Tips To Take Care of Jewelry During Holi

Jewelry Care Tips in Holi

The season of colors is almost there. We can see it all around us. The shops are getting ready to display their colors and gulals. There is an air of festivity all around. Kids are getting excited and women are buying whites especially for Holi. Families are looking forward to eating gujiyas and doing their hold color shopping. We all generally prep and take care of our skin and hair. We do our best to save ourselves from the damage the colors can cause sometimes. Same rule applies to your precious jewels.So this season of Holi go ahead and play all you want but don’t forget to take care of your jewelry.Few Simple tips can help you taking care of your baubles.

For all the Holi parties that you will go to you would like to accessorize your looks. No women want to go out to a party without her few basic jewels. Read on to understand how to have fun and still look your goddess best.


After Cleanse

A good thorough cleaning of your jewelry after a Holi party will ensure that no color or any foreign objects stay lodged in your jewelry. A simple solution of water and a dish washing liquid is good enough to clean your precious silver jewelry. Let it air dry and then store in your jewelry box.

Dry Em Good

If you are wearing precious gold jewelry, gemstones studded jewelry like American Diamonds and silver or Kundan jhumkis while paying wet holi to make sure that you get it cleaned from a jeweler or clean at home right away after the party before storing them. Wearing these jewels for a longer period on wet skin can cause marks to form so cleansing would be a good idea.

Avoid Precious Jewelry

If you can manage to avoid wearing your precious jewelry nothing like it but if you have to wear pearls to match your white attires then make sure they are handled gently and no nacre is damaged. Remove your pearls immediately after the party and wipe them with a wet cloth to keep them shining like new.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Oxidized Jewelry

Wearing artificial jewelry could be a better alternative as this kind of jewelry is really cheap and even if gets damaged you won’t mind as much

Diamonds and Precious Gemstones

If wearing real Diamonds or precious gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire make sure you don’t wear very delicate pieces as sometimes Holi is played with much gusto and these might break during an enthusiastic play. If you feel that the diamonds have color on them, wash with warm water and dish washing soap and they will shine like new. A soft-bristled toothbrush can also be used to clean the hard to reach corners.

Air-drying is the key here. Even one can consider getting a professional ultrasonic cleansing done from a nearby jeweler.

Wear lightweight jewelry so you can enjoy the festival to its fullest and heavy jewelry should not get in the way of you enjoying it. And don’t forget to wear your smile that’s the most valuable accessory


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