7 Impeccable Reasons To Buy Ornate Silver Jewelry

silver jewellery

Want to shower your better half with imperishable love? Then what can be better than addressing a beautiful solitaire ring in the finger of your lover? Or gifting her a pendant that would become a portion of her heart? Certainly, along with being the epitome of elegance and adore, there are many reasons why this


Gudi Padwa – The Maharashtrian New Year

Gudi Padwa

Every state in India has its own local new year be it Onam , Be it pongal or Gudi Padwa  for that matter. Maharashtra celebrates Gudi It’s the new year for the marathi community.Its celebrated with much gusto and is awaited all year long. One can see the houses decorated with torans of mango leaves,


Halo Ring – The Trendiest One!

Halo Ring

A ring is the most loved bauble by a woman. Men propose to a woman by presenting her a ring. It’s a symbol of love and commitment. Since times memorial couples have been exchanging rings to commit to each other. With time the ring has seen a lot of evolution in its design. Most all



Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother is the best gift one can ever have. Mother knows it all. Though each day we should celebrate the mom who brought us into this earth there is a special day each year that we celebrate as Mothers Day. This year make mom feel the most special person in your life. We are showcasing


White is the birthstone color of APRIL

white is the april's birthstone

Birthstones are the stones that represent a certain month and its often thought they they bring the wearer good luck. Birthstone color is the major important feature of the stone when it comes to birth month. In ancient times color was the attribute that was connected to the birth month.  Though later on jewelers starting


What Kind Of Jewelry To Wear To Work ?

925 silver jewelry

There is no denying that jewelry is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe.  Be it junk or be it expensive diamonds . Jewelry transforms.There are different kinds of jewels that one can wear suitable for the occasion. Where heavy necklaces and long earrings are more suitable for parties subtle studs and a simple pearl


Better Earring Wardrobe Every Girl Should Have

Earring wardrobe

Yes, you are reading it right an earring wardrobe. A must have for any girl. Just like Carry Bradshaw had her love of shoes in sex and the city and wanted a shoe room, she loved jewelry equally. An earring wardrobe is as essential as your clothing wardrobe. Earrings have these magical powers in them


Get Your Bling On

emerald danglers

  Flaunting impeccable pieces from Ornate Jewels. Shooting a jewellery post bought me back to the days when I was working in the luxury word of jewels. Delicate pieces transform a girl into a sophisticated women. To me my personal style has to be unique and nothing better than finding the perfect sliver jewellery which