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Rakhi Special Gifts

Rakshabandhan celebrates the love and bonding between a brother and sister. The love only two siblings understand each other. This is the bond of love that lasts forever. An elder brother or a sister is always having a protective streak in them towards the younger sibling. They have this unspoken bond of reassurance and protection always. Rakhi signifies and strengthens this bond further as it’s a promise of a brother to a sister that I will always be there for you. On this occasion of Rakhi brothers give a return gift to their sister when she ties a Rakhi Dhaga on their wrist.

 Looking for that exclusive and special Rakhi return gift for the sister?

Rakhi Gift Ideas - Silver bracelate
Rakhi Gift Ideas – Silver Bracelet

How about silver jewelry? It is the most premium gift brothers buy for their sisters. Silver is a strong metal and signifies the same strong bond between a brother and sister being a sparkly shiny metal it’s loved by women of all ages. The price is a major reason for many hence making silver jewelry the most loved choice when it comes to gifts for any occasion. All women all ages love jewelry and it has s special meaningful value attached to it love jewelry. Jewelry mostly marks all the important occasions in a woman’s life. Rakhi is no different.


Rakhi Gift Ideas - Earrings
Rakhi Gift Ideas – Earrings

Gift her a sparkle from ornate jewels.  The look on your sister’s face when you gift her a piece of jewelry made of pure silver would be priceless, to say the least. We will ship your gift in a beautiful velvet lined gift box and will even tie a ribbon and add a handwritten note to it. Women, in general, want simple things in life that are, to be cared, loved, shown affection and feel protected. Gifting her a piece of silver jewelry is the perfect gesture to express a brothers affection, a token of assurance that I’m there for you no matter what odds comes your way, I’ll stand beside you like a rock as strong as this metal.

Worried about silver turning black?

We’ve got you covered. Our jewelry doesn’t turn black or irritate your skin, the reason behind it being, is the use of pure 925 sterling silver. We stamp every piece of jewelry, which indicates a pure silver product, and we rhodium polish, which makes sure it, doesn’t turn black and doesn’t react to your skin.

Still, if there’s some issue, we’ve got a money-back guarantee with easy returns and replacements! How cool is that!

Want to gift her but you can’t make it on the day of Rakhi?

No problem at all. This is where online shopping gift for sister comes in. Just send it to her on her address; we’ll deliver it to her on time. It also comes in a tamper-free signature delivery box that ensures your product remains safe during delivery. And on top of that, there’s no middleman involved as we manufacture each end every piece hence giving you the lowest prices in India. Our quality is the best when it comes to buying online silver jewelry. You will find many designs which suit your pocket and a large variety of budget-friendly jewelry. Our focus has always been on providing a range of choices for those who seek excellent value in jewelry. At ornate you can get all types of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can browse from the comfort of your own home and shop.

Rakhi Gift Ideas - Pendant
Rakhi Gift Ideas – Pendant

Our design, techniques, processes are the latest. We follow the market trend as well as produce all-time classic pieces. As far as variety is concerned, you name the style of jewelry you want and we have it. We follow strict quality standards so each piece that’s being sold has the best quality.

So what are you waiting for? Your hunt for a lovely gift for your sister ends here and we have many special offers also waiting just for you


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