Suitable Jewelry for Every Age

Jewelry for Every Age

Who doesn’t like Jewelry? I guess it will be so hard to find women who don’t like jewelry. Jewelry is loved by all ages. Little girls wear their mom’s jewelry for the pretends play and when they proclaim themselves as princesses.  No dress up party is complete without jewelry for these little wonders .The teenagers show their love for jewelry by wearing multiple hoops in one ear or even getting piercing done. Lets have a look at how the jewelry preference changes and what we can wear to accentuate each age milestone of our life .At one point we love bright colors and over a period of time that changes and moves towards more subtle tastes.

We The Children

Tiffany has been a pioneer in the baby jewelry in silver for along time.  All moms like to dress up their tiny bundles and accessorize them with some jewels. Be it the family heirloom or their first Christmas ornament in silver. A thin delicate silver chain around a tiny neck is a thing of joy.  The cute little cartoon or animal themed jewelry makes for a perfect gift as well dresses up the little one for family pictures.

Kids Jewelry

Teenage Years

This is the time when are really unsure of ourselves and trying to come term’s with our own lives. Teenagers tend to lean toward statement jewelry pieces, which can show their rebellion. Some get their body piercing done and some lean towards the more minimalistic jewels. Plain silver bands and thin necklaces can be often seen around a teenage girls neck.

climber earrings

Here Comes Twenties

Twenties is an iconic time in a girl’s age. There is a lot of transition happening to her. She is headed towards the road of being an adult.  Dressing up and looking good takes the center stage at this age milestones. Romance is in the air air and so is shopping. The new independence shall bring you an understanding of your developing tastes. Accessorizing takes an important role and especially when it comes to jewelry.  Experiment with your mothers tasteful jewelry pieces or even your grandmas’ classic pearls or those ruby studs. Shop for some fun colored jewels that add an extra oomph to your looks. Stay fashionable and chic; wear big hoops or fun climber earrings. Young girls often favor bold chunky necklaces. This is the age to follow trends and be the fashionista. Your jewelry collection can have a piece or two from that years trendy pieces You will be surprised at your jewelry box is going to transition with you for years to come.

real pearl necklace

The Perfect Thirties

In our thirties most of us have a fair idea of ourselves. We are into jobs and families and settling down or already settled. Some are married or getting married. There are social invites like wedding and office parties.  There is work to go to everyday and you need to look your professional best. Think pearls. A string of pearls around a neck can make you look both sophisticated and professional. Dainty pearl danglers are just the right size for the office look. Pairing your outfits with a sleek watch and studs and you are ready to rock the professional look. This is the time we are saving for our future and making investments etc. Some of us may have many financial responsibilities as well, so how do we look tasteful and good? Buy and invest in few classic jewelry pieces that can transition from day to night. Good quality silver jewelry is one of the most wanted choices for many as it’s easy on the pocket and looks like million dollars. Buying precious metals is another wise choice you can make this is going to last you for lifetime hence you are not wasting your money. This is the age where you don’t really have to follow the trends and you can define your own looks.

Silver American Diamond Solitaire Studs

Forties are the New thirties

Fortieth birthday is a big celebration these days. It marks an important stage in a women’s life. Most of us are already settled. This is the phase of life where we have discovered ourselves. From a jewelry point of view we know our tastes and pretty much sure what works and doesn’t works for us. We have created a collection for us and this is the time of life where we can add some luxury pieces in our jewel box. The diamonds you always wanted or the tennis bracelet that will adorn your wrist from your forties to your sixties. A pair of Diamond studs would be a perfect addition to that existing collection. If Diamonds are still not in your reach think of getting the same look with American diamonds. Need gifts for a friends fortieth Gift her a Initial Necklace, or a unique gift of Dancing American Diamond Necklace that she would love to sport and feel trendy yet classy.

Silver Big Rings

The Memorable Fifty

Fifty means having to state that you have arrived. You have great and fine taste and your persona has a defined style. You are aware and confident of what you want. Things need to be meaningful. This is where “I wear my own statement and style look comes in “. Big colored gemstones like sapphires and rubies studs are often seen sported on the fifty seething women. A graceful big gemstone ring on the finger adds another level of class and royalty to your whole look. Don’t forget to wear your pearl string every now and then. Pearls add a certain charm, which no other piece of jewel can even compete with. Lightweight jewelry is your best friend. Buy fine crafted silver jewelry pieces that are lightweight and you can wear them throughout the day and yet look the best of your age.

You Have Arrived In the 60’s

These are the golden years of life when most of us have been freed of all our worldly responsibilities. We have a style of our own. This is the age to be gracefully beautiful. Some timeless beauties of this age are worth a mention. Wahida Rehman, Rekha ,Hema Malini are epitomes of the beautiful 60’s . These women are often seen gracefully jeweled and well coordinated.  Their looks can inspire you and give you some idea as well as how to wear your jewelry.

Pearl Necklaces

For fun sake this would be a good time to get back into your jewelry box and check out the pieces that you bought and stored when you were in your twenties. This is sure to bring a smile on your face, as you are sure to see how your taste has changed with each decade of life.

Solitaire studs and solitaire rings somehow have always topped the charts for each stage. All age groups alike have favored them. So why wait? Buy your favorite piece of age appropriate jewel now. Always remember shopping adds years to life!!!


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