Perfect Time to Gift Jewellery in a Relationship

Perfect Time to Gift Jewellery in a Relationship

Gifting a piece of jewellery is a very big step in a relationship. It can either make the bond stronger or send your partner away from you. But if you know the timing when to buy a piece of jewellery for your girl then nothing will stop her to love you more. Gifting her jewellery in the first six months is probably not a very good idea. Jewellery is long-lasting and should mark some special occasions of both of your life. It resembles your commitment and love towards her. And that’s the reason you must know when you need to gift jewellery to your girlfriend or your spouse. So, let us find out such occasions in your relationship so that you don’t have to listen no for an answer.


American Diamond Leaf Design Bracelet in 925 Silver

If it’s been more than a year or two of your relationship and you can gift her some silverware as it would be the perfect time for it. A perfect cake and a little music will be the icing on the cake. Promise her to make her feel special and comfortable in your life. A silver jewellery would be perfect for this moment. You can buy a silver bracelet online as it will fit perfectly for the occasion.

Valentines Day

Dancing American Diamond Entangled Hearts in 925 Silver

If valentines day falls in the first six months of your relationship then don’t do something stupid. But if both of you are celebrating your 2nd or 3rd valentines day together than silver earrings or silver necklace will do the trick for you. You can go for a heart-shaped pendant with a silver chain around her neck will make her day. Shop 925 Sterling silver jewellery from our exclusive collection of silver jewellery necklace made for such special occasions.


Heart Shaped Hoops For Her In 925 Sterling Silver

There are two anniversaries in a relationship. Pre-marriage and post-marriage. If you both are committed to each other but not planning to get married soon then take this opportunity to gift a piece of jewellery to her. However, if it is a case of post-marriage than it will show that your love is not faded and will be same for many years to come.

When your baby is born

Silver American Diamond Solitaire Pendant With A Trio of CZ And Earrings

It will be another new phase of your life. A new little life has entered in both of your life. By gifting mother jewellery will show how much both the mother and the baby meant to you. Mother can pass the piece to the baby in future as it resembles their love. Gifting a new mom is known as a push present.


Cubic Zirconia Solitaire 925 Silver Ring

There are different steps in any relationship. You need to make sure before shopping for an engagement ring. It is that step where both of you wanted to make two different lives into one. And it is a perfect time to buy jewellery for your girl and make your love eternal.

Fine jewellery is one of the most durable and long-lasting gifts. Make sure every jewellery has a sentimental value behind it not only financial value. Try to add your partner taste and don’t spend more than you can afford. For amazing and long-lasting yet affordable jewellery check out our exclusive collection at Ornatejewels.

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