Most Wanted Gifts for Her on Valentines Day 2019

Valentine Gift Guide

Come February and all we can see is love around us. Love is the sentiment that keeps us going and what better time to honor and cherish this love than this valentines day. All shops and malls are displaying hearts everywhere. The market is full of options for gifts for her. Men are in a dilemma and it gets really hard for them to choose and decide a gift for their woman. Lot of people celebrate the week long valentine day gifting as well.

Before the D-day there are many days marked for gift giving. Below are the seven days of the week of valentines that has a special place in many hearts.

  • Rose Day.
  • Propose Day
  • Chocolate Day
  • Teddy Day
  • Promise Day
  • Hug Day
  • Kiss Day
  • Valentine’s Day


If you are the one who is looking for gifts for all these 7 days there are many better options in silver jewelry that will be cheaper than flowers and chocolates and will also last a lifetime.

Silver Flower Jewelry

We all agree that flowers exorbitantly expensive during valentines. Also they don’t have much shelf life. The popular saying that Flowers Die but Jewelry Stays makes a lot sense here. If you are looking to give flowers to your lovely valentine then instead of the common rose think Flower jewelry, which will cost you significantly less than the roses and will also be a lasting gift.

Silver Solitaire Rings Banner

Solitaires for the Proposal Day

What better than to give a solitaire ring to get a yes from her. This is the world’s number one gift when it comes to proposing a woman. No woman can resist the charm of a solitaire ring shining in a box. Add a gift card and you are sure to win her heart these valentines. If you are planning to give gifts to your girl for the whole week then go for American Diamonds solitaire ring in silver as it’s a budget gift and will also be well received by your girlfriend.



Initial Necklace for Valentine Day

Initial Jewelry for the Chocolate Day

Most women now are very diet conscious and giving a chocolate box might be a waste now so instead think of something that she will really love to receive and something that she will use for years to come. An Initial necklace of her name might just do the trick. We are sure that she will prefer a personalized gift over chocolates any given day. Proclaim your never ending infinite love for her this valentine.

three stone promise rings



Promise Day

A ring is a symbol of never ending love. Make a vow to your valentine with a Promise ring.The most emotional way to express your love.  Gift her three stone promise ring which signifies the past, present and future of your relationship. Looking for a gift for wife? Renew your vows with a promise ring. The most significant love gift that you can give.

Heart Pendant in 925 Silver



Jewelry has always been and will remain the first choice for gifting on valentines for her. Flowers and chocolates don’t have a long life as compared to jewelry and this collection is sure to create a special place in your special someones life. Heart shaped gifts and jewelry rules the gift world when it comes to valentine. Red colored gifts are also the second popular choice in the month of February. Valentines Day gifting can be a daunting choice sometimes but don’t worry we are here to help.


Silver Love Jewelry


Love Jewelry

Ornate Jewels launched its Hearts In Love collection which is curated especially keeping in mind the occasion of valentines day and the huge demand of valentines gifting .The Hearts in Love collection is Heart Shaped Jewelry that’s finely crafted with pure 925 sterling silver that studded with sparkling American diamonds .These American diamonds are sure to add a sparkle in any girls life. American Diamonds are not only the girl’s new best friend but they are the Man’s best friend as well because of their affordability. Browse through our Hearts Jewelry collection to find the perfect heart.


hearts jewelry collection


Hearts necklaces are a one of the bestselling gifts when it comes to valentines gifting. A heart shaped pendant suspended from a chain is sure to win any girls heart for sure .Red and Pink is the most sought after color during the valentines gifting season. There are many designs that are launched in these two colors to fulfill the demand of fine jewelry in red and pink gemstones.   One can buy ruby red or the striking pink heart rings in pure 925 silver. The collection boasts of pure 925 silver dainty pink heart dangler earrings in heart shape. Special range of heart shaped necklaces has been introduced as well. If you are looking for valentines gifts for her you will be spoil for choices.

heart ring with jewelry box

All these fine pieces will come with a certificate and a velvet lined gift box, making it a hassle free buy and ready to gift. Add a personal touch by including a gift message free of cost while placing the order

Valentine gifting is all about love and expressing your love .This heart jewelry collection truly gives you a chance to express your love to your loved ones through finest silver hearts jewelry.Ornate Jewels plans to run many Valentines Day offers and discounts so take advantage while buying the best love jewelry gifts.

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