Everything You Need To Know About The 925 Silver Jewelry

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Having ambiguity between pure silver and 925 silver is nothing new. Certainly, there lies a bigger question of parity between the two metals that have been raising questions in the mind of people. But to their notice, nowadays 925 sterling silver is said to be much durable than any other form. Although it is not


6 Reasons To Buy Silver Jewelry Over Gold

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There was an era when the metal of jewellery defined class, but now we are running in a generation where the choice of our jewellery defines who we are. While golden jewellery is still counted as a royal metal, here comes Silver to be easy-going, charming and graceful. Nevertheless, there are many considerable factors that


5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Jewellery Box

5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Jewellery Box

Jewellery is one of the most important parts of every woman’s life. The pieces of jewellery define our history, heritage, even relationship status and especially who we are. Just like jewellery, a ‘jewellery box’ is also very precious, as it is the place where women store their most prized necklaces, silver engagement rings, diamonds, bracelets,


Meanings Behind Indian Jewelry

meaning behind indian jewelry

India is a country where traditions are so deep-rooted. We have a history of culture and following certain practices religiously. More than often these practices and traditions have a meaning and science behind it. So many of us are following it but don’t really know the reasons for doing it. We will walk you through



Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother is the best gift one can ever have. Mother knows it all. Though each day we should celebrate the mom who brought us into this earth there is a special day each year that we celebrate as Mothers Day. This year make mom feel the most special person in your life. We are showcasing


White is the birthstone color of APRIL

white is the april's birthstone

Birthstones are the stones that represent a certain month and its often thought they they bring the wearer good luck. Birthstone color is the major important feature of the stone when it comes to birth month. In ancient times color was the attribute that was connected to the birth month.  Though later on jewelers starting


What Kind Of Jewelry To Wear To Work ?

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There is no denying that jewelry is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe.  Be it junk or be it expensive diamonds . Jewelry transforms.There are different kinds of jewels that one can wear suitable for the occasion. Where heavy necklaces and long earrings are more suitable for parties subtle studs and a simple pearl