Top Rules To Consider For Wearing Rings For Girls

silver ring

With what jewellery to wear another important thing is how to wear silver jewellery. Women love to get dressed up and look beautiful but sometimes even after doing and wearing the best you are not able to give that impact. Reasons may be many sometimes by overdoing and sometimes by underdoing you can make the looks go worse. Out of so many jewellery options rings for girls is one of the most comfy and style changer options.

Being minimal in size sometime women think that wearing a ring cannot change the look of the wearer and that is why it is always overlooked. But as the fashion trends are evolving going minimal is the new trend. For looking good or making an impact you do not have to wear heavy jewellery. Simple and classy rings for girls will do the magic and will give them a pretty charm. But simply stacking up the rings in the fingers will not work. There are so many things that need to be taken care of.

Here are some styling tips according to ring designs that must be considered while wearing with any outfit. Different styles of rings give different impact so it is very important to wear them wisely. Follow these basic rules for wearing rings and to enhance the charm of your overall look.

Solitaire Rings:

solitaire ring

Solitaire rings for girls are considered very special as they hold a special purpose in their life. The ring design consists of a single stone. You can wear it a delicate strapless dress, evening gown or any western dress.

Blue Stone Rings:

Blue Stone Ring

In this style of ring design, it consists of a three stone studded in the centre. It is a bit less subtle than a solitaire ring but still, this can be worn with both formal and casual or party outfits. The wearing of this style of blue stone rings for girls is not restricted, wear it according to the need and occasion.

Halo Ring:

Halo Ring

Halo rings can be considered as a statement ring for many outfits. You can wear them with a saree, and another traditional outfit according to the occasion. Heavy silk sarees to will look good with these styles of rings. You can carry a handbag with these rings and can flaunt your charm.

Cocktail Ring:

Cocktail Ring

As the name says these cocktail rings for girls are made in such a way that they sprinkle the glamourous charm whenever you wear. You can make it wear with your short one piece, long floral gown, casual shot dresses etc.

Stack Rings:

Sometimes going casual is all you want and for that stack, rings are the best option. Stack the rings in different fingers and give a different look to your outfit. You can stack the rings with white shirts and denim, skirts and casual trousers too. With Indian wear too you can stack the rings.

Geometrical Shapes:

oval ring

Shapes of rings play an important role. You can wear an oval-shaped ring on any outfit be it a long gown or casual denim. The square-shaped ring will look great with formal outfits as well. Triangle shapes or rectangular-shaped stone rings will look great with any casual outfit.

These are some basic rules that must be followed for wearing rings and to enhance the charm of your look. With respect to the design of the ring another thing that must not be overlooked is the material to choose. For a classy charm always choose a silver ring. Silver rings can also be used as a gifting option to your near and dear one on any occasion.

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