Travel Safe With Your Jewelry

Travel Safe with your jewelry

“Please don’t take your diamond necklace or the expensive rings while travelling it will keep you stressed” Raj say’s to Rita. This is the common conversation at our homes while we are busy packing for our dream holiday. Thus many of us choose to keep our valuable jewelry at home or safe deposits while we go for any vacation so that the jewelry is  safe. Even if your jewelry is not expensive still the question of carrying them around with you while travelling is remains same. But in some case you just can’t avoid to travel without your favorite jewelry, few occasions like family wedding or your most awaited family tour. Here are some simple but most important tips, for those who want to carry their expensive or favorite pieces with emotional value jewelry with them. The other Alternative to carry is inexpensive yet fine looking silver of fashion jewelry with you so you don’t miss out on accessorizing. No outfit is complete without having some accessories with it. Be it your favorite pair of stud earrings for a travel meant for business or it’s a cousin’s wedding.

We shall discuss some basic points you can keep in mind even if you are traveling with expensive or less expensive jewelry.

  1.          Make list or take a photograph of all items you are carrying with you
  2.          Take insurance if it’s necessary for your expensive jewels
  3.          Keep it with your cabin bag if you are traveling abroad or taking a flight, don’t check in
  • To Keep Your Style Quotient On Vacation

Vacation means a lot and lots of photos and photos without styling is not a great idea. Can you even imagine yourself without jewelry at your brother’s destination wedding, or sitting pretty at beautiful European café, or just partying out with your friends at the famous Goa beach? You want to shine on each of these occasions all the while looking stylish and maintaining your own personal style. . Leaving your beautiful jewelry collection back home follow our tips while you are packing your jewelry and travel stress free. Also look the way you want to look on your vacation

vacation time


  • Choose The Jewelry According To Destination And Occasion

All women love their jewelry, even though you may have awesome and lovely collection of jewelry just select few pieces out of them which suits the occasion that you may be headed to. Choose to carry heavy necklace sets to attend family functions while carry  trendy and chic jewelry for hangout with your friends. Try to keep it minimum which occupies less space in your luggage. This will help you to organize better and also you will be able to find those pieces without any hassle. If you are traveling for a longer duration wear comfortable lightweight jewelry pieces , (like hoops, studs, or single pendant, bracelet). Carry pieces  that match your attire and all the while keep you comfortable as well. One more important thing to keep in mind is try and avoid taking jewelry you may not need.

travel safe with your jewelry


  • Where to keep your jewelry while traveling?

Always keep your jewelry in your personal bag. that you carry on you. To avoid loosing it  and also it will come in handy if you need to change. For example if after your travel you are straight headed to a meeting it will be easy to wear your pearls if they were easily accessible. If you are traveling with expensive jewelry then always keep their documents and pictures in your bag or any kind of insurance record with you. Invest in a good handbag that has a lock system so your diamond jewels are safe. .Never keep your jewelry bag in a hotel room while you are not in the room.  Use special jewelry pouches while traveling and store all your pieces in there. All hotels have jewelry safes or lockers. Use them to keep your jewelry and other  valuables there .

jewellery box


  • How to arrange your jewelry?

Some very simple methods to arrange your necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings while traveling.

  •   Use Plastic straws

Use plastic straw to keep your chain and pendants. Needle the chains through the straws so they don’t get entangled .You can carry many chains and pendants like this. Also you can carry many pendants with one single chain and make your different look as per your attire just by changing pendants.

  •         Buttons / Plastic plates

Yes you read it correct, its buttons. Don’t throw waste buttons you can use them for your earrings. Keep your earrings in buttons, each pair in one button. What a smart idea? Or alternatively you can use plastic plates, stick your earrings through these and voila you are good to go  this is the perfect way to carry too many earrings.

Use Buttons for Jewelry


  •         Use Box or Pouch with Ziploc

Use special boxes or pouches that are meant for jewelry. Don’t keep your jewelry directly into your bag it will break. There are so many fancy pouches available in the market these pouches are made especially for jewelry.

safe storage in pouches for jewellery


  •        Silk Jewelry bags

Silk is very comfortable and perfect option for jewelry especially for pearls and diamond jewelry. These silk pouches keep your jewelry safe without losing their shine.

Travel Organizers for jewelry


  •          Jewelry Pouch

Jewelry pouches are designed with many sections according to your needs. Buy one that suits your needs so you can keep all earrings, rings, necklace, and bracelets in one single pouch. These pouches are made with soft fabric and hence prevent the rubbing of jewelry against each other.

silk pouches for jewelry


  •          Roll of simple cloths.

Use old cloths or hand towel and roll them up it and use this to arrange your bracelets on it. This roll of towel can be kept in your jewelry box and keep in your handbag.

These are some great points to carry your jewelry while you traveling. So next time there is a trip that you are taking, pack your jewelry keeping these pointers in mind and ensure that it’s a worry free trip and you can enjoy to the fullest.

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