Pearl Chain: Setting True Example Of Sophistication

pearl chain

The evolution of pearls is unlike any ordinary gem or stone. Its million years of processing, the idea of extraction, and its development into pearl jewelry is the epitome of sophistication. This is why a pearl chain has always been compulsion in the wardrobes of the queen. From the necks of the queens to the collar bones of the first ladies, pearls have been a compliment for every lady. Scroll below to know-how.

Queen Elizabeth

moti mala

You will never be less with the narrations of why Queen Elizabeth is always seen wearing a three-strand pearl chain. But with time, she has set these pearl necklaces as the epitome of royalty as the royalty herself wears it from her day bed to her night hours. Surely, she has set an example for how this silver jewelry can be worn on formal attires.

Jacqueline Kennedy

The royalty of America John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, popularly called Jackie had been an inspiration to many with their deeds. But to the ladies of the nation, Jackie had been an inspiration of the pearl chain with her saying “Pearls are always appropriate.” From the formal attires of then till the casuals of today, pearls are indeed appropriate.

Michelle Obama

pearl mala

Another first lady, Michelle Obama had also marked pearl mala as her signature. She would be seen wearing it with her patent cardigans with flair below and lesser sleeves. Mrs. Obama also sets her remarkable style with the blend of different sizes of necklaces. From a choker neckpiece to a hanging moti ki mala, her attire would be outshined with different bead sizes and chain sizes of the pearl necklace.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s hairstyle and fashion statement were renowned popularly for her formal events. She was often seen experimenting with her pearl jewelry according to different attire. You would get to explore various designs including three-strand pearl chains with a sapphire in the middle, a bigger sized pearl in the middle, or a single strand pearl necklace. With it, patterned pearl earrings and bracelets made a remarkable contrast to be flaunted with her attires informal occasions.

Gayatri Devi

moti ki mala

The Maharani of Jaipur Consort Gayatri Devi had kept the culture alive with her phenomenal dressing sense. Plain chiffon sarees with double strand moti ki mala was the signature attire that she often carried on occasions. Be it a formal meeting or for visiting the polo sport, her way of dressing and accessorizing with the pearl chains clearly made her the queen.

Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi

When you talk about the attire of Rani Lakshmi Bai- the Queen of Jhansi, then you surely picture her in the Maratha Saree with the heavy rani haar in Kundan. But another popular outfit is the chiffon saree with a single moti mala with which she would conclude her end of the day. Since then pearl accessories have been highly popularized and stand so till today.

This is how pearl chains have evolved as the style statement since then till today. So, if you too wish to be vibing like the queen, then try your hands on Ornate Jewels. The wide and wonderful range of necklaces will surely make you fall in love with pearls, just like the queens dropped. So, grab yourself a stunning deal today.

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