. Many medicines are made from trees.Trees are just simply beautiful to look at as well.

The Importance of Tree Of Life Jewelry?

Tree of life is like getting your own personal wonder of a tree with all its qualities.People love to wear and gift this jewelry to their loved ones as it gives the wearer and the receiver much joy.This type of jewelry makes a preferred choice as it can be given to any age group.Being in silver it makes it very pocket-friendly, attractive and hypoallergenic.It looks very beautiful and is one of its kind. It makes a great style statement as well.Tree of life is a great conversation starter piece as well because people will always ask what kind of jewelry is it and where one can get it from. It signifies

• Peace

• Love of nature

• Spiritual Health

• Spirit of giving

• Tolerance like a tree

• Abundance

• Not only looks stunning but is meaningful too

This is one of the best gifts that one can give to a loved one. Jewelry has been always the first choice for gifting in many cultures for most occasions be it the birth or a wedding in the family. All age groups always love to receive jewels neatly packed in a box.

Pure silver tree of life       925 silver tree of life       Pure Silver tree of life necklaces in 7 stone


Why Tree Of Life?

1. Be aware of your deep inner self and others around you. This jewelry reflects the knowledge and wisdom. The wearer is constantly reminded of that wisdom. The book of Proverbs also mentions this.

2. Buddhists have a special love and place for this tree in their lives as Buddha attained enlightenment under this said tree.

3.   Nordics associate it with the fountain of knowledge

Bring Strength and Stability

The tree of life often helps the wearer find its own inner strength and feel stable. Wear a Tree of life necklace to experience this ability.Trees also represent immorality. Many cultures believe very strongly in this. If you are facing any health issues wear this jewelry to imbibe that fresh air of hope and strength in you and keep growing like a tree.

Spirituality is also a major strength of this jewelry. As many believe that since it represents nature it associates and represents god as well. It makes you feel more connected with the divine and the spirit of life around you.In Christianity, its said that tree of life represents the love of God.

tree of life necklace    silver tree of life pendant      tree of life in pure silver


A tree represents the family tree as in our families we have different people playing important roles. Trees also have their branches, roots seeds, leaves, shade etc.

It makes a great gift for one getting married and starting a new life or the birth of a new life in a house.  A new mother would love to have a tree of life jewel. As the tree grows their families and lives also grow and connect.

A tree is an abundant source of many things. With its fruit-laden branches its many deep roots it infuses greater abundance and prosperity in your life. It’s a great choice of jewelry to wear. Regardless of what you expect from this jewelry it will definitely bring the wearer some meaning. Apart from being such a meaningful jewelry it’s just so pretty to look at as well. Finely crafted branches of a tree are such a sight to behold. Love yourself and love the Tree of life. Wear one and share a pic of your story of your tree of life with us in the comments section below.

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