The History of Black Friday & Why it is Called So

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The next day following Thanksgiving is called BlackFriday. The word ‘black’ has a negative connotation but retailers have fought their way hard to turn it into a positive one. People went on a shopping spree on this day, as it marked the beginning of the festivities. After celebrating thanksgiving they were free from cooking and other preparation to entertain their guests. Household had enough time on their hands to checkout the deals at their local store. During the 50s’ a massive number of employees took sick leaves on the Friday subsequent to Thanksgiving. By doing this, they could enjoy a four non-working days in a row and shop hassle-free at the empty malls. The number of people not coming to work soared with time. Soon, the employers had to declare it a holiday.

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The immense foot traffic at stores give retailers the opportunity to sell huge quality of jewelry. To boost their sales, they started giving special deals and discounts on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Shoppers would wait for the day to cross off the items on their buying list. They mounted up on the roads leading to traffic jams and chaos. The roads were flooded with crowd making it hard for non-shoppers to reach their homes and workplaces. The term ‘Black Friday’ was publicly used by a stamp dealer Earl Apfelbaum in 1966 in an Advertisement. According to him, the words were first used by the police department who were troubled by the growing traffic. The Philadelphia police had to monitor the mob on the roads and sidewalks from the morning until the shops remained opened.

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Historically ‘black’ has been used for the downfall of the market. 19 October 1987 was termed ‘Black Monday’ by journalists. The stock market crashed, with a 20% drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It was the highest decrease in the value of stocks in the entire history. The Dow Jones Industrial Average which measures the performance of 30 large publicly-owned companies in the United States. On October 24, 1929, another major fluctuation occurred in the stock market. It marked the beginning of the great depression. Investors suffered huge loose, some lost their entire life-saving, the day was coined ‘Black Thursday’.

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However, on black fridays, retailers earned a good amount of money. The spike in their sales encouraged them to use it as a way to promote their products. Soon, the market was flooded with Black Friday deals and discounts urging buyers to visit the 925 sterling silver jewelry stores. The accountant used black colour to signify profits and red for losses in their entries. Soon ‘Black Friday’ become synonymous to the biggest holiday season sale.

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